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The Ancient Religion of the Sun — Book Video

In the video below author and researcher Lara Atwood gives an overview and discusses some of the underlying ideas she explores in her new book The Ancient Religion of the Sun, including subjects such as:

  • Why are there so many similar megalithic structures and pyramids around the world, and sites aligned to the sun and stars?
  • Why did many ancient civilizations venerate the sun?
  • Is there a historical connection humanity has largely lost sight of today?

The Ancient Religion of the Sun can be purchased from:

More information about the book can be found here.

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Thank you Lara for bringing this wonderful information to us ,there is certainly so much to learn about,and its so inspiring and help full

  • Many thanks Lara, and also to Mark, for all the hard work that went into producing this fantastic book. We recently received our copies and are very much looking forward to reading them. We feel very fortunate to have access to this information; thank you very much.

  • What an amazing book! What stands out for me about this book is that Lara has an exceptional sense of putting together important pieces of information and conveying a very powerful message within the context of the Ancient Religion of the Sun. I also love the way it’s built up, where ancient texts get a prominent role, like the The Stanzas of Dzyan, which I have never heard of, preparing the reader in their understanding of the Religion and Civilisation of the Sun.

    One of the most powerful questions of this video:

    Could the massive influence this ancient civilisation had upon the world, be hiding in plain sight?

    I think so! To most people the baffling evidence for this ancient civilisation of the Sun will still remain in obscurity, as for the ones that truly care about who they are, where they come from and what the purpose of life is, the truth will open up like a beautiful flower with this book!

    I had the privilege to visit some ancient sites in Bolivia recently with new gained friends and what is said in the video is spot on! If you want to know the truth, a huge factor is to uncover the secrets that the local people hold as hidden information about our ancient past through parables, stories and myths, confirming what we know about the Ancient religion of the sun. I had first hand experience with local people telling me extremely interesting facts about many facets described in the book! Doing the research yourself and uncovering truth first hand is extremely motivating!

    I can only wonder about Lara’s new books and video’s coming up and the amount of new things we will learn about our true past.

    Thanks Jenny for posting this here 🙂

    • I agree this is an amazing book Bogdan, which gives those of us who are searching for truth the opportunity to explore the deeper purpose to life and find out more about our shared spiritual history.

      It’s great that you were able to visit some Bolivian sites in person, as well as being able to learn more from the traditions of the local people. There’s so much to explore and learn and I can relate to your feeling of motivation from doing the research first hand. I hope you will be able to find many new treasures, which can help in further bringing together the truth about our past and inspire us towards a bright future.

  • Fantastic info, thanks Lara, makes you wonder so many similarities through out history how different life would be if humanity did follow this knowledge and that the religions of today were alined and unified

  • As others here have stated, this is a very beautiful introduction to a ground-breaking book on the ancient Religion of the Sun.
    So much to learn and discover, I really appreciate the long hours of hard work and research that have gone into the publication of this book.
    I hope it travels far and wide!

  • When I read this book, I recognize some things here and there as having been covered in Lara’s videos, but in the book she is obviously able to go much more into detail. It’s fascinating and astonishing, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested and wants to learn more.

    I’ve never before been into history; I used to find it so tiring at school. Maybe it was because it felt so cold and dead, and irrelevant to me, and profoundly uninteresting. I feel really connected to and inspired by ancient history now through Lara’s work, because it shows there is a great, living connection between the most ancient cultures around the globe, and between them and us, through the Sun, who is still very much present and the very same being then as now. Importantly for me, I’ve learnt that these cultures were intelligent and very capable in every sense and at a point possessed wonderful values, virtues and goodness, and a living spirituality, which it’s hard to detect in any part of commonly taught history. I feel really drawn to those things. I used to enjoy nature too but I can see now what a huge lack of connection I felt with the world and the cosmos, not knowing how to understand it or connect to it, feeling that it was all pretty meaningless and feeling isolated within my mind. Thanks to Lara and Mark this is changing now for the better.

    Beautifully made video and truly illustrates the key points in the book in such a clear way.

    • Well said, Laura.

      I too have really become engrossed in the ‘hidden history’ that Lara has unearthed in her videos and book. For me it generates a sense of awe and wonder at the amount of information that we’re clearly just scratching the surface of. There is clearly a lot more information that can be revealed, and more research that can be done in the multitude of topics that she raises.

      I’m very grateful for all the work she and the production team have put into all of this.

  • A very pleasant intro video to this historical knowledge and to Lara’s book which brings it together.

    I also just thought what a nice job Lara is doing as a presenter and narrator of these videos. Obviously in shooting videos like this she’s presenting things she’s already researched and might have a concise script written down beforehand. But even within this format I find her genuine and presenting from an inwardly clear state.

  • Great promo-video! Reflects how epic this work is!

    I’m currently reading this book and it’s definitely a great piece of research, nicely put together all the different aspects of the origins of this ancient religion.

    Thanks for sharing it here.

  • It’s great to see this book being promoted; I really think it has the potential to reach many, many people and to help change our mistaken modern paradigm.

    • Agreed. I think that not only are there many errors in the more generally accepted views of ancient history and the knowledge of life those people had, you could even say that it’s completely mistaken. One other thing I find is the consequences of such views and paradigms. To me those mainstream beliefs of history leave one feeling as if there was ‘nothing much there’, ‘we know better now and so those past things will not be more interesting than the advanced stage we’re at now, unless it’s out of historical curiosity for those with a niche interest. It leaves one uncaring and passive towards it, like you can’t do anything with it.

      But for me Lara’s work has been the total opposite. A view of history that activates you!, makes you see there’s so much spiritual depth to these cultures, inspires you, realising there is so much that can be learned from it which is practical and applicable today.

      Bit of a quick write up, but I think people who’ve seen her videos and looked into these mysteries will understand what I mean! 🙂

  • Excellent introduction to the book and to the story of the work/inspiration behind it. Its great to see the similar cultures beside one another the way they were presented in the video. Its easy to see how they were the same, and consider how people from different parts of the world could have had varying languages and dialects to pronounce the names of common wisdom bringers like Odin/Wotan/Votan etc.. Also I would think a lush warm amazonian habitat would create a different experience then other European regions, and thus the wisdom bringers when having traveled to these different places would accordingly be seen through the perspective of that culture opening up to their teaching. Seeing the Jesus statues, venerated and worshiped around the world by various cultures, I also thought demonstrated how the different regions of the world could bring on their own culture (and pronunciation) to the teaching of Christianity.

    • Yep, I totally agree with what you said Olga. It’s a great example of the connections and discoveries of humanity’s past explored in the book.

      • I found that aspect of the video pretty interesting too, as it’s something I hadn’t considered before – but it makes complete sense!

        Some of the connections in the book are really amazing / surprising too – for instance I never would have suspected there was an evidence-backed connection between ancient Egyptians and Celtic people in the British Isles!

  • Thanks Lara and everyone for another highly informative and inspiring video. It’s a wonderful achievement to bring together such seemingly diverse spiritual histories into a coherent whole.

  • Yet another great video from Sakro Sawel. Congratulations to Lara and everyone who helps bring these videos to fruition (including the massive amount of research and work to publish the book)!

  • A great introduction to a groundbreaking book. I love the thumbnail too: it communicates so much before you even watch the video. Wonderful work.

    • Slightly related to what an image/art can convey. I was looking carefully at a statue today, one pretty similar to this one. Trying to decipher and read each of the different aspects. After some time it occurred to me that it felt like reading a book. Where the symbolic details of an elaborate sculpture can contain and transfer more information that I had previously considered.

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