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Remnants of religion of the sun according to Belsebuub

Belsebuub writes that the statues of Easter Island are remnants of the practice of the ancient religion of the sun. Many align to the solstice and equinox. They are carved in the image of the “wisdom bringer” Viracocha who was deified as the sun.

The religion of the sun was an ancient spirituality that is evidenced as once being practiced widely across the globe, and has been written about by the author Belsebuub1 in his book The Path of the Spiritual Sun. In it he describes the religion of the sun as the oldest religion of humankind, giving the evidence for its existence in many ancient sites and texts, and revealing how it can be practiced just as it was in ancient times, and celebrated at the sun’s major stages at the solstices and equinoxes.

Belsebuub explains that the religion of the sun was spread around the world by a group of enlightened “wisdom bringers” who were the survivors of a huge natural catastrophe that affected much of humanity, and had the mission to re-establish civilization, not only with its knowledge of food growing, building, and medicine, but also its spirituality.

These wisdom bringers were likely to have come from a prior civilization popularly referred to Atlantis, which had been destroyed overnight in a cataclysm. They oversaw the building of many megalithic sites around the globe that align to the sun, established the roots of civilization, and gave rise to the practice of the ancient religion of the sun – remnants of which can still be found in a number of ancient spiritual teachings today.

An Ancient Cataclysm

The exact dating of these events is not certain, but recent geological discoveries provide extensive evidence for a comet impact approximately 13,000 years ago, as earth was nearing the end of the most recent ice age.2 This comet would have melted vast portions of the ice caps, initiating catastrophic worldwide flooding. It also would have dramatically altered the world’s climate, which we see in the geological record as a sudden return to a cold period known as the Younger Dryas.

Showing the dramatic change in temperature during the Younger Dryas period. (By Iceage_time-slice_hg.png: Hannes Grobe/AWIderivative work: Alexchris (Iceage_time-slice_hg.png) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.)

This event — or possibly the flooding that would have occurred at the end of the Younger Dryas period 1,200 years later as the earth suddenly warmed and ice caps melted again — may be the source for many of the thousands3 of highly similar flood myths found around the world.4 Taken together, both myth and geology makes a compelling case for a catastrophe that could have destroyed a civilization like Atlantis completely. It also suggests a possible time period when the religion of the sun that Belsebuub describes could have been re-initiated to form the basis of many of the currently historically known ancient civilizations in our own age.

Clues to an Ancient Knowledge

Göbekli Tepe, a 12,000 year old Megalithic site.

The remains of Göbekli Tepe, a megalithic site dated back to almost 12,000 years ago. (By ZhenganOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link.)

According to Belsebuub, the evidence for this ancient spirituality is widespread. He writes that it can be found in myths and legends preserved in sacred texts and oral traditions, in symbols and artworks produced by cultures around the world, and in numerous megalithic sacred sites, pyramids, cairns, temples, and other archaeological remains, some as much as 12,000 years old and some that are possibly even older. For example, hundreds if not thousands of ancient sites, all over the globe, align to the sun at the solstices and equinoxes—including some of the most famous and awe-inspiring, such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge in England, the huge stone statues of Easter Island, and the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru. The sun was deified in by the ancient Egyptians, Druids, the Inca, and in the ancient Vedic texts of India. And many of the world’s most famous religious deities, such as Jesus, Osiris, Odin/Wotan, Viracocha/Quetzalcoatl, and Mithras, were all associated with the sun and had major life events at the solstices and equinoxes.

Belsebuub suggests we can even find evidence for this religion within the heavens themselves, in the movements of the sun and stars. Scientifically it is well known that the stars are the origins of almost all matter in the universe, and are its greatest source of light and life, but Belsebuub explains that the stars are also the spiritual source of light and life, stating that this is why many ancient peoples aligned their sacred sites to the heavens and deified the sun.

Fragmentary Remains

However, Belsebuub and co-author Lara Atwood note that the clues to the existence of the religion of the sun are also fragmentary, and liken them to a picture shattered into thousands of pieces which are separated and scattered across the globe, and have been marred or destroyed over so many thousands of years of suppression, strife, persecution, and degeneration.

According to Belsebuub and Lara there is a missing key needed to interpret these pieces and to bring to light the secret knowledge they describe, one that is typically overlooked by both scientists and historians. This key they say is found in experience — specifically in the experience of the spiritual processes that the religion of the sun once described, as Lara states:

We can theorize what the puzzle image is going to be forever, but we’re never going to really know. Unless, that is… we had gone through the same process of spiritual transformation and gained the same spiritual knowledge in the same ways that these ancient peoples did.5

Lara further says that Belsebuub has gained his own experience of the esoteric side of life through decades of spiritual practice and it is this first-hand experience that has provided the missing key needed to reveal a clear picture of the religion of the sun — identifying which pieces are part of it, and which are not, and synthesizing the message of this ancient religion in a way that is comprehensible for modern spiritual seekers.

