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A Song about Newgrange by Clannad

clannad newgrange song

Clannad during a performance in Glasgow in 2007. Public domain image found here.

Clannad is a family band from Ireland that formed in the 1970s, performing a variety of music, such as folk, folk rock, Celtic and traditional Irish music — a genre they are known for having popularized. A song by this band titled Newgrange, from their album Magical Ring, has just been added to the European folk music section in the music resource library.

The song evokes a feeling of mystery and wonder while contemplating the ancient site of Newgrange in Ireland and the people who built it, with lyrics such as:

“Wait for the sun on a winter’s day
And a beam of light shines across the floor.
Mysterious ring, a magical ring.
But forgotten is the race that no-one knows.”

(The full lyrics of the song can be found here.)

Newgrange winter solstice tuatha de danann

Newgrange Mound. Photo by Tjp finn [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Newgrange is a massive mound that aligns to winter solstice. A shaft of light streams through the cross-shaped passage in the mound and lights up the central chamber at dawn on this day. It is one of Ireland’s most famous ancient sites, believed to have been built around 5000 years ago.

According to local tradition and lore, this site was built by the ancient race known as the Tuatha Dé Danann — a people who were said to have arrived in Ireland by the sea, bringing the Religion of the Sun there and establishing many sacred sites.1

Information about the winter solstice observance at Newgrange

Below is Clannad’s beautiful song about this ancient site:

(Another video with images of Newgrange set to the song by Clannad can be found here.)

Here is another version of the song performed live by a group called Celtic Woman:

More songs can be found via the resources section here:

  1. More information on this subject can be found in the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood. (Mystical Life Publications, 2017). Chapter 2: The Lost Civilization of the Sun, as well as Chapter 10, section on Cairn T on p. 324. More information about Newgrange specifically can be found in Chapter 9.)  

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Thanks Jenny, our family very much enjoyed listening to this song, and especially after reading the translation.

  • An Irish Rock band came up at the same time as Clannad and much of their music pays tribute to our mythical Celtic stories. The first half of this album is about the Tuatha De Danaan landing in Ireland. It’s based on “The Battle of Moy Tura/ The Book of the taking of Ireland”, which is one of our most ancient and important texts.

    • Some interesting song names there Figserello. On a quick listen to some of them they sound like an Irish version of a mix of Greenslade, Queen and Led Zep or as one commenter on that video said – “celtic/folk/rock/ metal”.

  • Nice music with such meaning lyrics!
    It’s beautiful that Irish people respect and love its very ancient past even it’s unknown to them.

  • Beautiful voices, calming and soothing to listen to, even Enya’s songs are reminiscent of this style.
    Ancient sites and words to lead us to them…!

  • Beautiful. I loved the clarity and the harmony of the Celtic Woman version – sounds very mystical. Thanks for posting this.

    Interesting that Enya was a younger sister David. The Irish singers often have just a magic tone in their voice, so suited to their ancient ballads … and new ones about ancient places.

  • Beautiful!
    Thanks for posting.

    BTW, it seems the first video is no longer available (or perhaps it’s not available in Canada).

  • Quite an atmospheric song, very appropriate for the topic. I personally found the Celtic Woman performance more powerful and the lyrics clearer. But both very good.

  • The vibe of the song is interesting and it does evoke some of the mystery of that amazing sacred site. I like the line “forgotten is the race that no one knows” – it expresses the sense that there is this vast history behind these ancient places that has just vanished from public knowledge.

    The musical style reminds me a bit of Enya, another Celtic artist.

  • This is such a nice song, I love the sense of mystery it evokes. I’ve heard the song before but never realized what the lyrics were. I would love to visit Newgrange sometime. It seems very magical.

  • It’s cool to see songs where the lyrics weave in aspects of ancient cultures and the religion of the sun, like connecting Newgrange to the druids and the “forgotten race that no-one knows” and talking about the play of light at the solstice alignments.

    Your idea is pretty interesting Karim. I’m not a musician, but I can see how if music was created that poetically talked about ancient sites, or cultures / principles from the religion of the sun etc. if the music was good it could become very popular, similar to this song, or how the German band Faun bring aspects of mythology into their music.

  • It’s very nice I find to see that there’s a song of this quality about ancient sacred sites. Really like the tune, the flute, the lyrics. Very warm feeling.

    It would be lovely to see more songs written about ancient sacred sites, or new works inspired by the experience and meanings of the solstices and equinoxes. That could potentially be really amazing. For example if ideas are used from some of the referenced excerpts from ancient texts related to the meaning of the solstices and equinoxes.

    I came up with a little dance or rather some movements to accompany the Gayatri mantra, at the summer solstice time last year, though I didn’t do anything with it. This year I wrote a poem, or some verses of text, on things I felt. Although it was more a personal thing and I didn’t feel it was the time to share it.
    But I’m not a writer, or musician, certainly not a dancer :-)! But I think for those who are skilled the solstice/equinox times are a wonderful thing to base creating artistic work from. Looking forward to such things in the future, and to hear past artistic expression connected to the religion of the Sun as well.

  • Thanks for blogging about this song Jenny.
    I saw Clannad perform live once (a few years ago now!) and quite possibly they played this song then. Certainly the atmosphere of this song is the general impression I have of them from that live performance.
    I had not seen the Celtic Woman version before, it was good too.

    • It’s funny I happened to come across that version after a long-winded search through various things and was just getting ready to post about it on the forums when I saw your post already there!

  • Thanks for posting the song. Although I could not understand the lyrics very well, I could still enjoy the music and the atmosphere it created.

    PS: The video that was posted of Clannad did not work for me, so I listened to an alternate version on Youtube.

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