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Ancient Mother — A Song by Robert Gass

A depiction of the Virgin Mary who represented the spiritual mother – The Madonna of the Roses by William Bouguereau. Public domain image found here.

The spiritual Mother Goddess, who plays a fundamental role in a person’s spiritual journey,1 is found referenced in ancient sacred texts, myths, art and sculptures throughout the world, and many hymns and mantras have been written about her through the ages.

For example, the Dakshine Kali Beej Mantra is a mantra dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, who is a representation of the spiritual goddess/mother within. The Mantra of Goddess Durga is another mantra that is related to the spiritual goddess.

She is traditionally represented as both a loving and nurturing mother who guides and teaches, and a powerful warrior goddess who has the ability to destroy “inner darkness” / eliminate the egos within. She is also frequently portrayed as Mother Earth.

Mentions of her are also found today in some modern music, and a new section on the site has been created which showcases the songs that are dedicated to the Spiritual Mother.

A newly added song in that section is “Ancient Mother” by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song, which celebrates the universality of the Spiritual Mother.

The Spiritual Mother has been known by different names throughout time depending on the culture. For example, as Kali and Durga in Hinduism, Isis and Sekhmet in Egypt, Hecate in Greece, the Virgin Mary in Christianity, Inanna in ancient Sumer, and many others. Many of these names are incorporated into this song’s lyrics as descriptive of the “ancient mother.”

  1. Pritchard, Lara. “Reestablishing the Feminine in Godhead: The Role of the Mother Goddess in Spirituality.” Accessed July 05, 2017.

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Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • How beautiful and uplifting that was , about the divine mother the music the scenery and nature was so lovely Thank you

  • Thanks Vida your article on the Divine Mother is exactly what I needed this morning. I long to have the understanding to be in prayer with my Divine Mother in every moment.

  • Also like this song. 🙂 Very mystical and mysterious, like that subtle energy that moves in nature. The footage in the video also works well with the song. Especially the flying fish in slow motion with that mysterious chanting! The song helps a bit to carry you away to that secret place where she resides, an inner forest, a hidden underwater cave, an ethereal mythological temple…

    • Oh yes, I feel that too Karim, that I’m inspired to connect with her through nature, many mystical places. To go into a forest, or stand by the ocean and be near her.

  • Thanks for bringing all these resources together to evidence the celebration of the divine mother beyond time and culture. I haven’t even heard of some of these Goddess’! It inspires me to look into all these different manifestations of the divine feminine – I certainly feel that looking beyond the Mother Mary figure that is all I grew up with I’ve learned a lot more about the many faces/aspects/qualities of the Goddess and that this has enriched my relationship with her.

    • Same here Ella! I’m pretty amazed at just how many there are too, and how there are the different aspects – powerful warrior, wise teacher, loving mother, etc.

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