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Children of the Sun — a Song by Twarres

“Children” (or sometimes called “Children of the Sun”) is a song by Twarres, a folk/pop group from the Netherlands. This particular song is from their album Stream, and has just been added to the modern music of the sun area.

The song’s lyrics speak of the children of the sun longing for love and understanding, and evokes a feeling of journeys over oceans and across time in the search for the “warmth of the sun.”

“We’re coming from far
Over oceans of time
We’re coming from places we once left behind
We’re looking for love
In the heart of every man
We’re looking for reasons we’ll all understand”

kontiki expedition

One more recent example of the sea-faring journey of the Religion of the Sun across continents can be seen in the Kon-Tiki Expedition, undertaken in 1947 by Thor Heyerdahl to show how ancient migration from South America to Polynesia was possible; an ancient journey Viracocha (also known as Kon-Tiki) and his disciples were said to have made in order to take spiritual knowledge throughout the world. Photo shared by Nasjonalbiblioteket, by [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Interestingly, practitioners of the ancient Religion of the Sun were often referred to as “children of the sun” or “children of light.”

The lost civilization of the sun (from whom these traditions and cultures descended) was also known for its global seafaring network and the expansive journeys across oceans and continents through which they took the Religion of the Sun around the world.

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Beautiful to see such sentiments expressed in modern music. Took me by surprise!

    “We follow our dreams and we’ll never stop
    We follow our hopes and we’ll never give up
    Until we have found the warmth of the sun
    Until we are one, the children of the sun.”

    Very fitting indeed 🙂

  • Thank you Jenny for sharing this beautiful song, it’s so uplifting.
    Thank you all for sharing your insights, it seems that many have something to remember and share from their childlife, from the impact the sun and the stars had upon them. I liked very much your story Lucia, planing to travel to the stars at night with your brother, sounds very inspiring. The knowledge of the Sun feels so timeless as many said and touches our heart so deeply.
    I remember that the Sun was the reason I decided to make Greece my first county when I came to live here with my family when I was about 10 years old. I didn’t like it at all here and wanted strongly to return to Connecticut where I was grown up and made plans for that. But one day, out at a park (it was Spring), I felt so beautiful as the Sun was touching my skin and face, it was so strong and bright, as I never had seen and felt it before back where I lived. I looked up towards it and wondered silently as a prayer how beautiful it is, feeling it so close and bright, feeling grateful and didn’t want to loose it’s brightness and decided inwardly to stay.

  • Nice song. It sums up the dedication and commitment of the children of the sun to spread the spiritual knowledge. But then as it is now people seem to choose the easier way of just believing rather than to exert effort to understand themselves and go inwards to search for spirituality.


  • Very nice. At first part of me cringed as the look is indistinguishable from all other modern pop music, which is normally just rife with lust, aggression, materialism, etc., but the lyrics and the ‘softness’ of the band are quite unique I’d say.
    The imagery used of being afloat on the ocean, on this very basic vessel, (the state of humanity!) also really fits the sense of the hidden meaning of the song, that like Mathew articulated, there could be this unconscious yearning and understanding within many of us, that has knowledge of our past existences and the deeper meaning to our life, and finds ways to connect to it and express it.
    Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope that there are many many more people yearning to become children of the sun!

  • 🙂

    Actually very nice, I have to admit.

    Seeing the name was a bit of blast from the past. But like Jon mentioned the lyrics fit very well with some of the notions of that return to and spirituality of the sun. Who would’ve thought… But yes even if sometimes such lyrics are quite general, some of it is specific enough – and have that certain underlying feeling to it – that makes you able to connect to that ‘warm feeling’ let’s say.

    This duo/band is from an area in the Netherlands where they also speak another language: Frisian. The history of the Frisians goes back a fair bit, although I’m not sure if it has connections to sun cultures, although where it was situated does not make it unlikely.

    There’s a song in the Frisian language, about the sun, which is very moving and which I was planing to share. I’ll try to post it soon.

  • It’s really nice to see this ancient understanding of us being “children of the sun” shine through in a modern pop song. Perhaps some of us living today were actually alive in the lost civilization of the sun, or in one of the cultures that descended from it, in a previous life. Maybe some people today retain a deep-seated silent memory in their consciousness of that time, like an undefined ancient impression.

    Maybe the song writers tapped into something like that when they wrote this — perhaps without consciously realizing it. As Jenny has shown, it’s amazing how many parallels there are in the lyrics with the actual civilization of the sun, including sea-faring voyages, emphasis on love, and describing themselves as the sun’s children. The lyrics even mention being “on the run” which sadly correlates with how these cultures were often persecuted and driven away, sometimes setting sail for elsewhere.

    It seems every culture where this knowledge flourished, expressed its ideals in their own unique way, according to their own culture, time and local conditions. It’s heartening in a way to see these ideals finding expression in a modern western cultural context. Somehow it’s a reminder that this knowledge is not just about the past, but the present, and that while this knowledge is ancient and timeless, its as relevant for people in modern society as it was for those living in civilizations now lost. It’s not something to merely look back on nostalgically, but which can be brought to life in the modern day.

    • Yes Matthew, I share the feelings you mentioned in your last paragraph.

      Although we might’ve been brought up separate from it. And although we (I) might have different images of Sun worship imprinted (from Indiana Jones movies or school text books etc.) and see it as something distanced from us. This disconnect is in need for some readjusting in my opinion. Even logically when looking at physical life around us, we can see how it all comes from and is maintained by the sun and stars.

      But especially internally. Like I said we might’ve been brought up feeling separate from it, but if we look deep enough we’ll find it there.

    • I was thinking the same Matthew, and can trace some little moments from my life as well, like for example making a nickname “Sun” for myself when the first online communicators came about, or drawing suns with rays in the misty mirror after taking a shower. I also used to play a game with my brother of travelling to the stars and out of the planet Earth at night. Before going to sleep, we would plan together where we will fly at night. Sometimes we would be like… “I don’t feel like traveling far away today, maybe just to the Moon or so…” 🙂 And even though we thought it was just a fantasy, after learning about astral projection about 2 decades later, I realised that somehow I always knew something like that was possible.

      Regarding the descendants, I have recently met with a friend whose family history goes back to Malta, and the first thing that struck me when she mentioned it is how her ancestors may have well be those people who built those Sun temples over there. Maybe she was one of them and now still searching for the same knowledge of the spiritual sun in this life-time.

      It would be really beautiful to unburry the past knowledge and experiences we have as Beings and discover who we truly are. Or if at least these things were taught at schools, so people knew there is actually something to unburry…

      • So interesting what you guys are talking about. Perhaps some part of us does remember, moments from past lives.

        I remember reading a book as a teenager where one character was giving the name Sol, meaning “sun” to protect her from the darkness. I was so taken with that name. And I loved watching the stars. Would be alone outside in the dark just looking at them. We lived in the countryside.

    • Matthew I think you evoke a wonderful reflection of ancient times and yet connected it with the present experience of life. It may seem and feel like time keeps us very distant from our ancient beginnings but somehow in the moment now, there is this profound instant and eternalness to what once was and what currently is, even though it may be for a small moment.

      Its interesting seeing how my mind is pretty much within the limits of time, but my heart is able to relate, remember and connect with things beyond this present life experience and connect with life around me when I’m in that space of clarity within.

      I really enjoyed the song Jenny, thanks for posting it, it’s a lovely addition and a nice way to re-connect.

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