Astral Travel

Astral travel is to leave the body and travel consciously in the astral plane.

This split actually takes place every night as we go to sleep, only we’re not normally aware of it since we’re lost in thoughts as we go to sleep, which then become the basis for our dreams. With astral projection however, we can learn to fall asleep consciously and experience the split, and can then consciously explore the astral plane.

Astral travel is a real life experience that can be explored through simple practice. It also sometimes occurs spontaneously.

In ancient Hindu texts it has been referred to as a “state of peace and purification of heart” where the astral traveler becomes “a wakeful witness with certainty of apprehension,” while Essene texts refer to our “spirit” experiencing astral travel, with our “thoughts before sleep … as the bow of the skillful archer” allowing us to enter “the Holy Stream of Light.”

Listed here are texts related to the religion of the sun where references to astral travel can be found (note this is a work in progress and will be expanded as further research is conducted):

Below are posts on practices, exercises, and techniques for astral travel from ancient sacred texts related to the religion of the sun.

Photo © Julian Kingman (used with permission)