Our team of researchers and contributors is currently comprised of the following people.


Matthew Butler, Editor-in-Chief

Matthew Butler is a freelance writer with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, an open mind and a keen interest in mysticism, defending personal freedom and uncovering the truth. He’s been exploring spirituality and consciousness for more than ten years and also writes about issues that affect and suppress human potential, consciousness, alternative beliefs, and the right to free expression of spirituality in the world.


Jenny Resnick, Managing Editor

Jenny Resnick is a writer and researcher with a strong interest in the ancient past and issues affecting human consciousness. Having moved continents multiple times early in life, she grew up with a somewhat unique exposure to different cultures, religions, and alternative ways of living, and those experiences marked the beginnings of her interest in the times and cultures of the ancient past and a deeper understanding of human nature. She later went on to obtain a bachelor of arts in history, with a special focus on ancient civilizations. She also studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. She is especially interested in the exploration of ancient sites around the world and their connection to the ancient Religion of the Sun. Currently she is an independent researcher, writer, and managing editor for The Spiritual Sun.


Jordan Resnick, Webmaster

Jordan Resnick has been intrigued by religious and spiritual practice, studies, and texts since early childhood. Upon arriving home from preschool one day, he remarked to his mother with much enthusiasm and sincerity that he wanted to grow up to be a spiritual teacher! He received an Honours Bachelor of Arts in (Comparative) Religion and English in the mid-2000s, but ultimately found the purely academic study of comparative religion lacking; as such, he’s been actively exploring, teaching, and studying the practical side of spirituality since 2003. Along with his wife Jenny, he created the first version of The Spiritual Sun website in 2013, and after having been joined by contributors Justin and Vida, began researching into sacred texts and uncovering the ancient practices of the sun which are featured on the site today. He currently contributes to the project mainly as the site’s webmaster.


Justin Norris, Contributing Writer and Researcher

Justin Norris has spent the last decade trying to learn how to live a spiritual life. As a young man he had a keen interest in philosophy and the search for truth, which evolved into a study of mysticism and ancient spiritual traditions. At nineteen he started attending different spiritual groups to look for answers and began his own daily practice of spiritual techniques in an effort to connect first-hand with the mysteries described in ancient texts. He found it difficult to find reliable information on spiritual matters, although he saw that with practice, it was possible to see more clearly which teachings held worth. Eventually he began to teach others as well to share practices he found valuable, something he did in his hometown of Toronto and for several years in Vancouver. In meeting with thousands of people this way, Justin saw first-hand many people also struggling to find reliable spiritual information, while at the same time yearning for real experience. For this reason, he enthusiastically embraced the vision of, as a way of finding credible spiritual practices grounded in ancient spiritual traditions. Justin continues his search today, motivated by a desire to change within and to spread spiritual knowledge in the world.


Vida Norris, Contributing Writer and Researcher

After the life-changing experience of becoming a mother, Vida Norris set out to discover whether there’s more to life than what is commonly accepted. With a background in permaculture design, Vida has a deep interest in ancient civilizations and how they lived sustainably and with seemingly higher consciousness and interest in spirituality. Vida continues her inner search by trying to gain self-knowledge and mystical experiences first-hand. She helps the other researchers pore over ancient texts to discover and explore ancient practices, with the hope of bringing back their relevance to those interested in spirituality today.

David G

David Gardner, Contributing Writer and Researcher

David Gardner has a great interest in spirituality that began in the paranormal section of his local library, where he learnt about the amazing possibilities of out-of-body experiences. This initial interest led him to explore practical techniques and teachings from many different spiritual traditions, in order to find the most effective practices for gaining the same kinds of spiritual experience as the ancients once would have. David feels that practical exploration is the best way to understand the spiritual thread that connects modern day seekers with those of old, and feels that the type of insights, inner change and experience possible to attain through the religion of the sun are just as relevant and valuable today as they have ever been.


Jon Haase, Contributing Writer and Researcher

Jon Haase is a video producer and musician whose main interest in life is inner change. Jon has been involved in revival solstice and equinox celebrations since 2011, and has been dedicated to practicing spirituality since 2006. He loves to sing mantras and play music related to the religion of the sun.

From an early age he was interested in ancient cultures and civilizations, regularly reading books and articles on history. He studied a wide variety of subjects at university as part of his Bachelor of Arts including historical studies, art in history, philosophy, literature, and cultural sociology, receiving two awards for academic excellence.

As a musician, Jon has composed dozens of songs and played in a few bands in the early 2000s. However, he has found most fulfillment in music since learning techniques for inner transformation which he feels has enriched his ability to compose music that is more spiritually beneficial.

Jon has a particular interest in Norse/Germanic mythology due to his ancestry and affinity with those cultures. He has visited petroglyphs and mound builder sites throughout the USA’s midwest and hopes to make many more trips to ancient sites of the religion of the sun in the future.


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