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This website provides resources on the ancient Religion of the Sun. This sun religion is the root of many of the world’s ancient faiths and was once practiced by a lost global civilization that built some of the most enigmatic sacred sites in the world.

About the Ancient Religion of the Sun

practising the Religion of the Sun

What Is the Religion of the Sun?

The Religion of the Sun is an ancient religion once practiced by a lost global civilization that viewed the physical sun as the outward manifestation of the spiritual sun. This page explains when this religion began, who its founders were, what the worldview of its practitioners is, what its core tenets and practices are and more.

Global expansion

The Lost Civilization of the Sun

There is a large body of evidence that points to a worldwide civilization of the sun existing in pre-history. This civilization was founded by survivors of a devastating global cataclysm approximately 12,000 years ago. These survivors took technology, culture and religion around the globe as part of a peaceful mission. Their legacy still exists today.

Solstices and Equinoxes

Spiritual Significance of the Solstice and Equinox

The sun held great importance to many cultures around the world, tracing right back to the original global Religion of the Sun. The solstices and equinoxes mark four equidistant points in the sun’s yearly cycle, and many civilizations aligned their monuments to these occasions. This article explains why.

Ancient Sites Aligned to the Sun

stonehenge -- megalithic site from the lost civilization of the sun

Thousands of sacred sites aligned to important solar events were built around the world by an ancient civilization that revered the sun. This page outlines the different types of sites, their astronomical alignments, and some of the knowledge they encode.

Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Sun

A list of practices from within traditions that are remnants of or were influenced by the Religion of the Sun, including from ancient Vedic and Hindu, Greek, Taoist, and Egyptian texts.

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