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Bosnian Pyramids – Full Disclosure

In this video lecture, researcher and discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids Dr. Sam Osmanagich speaks candidly about his research and excavation work at Visoko Valley in Bosnia.

Since being discovered in 2005, the Bosnian pyramid formations have been shown to have alignments to the summer solstice, the constellation of Orion, and true North, as well as incorporating sacred geometry in the design and numerous other fascinating structural and energetic features. Scientific dating points to the Bosnian Pyramids as being the biggest and oldest known in the world — at an alleged age of 34,000 years old.

“New history is getting written, not only of Europe, but the whole World as well”.
Dr. Sam Osmanagich

Osmanagich’s work brings to light evidence of a human history that is quite different to the currently held mainstream views, pointing to the existence of an advanced ancient civilization with a vast understanding of scientific and spiritual principles. As a result, his research has been heavily criticized by mainstream and alternative media alike, being banned from access to leading scientific TV channels. In this video he explores the challenging views and the scientific criteria surrounding the Bosnian Pyramids.

Watch the video below:

Please note, while this video provides a great deal of useful information, the views expressed may not always align with those of the Spiritual Sun. 

Featured Image © Dr. S. Osmanagich (republished with permission).

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  • What a cool guy 🙂 Kind of like the Indian Jones of the archealogical world.

    Lots of very compelling pictures and evidence in that presentation!

  • I really don’t understand why there is so much opposition to the existence of those pyramids. The place is already a tourist attraction and many people are going there. I know other places where the locals are making up something to look attractive for tourists to visit. Why don’t they want more tourism there? Is the Egyptian pyramids a monopoly around this area? Looks like the Bosnian state doesn’t want even to check the possibility of their existence.

    What mr. Osmanagich is doing is quite remarkable and also his job for many years. I wish I could visit the place and verify its sacred properties by myself one day and meet him as well.

    Thank you for posting it!

  • Very nice lecture, thanks for posting. He delivered everything with such energy and clarity and what a memory for numbers he has. I had learnt about some of these things when visiting the site last year, but there was so much more interesting information here that I hadn’t known.

    @Karim. I think I maybe know what you mean about something feeling slightly off. Or maybe it’s different, because to me it was a feeling of something lacking. When Dr Sam gave us a personal tour of the tunnels, he was explaining about different things they had discovered such as huge crystals encased in clay shells and underground water flows and amounts of negative ions (that increases the healing properties of a space) etc. that had to do with energies and their flow, which is what they had been able to scientifically measure or intuitively understand. But I felt their approach lacks the spiritual or esoteric or higher aspect of the function or meaning of the site and of the people who built it. Maybe they don’t have the means to explore it (such as OBEs). Or maybe he has his own reasons not to talk about it? But to me, saying this huge and complicated complex of pyramids and tunnels were just an ‘energy machine’ (which is what I think he called it?) or even an intergalactic communication device, seems insufficient to me. I mean it’s like they put too much emphasis on that and it could lead to wrong ideas. But I felt it definitely was a real ancient site.

    And then, seeing that he has used this myriad of scientific and verifiable ways to measure and test and examine different properties of the site, even sending samples to different independent labs around the world, it is even more mind-boggling that he is so universally opposed and denied from every field of science and study. I was surprised to hear that even Graham Hancock didn’t really feel it gives good evidence of an ancient civilization.

    @Lucia, I also felt this, not only in that lecture but also listening to him talk about the project in person, he has such a strength in his conviction and dedication to this project. He is like an immovable rock upon which the waves of opposition crash, but they don’t waver him in any way. He is unaffected and calmly and persistently continues on his mission. I really admire that. Sometimes there is a hint of contempt or pride or something like that that disturbed me a little but could be just a subconscious projection of mine.

    I also agree it’s great that he has opened the project for anyone to come to see it. And how unusual that he would give a personal tour to us who were just a small group of interested visitors. It was amazing and I’m very grateful for it. I also really enjoyed visiting the tunnels as the energy there seemed very pleasant and relaxing and the air was incredibly pure.

    The tunnel complex is vast and they seem to reach all the way to below (and inside?) the pyramid of the Sun. They’ve only been able to excavate them a relatively little way yet but I’m looking forward to when they will hopefully be able to get all the way to the pyramid. If they had more support or even some kind of support they would be able to discover much more and much faster.

  • I watched this about a year ago and was quite impressed at this fellow’s work. Not just what he’s discovered but the amount of institutionalized resistance and defamation he’s had to deal with. For me it was a quick sign that his work is valid. I think this is standard for anyone who’s really trying to bring something new to the world. It’s very similar to what the lead researcher at Gunung Padang (a 20,000 yr old pyramid in Indonesia) has had to deal with.

    I also enjoyed it a lot because he look’s and talks a lot like my grandfather 🙂 Made me feel like I’m missing my family.

  • Came across this video ( of Samir and his team going into some newly cleared tunnels routes for the first time. It doesn’t show anywhere near as much info as the presentation, but I have to say his dedication and hard work is very admirable!

    • I agree Olga, and I am so impressed by his never-ending good spirits and humour! Its like – he is this ball of energy that nobody can stop… 🙂 Meeting him in person just confirmed this feeling, like he is somebody on a mission and won’t stop until it is accomplished.

  • I watched this, pretty up to date and concise, presentation by Samir Osmanagich on the Bosnian Pyramids.

    I think there’s so much to it! Here’s a little list of things that I think are really great.