By combining Belsebuub’s spiritual experience with research into ancient sites and texts, they uncovered:

  • Why the sun was deified in ancient spiritual teachings
  • Why many of the world’s sacred sites align to the sun at the solstice and equinox
  • Why many ancient peoples celebrated the solstice and equinox and their celebrations share so many similarities
  • The profound meaning of many ancient sites and sacred texts
  • How people today can practice the religion of the sun as people did in ancient times

It is this distillation of knowledge that Belsebuub and Lara present in their recent work, The Path of the Spiritual Sun. It also inspired the creation of this website and its ongoing investigations into the sacred sites, ancient practices, and celebrations of the sun from around the world. These are the heritage of the religion of the sun, the oldest religion of humanity. They are also the spiritual heritage of us all, signs pointing back to a mystical knowledge that is both incredibly ancient and yet deeply relevant in the present day.

Celebrating the spring equinox

Modern practitioners in Greece celebrate the spring equinox, connecting to an ancient heritage. (Photo credit: Photo Credit: Labrys.gr.)

The Sun as a Spiritual Symbol

Although awareness of the religion of the sun as a historical phenomenon has been almost entirely lost today, many of the spiritual principles it expressed have re-emerged throughout the millennia, as these principles themselves are timeless, and those who have experienced them have then attempted to pass on their understanding to others. This explains some of the similarities between many of the great spiritual teachers such as Viracocha, Odin, Osiris, Jesus or Lao-Tzu. Fragments of this kind of knowledge have also been preserved within esoteric orders such as the Knights Templar or within hidden mystery schools of the past.

A scene from Meetings with Remarkable Men, which chronicles the spiritual search of G.I. Gurdjieff and his discovery of a secret spiritual school somewhere in Asia.

According to Belsebuub, the sun was deified in ancient teachings because it represented each person’s own unique higher Being or consciousness, which he writes “has its origin in the stars.” He explains that the aim of the religion of the sun is for someone to reunite with their higher Being—which he calls their spiritual sun—a process which he says has been called attaining liberation or enlightenment.

Although often expressed in language and imagery that are specific to a time and culture, this journey and the return to one’s higher Being itself is a non-physical but real phenomena. Indeed, as Belsebuub notes, it is a knowledge that is imbued into the very fabric of creation and into the structure of the natural world, stating that “the annual journey of the sun is symbolic of the journey of consciousness in its return to source—a journey which is eternal and lies at the heart of existence.”6

Using Metaphysical Experience

According to Belsebuub, the ancient people of the sun taught a process of spiritual liberation and through this process, a person can tap into metaphysical experiences that are the origin of the religion of the sun. He explains that by using the same techniques as ancient practitioners of the religion of the sun did, people today can discover the same spiritual knowledge.

He also says that by having out-of-body experiences in higher dimensions,7 a spiritual seeker can visit sacred sites and gain insight into their ancient purpose, be shown universal esoteric symbols in a way that reveals their deeper meaning, or even meet spiritual beings, such as those who have appeared as mythological figures or gods in ancient cultures.

The astral plane is the source of many of the premonitions, prophecies, visions, spiritual teachings, divine visitations, and symbolic artwork found in ancient spiritual texts and teachings. Although not referred to in the terms we use today, out-of-body experiences have been written about throughout human history in terms specific to the time and culture, and are an innate part of human nature and experience.
Some in ancient texts were said to be “in the spirit” or “caught up,” and dreams were a common source of spiritual guidance. Scenes similar to those depicted by ancient peoples throughout history can still be found when traveling out of the body in the astral plane and in near-death experiences today.8

For example, Belsebuub describes an encounter during an out-of-body experience with the being known as Thoth, one of the Atlantean wisdom bringers:

Although Thoth has been referred to as a “god,” this term is largely misunderstood in this context. In an out-of-body experience, some time after I was initiated into the mysteries of the pyramids, I saw Thoth present as an awakened being where he was taking accounts of my inner deeds in a book. He was likely to have been that person who arrived to Egypt as the wisdom bringer. […] Those of us who have experiences like this bring back the knowledge of who the different awakened beings are and what roles they have, and these often become depicted in sacred texts and temples, that later become mythologized…9

Thoth Wisdom Bringer According to Belsebuub

Carving of Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom and writing, mentioned by Belsebuub as one of the pre-historical “wisdom bringers.” (By Gerik Zayatz – Own work, CC BY-ND 2.0, Link.)

Taking examples of out-of-body experiences such as these, it becomes clear how personal spiritual experience can be a method for understanding some of the most significant mysteries of the past.

