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Ancient Sacred Sites of Poland

Poland Rediscovered: Ancient Sacred Sites and Megaliths Aligned to the Sun

The team from Modern Explorers toured Poland to visit some of Europe’s unknown yet remarkable ancient megalithic sites and sacred places, documenting over a dozen sites within the country, including complex stone circles, mounds, dolmens, pyramids, barrows and other ancient structures, as well as several interesting sites in the Baltics and around.

The ancient sites explored in Poland revealed intriguing information about their construction and arrangement, including multiple alignments to the solstices and equinoxes, stellar alignments, and unique flora growing on the stones as well as crystal formations. There have also been many accounts of people going to some of the sacred places for healing, perceiving a higher frequency of energy as well as a general openness, interest and respect to understand the purpose of the places and the phenomena that lies within them.

In the following excerpt posted on their website, Modern Explorers describes the sites of Odry and Lesno:

A collection of about 10 stone circles lying within a couple of hundred square metres, with between 10 and 35 stones approximately a metre tall and many with crystals in them.

There are also 30 burial mounds and over 600 flat graves decorated amongst the circles which are thought to have been left by the Goths in 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.

The circle alignments in Odry and Lesno. Photo: Modern Explorers

… Stones within the circles align at the solstices but the circles also align. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd circles form a line which points towards the sunrise in the winter solstice, the 4th, 5th 6th and 7th circles point towards the sunrise on the summer solstice and it is thought the 1st, 8th, 9th and 10th circles form a line which points towards a star called Capella, which was really bright when these circles were supposed to have been built.’

Watch the full documentary below:

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  • I wonder is there will be a country which doesn’t have an ancient spiritual sun site.

    Interesting information mentioned regarding the fact that vegetation seems to flourish within the circles.

    Great video from an interesting gentleman.

  • A very interesting video. I grew up in Poland and knew of numerous ancient burial sites and I also heard that Wawel in Kraków has unique energetic signature, but I was not aware of stone circles and their alignment to solstices and equinoxes.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting find.

  • This film is a really nice surprise. I had no idea that Poland has so many ancient sites. I am also glad to see people in the country appreciate these sites. Thanks for sharing the documentary.

  • This is great! Such a really interesting places in Poland. Sometimes, as I was watching it, I felt that I was there, such a pnice video. I had no idea about these sites in Poland which have their own secret meaning.
    Definitely, it’s a good destination for a research 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this videos

  • Very cool what these guys are doing by actually visiting and going around so many sacred sites around the world! Very useful to hear what they get from it and to see some footage of so many sites.

    I had no idea such sites existed in Poland. Nice to see that the different circles together align to the solstices. It seems that although there’s the universal elements in these sites, they also have their own particular local flavour to them.

    I like how he’s very open and mentions many of the things he hears about, yet at the same time not acts as if he knows all these for sure. Just reporting on what he feels and experiences and the impressions that’s he’s getting. Interesting to hear about many of these places having some sort of energy to them, I do think an open mind and trying to be in tune with subtle impressions you get is important to get a feel for the meaning of these places. Because the understanding that can reach you can sometimes be unexpected.

    So cool btw that that guy in Lithuania apparently received guidance to build a pyramid like structure and work with it. As well as that dome over it. It reminds me of the another similar story I’ve heard about of George von Tassel’s Integraton, which he constructed based on intelligence from ET beings. I would not mind doing a mantra in such constructions :-)!

      • Sorry Karim, I think that my previous comment wasn’t clear, I meant to say that I would love to get our own guidance from higher intelligence to be blessed with the opportunity to build our own structures.

  • I really enjoyed watching this video. The way this team explored the sites first hand was inspiring because it made me feel like I was there. Some of those photos with the strong colourful energy waves were interesting. It seems like these sites must have been very strong and significant in their day and now who even knows about them except the locals. It’s great to see the Polish people being into this and like he said, putting all that information out there on the sites too.

  • I had no idea Poland has such a rich heritage of ancient sites. What the ‘Modern Explorers’ are doing seems like a great idea – to bring together footage of all these places.

  • Very nice find, Poland seems like a country that has yet to reveal much of its hidden past. Its people are known as being very religious/spiritual, and I feel like this strong faith must be coming from somewhere. Thank you for posting this inspiring video.

  • This is a really interesting find. I hadn’t previously known the details of any sacred sites in Poland, so it is great that these researchers have worked to bring back this hidden aspect of the country’s history.

    I look forward to watching the documentary and finding out more.

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