    1. Showing that pyramids are much more frequent and widespread, not just in Egypt, but all around the world. Hearing the numbers as well of over 1200 pyramids in Mexico? of which 95% are still buried?, he says. It’s just amazing.
    2. I completely agree with something he mentioned in his presentation, that is that you need a new paradigm, a new and open-minded way of looking at the finds and evidence. If for example you look at pyramids just as ‘King’s tombs that they had in Egypt’ then of course a buried pyramid in China is just going to look like a hill to you. To discover more, their spiritual and religious function, their global connection, purpose, energies, their widespread-ness etc. you’ll need new ways of looking at them or you’ll lock yourself out from understanding them.
    3. I think it’s fantastic and amazing to see the resilience and forward pushing attitude that he and others have shown in continuing this project. Against so much opposition from….. virtually everyone 🙂 Governments, politics, some of the scientific community, and even within the field of alternative archaeology. It’s really funny how he presents this in the video though!
    4. I think it’s wonderful that this project is open for anyone to help. It creates this sort of opening or venue through which people with a ‘new outlook’ and interest a wonder can help to uncover the mysteries of our ancient Earth really. So the project itself is wonderful and very different to how normal funded excavations go. Makes it alive.
    5. They’re also trying to apply different scientific methods to it, again fantastic! Because if you see a pyramid only as a stone tomb then of course no conventional archaeologist will try to carry out energy readings of different types. But in reality it’s very logical and it helps to get a more holistic view of pyramids.
    6. Another thing I got from this presentation is how close-mindedness really closes exploration off. Staggering how much opposition is faced when trying to uncover this.

    I do have to say in honesty, having seen this presentation and others presentations in the past and having read a bit about it here and there, I’ve always had this feeling which (even though I tried :-)) I couldn’t shake. Perhaps a sort of intuition. That something is not quite right, but I find it difficult to pinpoint what it is. Maybe if someone else does manage to explain what it is then it would click, but I haven’t been able to figure it out myself. It just….. something just seems to feel slightly off. It even seems to come through Samir himself, the volunteers that go there, the whole thing. Again, not sure what it is. I’m not saying this is not a real structure that was used, reshaped or even entirely created and neither that there wasn’t an ancient civilisation there who used it as a spiritual place. etc. It’s difficult to place, maybe time will tell, or maybe I’m just wrong 🙂

    So even though this presentation is mainly about the Bosnian Pyramids, for me it’s also very important to see how widespread pyramids are all over the world, all their alignments! It paints a different picture of a level civilisation at a different time period which had a very high regard for the spiritual.

    I seriously wish Dr. Sam and this whole project all the best. It’s a very fresh, alive and a great part in the whole ongoing ‘movement’ to redefine and discover our lost ancient spiritual history.

  • Really enjoyed this lecture. Some of the information I’ve come across while visiting the site, but here there is even more.

    What convinced me personally that there is something very special about the pyramids was seeing the huge pieces and blocks of concrete and actually visiting some of the tunnels surrounding and running under Visoko. In some of the ‘chambers’ I felt like in a meditation room with that almost buzzing sound in the air. And defying all logic, in the ‘healing chamber’ at a point I realized I’d never breathed so easily, deeply and effortlessly in my life, despite being hundreds of meters underground and having had a blocked nose for a few days prior.

    It is admirable how Dr. Osmanagich didn’t give up despite so much opposition and suppression. I don’t see why it is so scary to admit there was an advanced ancient civilization and humanity’s history is much older than it was believed. After all, It is not an attack or an effort to discredit what has been discovered so far, just opening up and expanding our knowledge.

    • Thanks Pavlin and Lucia. Nice to hear some firsthand accounts of your visit there. Those underground tunnels do sound very nice. The cool, calm, the quiet and that vibrational frequency there compared to above the ground and especially in the cities.

    • I agree. I find it inspiring to see how his resilience to share this incredible discovery about the Bosnian pyramids never wavered despite the opposition and backlash received from other so-called expert archeologists (like Zahi Hawass) who tried to discredit his work. I love the fact that he named one of the pyramids “Love”.

  • A great conscise lecture, thank you for posting, it was nice to see the little updates he included in it in comparison to the earlier lectures. So much has been found and researched in this area that I can imagine it must have been hard to put it all into just an hour and half-long lecture (together with the introduction about other pyramids around the world). I also admire his contagious humor when dealing with all the suppression and belittling of his discoveries. I had to chuckle at 7:47- 8:25 of the video when hearing about Mauritian government’s response that the pyramids found there (aligned to the summer solstice) were “piles of rocks made by local farmers in order to plant the sugar cane fields”…

    I have visited the area last year with some friends and so had the chance to see it all first-hand and can confirm that it is indeed a magnificient project that has already brought forward a lot of evidence about the advanced civilization that once built these structures. The visit of the underground tunnels Ravne was particularly interesting – the silence, calm and freshness of the air inside these was very unusual. At some point, I felt like in a practice room and indeed, there are areas in these tunnels where people are invited to sit and practice a meditation of their choice due to the very conducive atmosphere that can be felt there.
    We also had a chance to meet with the Dr. Osmanagich there, who gave us an unexpected tour of the tunnels. It stood out to me how the project is open to anyone who would like to help out, it is literally the ‘people’s project’. The enthusiasm of the locals is also noteworthy; some of them are even willing to excavate their own properties if they discover something that could help:

    It is incredible to imagine how much could be discovered if this project was given the support it deserves.

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