Belsebuub explains that a mystical practitioner is able to visit other dimensions of reality and experience the symbols, enlightened beings, and spiritual processes depicted in ancient myths and artifacts as something alive, unaffected by the passage of countless years. This other-dimensional experience then helps sheds light on the meaning of historical remains that might otherwise be incomprehensible and provides insight into the common spiritual “language” uniting the seemingly disparate myths, sites, and sacred teachings found across the globe, even when these are widely separated by time and distance.

Belsebuub’s Background and Spiritual Journey

BelsebuubBelsebuub is a author who writes about a spiritual process that follows the course of the sun throughout the year—with stages of inner descent, as in the descent of the sun after the autumn equinox; of spiritual birth, as in the re-emergence of the sun out of darkness at the winter solstice; of spiritual resurrection, as in the increase of the sun after the spring equinox; and spiritual ascent, as in the greatest light of the summer solstice sun. His writing is based upon his personal experience of going through this process in his own life. Belsebuub refers to this process as the path of the spiritual sun/son.

He has published works on out-of-body experiences and dreams, self-knowledge, consciousness, and other spiritual topics. His book on out-of-body experiences was a best seller in its genre and his publication Gazing into the Eternal was nominated for a best book award in the category of spirituality.

Belsebuub has spent over 45 years investigating mystical and esoteric phenomena, which gave him the experience that he shares in his books, articles, videos, and audio recordings.

He no longer takes part in public life, having decided in 2017 to live in hermetic seclusion as a practitioner of his ancient indigenous spiritual tradition.

Sharing Spirituality Freely

Belsebuub works according to a time-honored principle of sharing spirituality without profit. He states that spiritual information is a gift given freely from the universe that should be passed on in the same way, and for this reason Belsebuub has never charged money for teaching. He provides all the resources on his website Belsebuub.com free of charge and receives no payments or royalties from the sale of his books.

For over a decade Belsebuub taught in-person courses in cities across the UK and in Australia. In 2001, Belsebuub began authoring a series of online courses on out-of-body experiences and dreams, self-knowledge, and esoteric knowledge. These included weekly downloadable PDFs and online discussion forums and were an innovative teaching method in the field of spirituality for the time. These courses evolved several times over the years to incorporate audio and video and became the most popular of their kind. Over 90,000 people registered for them over a ten-year period.

Writing The Path of the Spiritual Sun

Belsebuub and Lara Atwood

Belsebuub and Lara Atwood, around the time they wrote The Path of the Spiritual Sun.

In 2011, Belsebuub had the idea to create a ceremony to celebrate the summer solstice, using evidence for ancient celebrations that he and Lara could discover and Belsebuub’s own knowledge of the spiritual significance of the solstice. This began an incredible project to create ceremonies for the other times of the year and then to uncover and decode the evidence for the veneration of the sun in past times.

With Lara providing much of the research into ancient sacred texts and sacred sites, and Belsebuub providing information from his experience of the path of the spiritual sun/son, Belsebuub’s initial idea of a ceremony for the solstice lead him and Lara on an incredible journey of discovery. Lara writes:

Day after day, driven like a treasure hunter hot on the trail of a cache of lost spiritual riches, we looked for the clues to the mystery of the spirituality of the world embedded in the distance past. The journey led us even to the lost meaning and origin of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.10

In 2013, Belsebuub (with Lara) published his work The Path of the Spiritual Sun through Mystical Life Publications, an exploration of the spiritual meaning of the solstices and equinoxes, their links to sacred sites and texts, and how to celebrate and connect to their timeless meaning in the present day.11

Early Explorations into Spirituality

Belsebuub was born in Britain in 1963 and experienced a variety of mystical phenomena as a child. From the age of seven he developed a strong interest in the esoteric, borrowing spiritual books from the local library and creating his own spiritual ceremonies in an effort to connect with spiritual beings.

Belsebuub visiting an ancient site

Belsebuub visiting an ancient site in Britain.

This interest continued when, as a young man, Belsebuub began to investigate various teachings and groups and to seek out spiritual places in his native Britain, visiting and exploring many ancient sacred sites.

Belsebuub states that in 1990 he discovered classes being given by a modern esoteric school, which taught the key practices necessary for spiritual change. He devoted himself enthusiastically to the practices, learning to have out-of-body experiences and to experience self-awareness, which he says helped him begin to learn about and understand himself. He established a strong discipline with his practices, which he credits for allowing him to gain many experiences and to gain first-hand knowledge of spirituality. These practices and experiences enabled him to begin the path of the spiritual sun/son, a work he continues to this day.

Media Appearances and Further Resources

Belsebuub has made over 70 media appearances, including dozens on the BBC in the UK, on Rogers Television in Canada, Triple J radio in Australia, and national television in Greece. Many of these interviews are curated on his YouTube interviews channel.

Some of his previous articles, videos, and audio recordings are available on his official website, Belsebuub.com as a record of his work.

Who is Belsebuub? A comprehensive account of his story is available on his biography site.

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