Our team of researchers and contributors is currently comprised of the following people:

Matthew Butler, Editor-in-Chief

Matthew Butler

Matthew Butler

Matthew Butler is Chief Editor of, a website exploring the history and practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun. A keen writer since his youth, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and has a natural interest in probing hidden truths and higher knowledge. He felt called to study spirituality in 2004 and has pursued it ever since. On The Spiritual Sun, he directs his skills and inquisitive nature towards shedding light on the ancient Religion of the Sun, which he investigates both as a writer/researcher and practitioner.

Matthew’s other interests include music. He has played in bands and written songs from a young age, although he is a much better writer and listener than performer. He enjoys classical and folk music from various regions, including South Asia, Peru, Europe and North America. His interest in exploring spirituality is shared with his wife Sabah, as is his taste for Indian food from her land of origin, and their desire to explore the sacred sites, practices and traditions of ancient cultures of the world linked to the ancient Religion of the Sun.

Jenny Resnick, Managing Editor

Jenny Resnick

Jenny Resnick is a writer, researcher, and Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, with a special interest in the ancient past and issues affecting human consciousness. Having moved continents multiple times early in life, she grew up with a somewhat unique exposure to different cultures, religions, and alternative ways of living, and those experiences marked the beginnings of her investigations into the times and cultures of remote antiquity.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a special focus on ancient civilizations, but she also studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. She is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun, and is especially interested in the exploration of ancient sites around the world and their connection to it. She travels to various lesser-known sites with her husband to explore them in person whenever possible.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys traveling, reading, running, hiking, foraging, spending time in the quiet of nature, and working with creative mediums such as design and photography.

Jordan Resnick, Webmaster


Jordan Resnick

Jordan Resnick has been intrigued by religious and spiritual practice, studies, and texts since early childhood. Upon arriving home from preschool one day, he remarked to his mother with much enthusiasm and sincerity that he wanted to grow up to be a spiritual teacher!

He received an Honours Bachelor of Arts in (Comparative) Religion and English in the mid-2000s, but ultimately found the purely academic study of comparative religion lacking; as such, he’s been actively exploring and studying the practical side of spirituality since 2003.

In 2013 he created a website along with his wife Jenny to write about ancient spiritual practices and personal experiences with them, and after having been joined by contributors Justin and Vida Norris, began researching further into sacred texts and uncovering ancient practices used in traditions descended from the sun that are featured on The Spiritual Sun today.

He grew up in Canada as a fourth-generation Canadian, but can track his family tree far back mostly through Eastern Europe and Russia, and mainly in areas now known as Poland and Ukraine. As fate would have it, his wife Jenny was born in the USSR, and he has been slowly learning Russian ever since they met. Due to this background and as a researcher and active practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun, he has a particular interest in exploring the manifestation of it in the various Slavic cultures historically.

Having been playing and performing music on a wide variety of instruments as well as voice from the age of three, he also aims to connect with the Religion of the Sun through traditional music, mostly via playing the Andean flutes known as the quena and panpipes, which he first took up in 2009. He currently contributes to the Spiritual Sun project mainly as the site’s webmaster.

Justin Norris, Contributing Writer and Researcher

Justin Norris

Justin Norris

Justin Norris is a contributing writer at The Spiritual Sun, where he explores the Religion of the Sun as a researcher and practitioner. He has been a student of the spiritual and mystical since 2002 and is a published history writer. Today, his research explores the Religion of the Sun across the ages. He has a particular interest in alternative history and the early origins of the Civilization of the Sun, and he traces its legacy through descendant cultures, megalithic and sacred sites, and ancient spiritual texts.

Justin has spent time exploring a number of sacred sites around the world and finds it one of the most powerful and tangible ways to connect with the mysteries of the past. He hopes to visit many more sites in the future.

Justin enjoys spending time in nature, dabbling in photography, and music. His tastes are eclectic and include classical music from both east and west as well as traditional music from many world cultures. You might occasionally find him singing and playing folk songs on guitar.

Vida Norris, Contributing Writer and Researcher

Vida Norris

Vida Norris

Vida grew up in a rural area in Canada, which sparked a deep love of nature and the outdoors as she spent many days climbing trees and exploring forests with her brothers. Vida’s love of gardening, landscaping and flowers stems from memories of her Lithuanian Mother and Grandmother, who both have incredible green thumbs. Following in the footsteps of her Mother and Great Aunt, Vida became a Florist and eventually went on to study permaculture design.

Having been intrigued by spirituality and mysticism from a young age, Vida continues her inner search by trying to gain self-knowledge and mystical experiences first-hand. She has a deep interest in the ancient civilizations who practiced the Religion of the Sun, especially having noticed remnants of it trickle down through time within the culture and traditions of her Lithuanian family (Vida’s Great-Grandmother used to greet the sun each morning!).

She also finds it fascinating that the ancient civilizations who practiced the Religion of the Sun built incredible sacred sites aligning to the sun and stars, and seemed to have had a sophisticated knowledge of agriculture and how to shape their architecture and land to adapt to nature’s sometimes extreme environments.

Vida Norris is currently a contributing writer and independent researcher for The Spiritual Sun. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.

David Gardner, Contributing Writer and Researcher

David Gardner contributes to the Spiritual Sun website as a writer / researcher and administrator. He has been interested in spirituality for as long as he can remember, and is constantly amazed and inspired by the many emerging discoveries that shed more and more light on the ancient Religion of the Sun. His hope is that one day this religion will once again be practiced in all corners of the globe.

David can trace his ancestry back through the British Isles to Nordic countries, both places where the Religion of the Sun was once practiced, in Norse culture through the wisdom bringer Odin, and in Ireland through the Tuatha Dé Dannan and Fir Bolg peoples and later the druids. He is planning one day to explore many of the sacred sites in these areas, but in the meantime contents himself with daily practice and study of different traditions, texts, and symbols related to the Religion of the Sun.

Jon Haase, Contributing Writer and Researcher

Jon Haase

Jon Haase

Jon Haase is a video producer and musician whose main interest in life is inner change. Jon has been involved in revival solstice and equinox celebrations since 2011, and has been dedicated to practicing spirituality since 2006. He loves to sing mantras and play music related to the religion of the sun.

From an early age he was interested in ancient cultures and civilizations, regularly reading books and articles on history. He studied a wide variety of subjects at university as part of his Bachelor of Arts including historical studies, art in history, philosophy, literature, and cultural sociology, receiving two awards for academic excellence.

As a musician, Jon has composed dozens of songs and played in a few bands in the early 2000s. However, he has found most fulfillment in music since learning techniques for inner transformation which he feels has enriched his ability to compose music that is more spiritually beneficial.

Jon has a particular interest in Norse/Germanic mythology due to his ancestry and affinity with those cultures. He has visited petroglyphs and mound builder sites throughout the USA’s midwest and hopes to make many more trips to ancient sites of the religion of the sun in the future.

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