“Alswinn” – a Norse themed song about the sun by the band Faun


The Trundholm Sun Chariot, found in Denmark and an example of an artifact revering the sun. The sun chariot is a common symbol found in Indo-European mythology.1

We’ve just added a song to the modern music video resources section. It’s called Alswinn, and is taken from the latest album called Midgard by the German band Faun. Faun sing a number of pagan folk songs with traditional instruments. This song describes Alswinn, one of the horses in Nordic mythology which pulls a chariot carrying the sun across the sky:

What sign does the horse wear?
Over his eye, the sun-disc
On his forehead, big bears
Silver shines his body at night

His neck is decorated with a bell
He’s not like any other horse
His neck is up to the sky
And his tail touches Earth

On his hooves, he wears runes
He roams the sky
In his golden carriage, he carries
The sun until the evening hours

(See full English translation here.)

Interestingly, the sun chariot is derived from one of the oldest known Indo-European myths that was spread with the Religion of the Sun. The Vedic sun god Surya, the Greek sun god Helios (as well as Apollo), and the Indo-European sun god Belenus were all depicted being pulled across the sky in horse drawn chariots, for example.2 The sun horse is also a common symbol associated with the sun and can be commonly found in the celtic and slavic traditions as well as in ancient Sumerian and Phoenician art.

This song can now be found in the video resources gallery, accessible via link below.

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  2. More information on this can be found on the Cultures Descended from the Civilization of the Sun page 

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