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Wishing Everyone a Happy Solstice – December 21, 2018

The solstice is this Friday December 21 at 5:23pm UTC, and whether you’re celebrating in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere or in the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, all of us here at the Spiritual Sun wanted to wish everyone a very peaceful, inspiring and happy solstice.

2018 winter solstice

Picture taken after a winter solstice celebration in the USA, 2018.

The solstice is this Friday December 21 at 10:23pm UTC, and whether you’re celebrating in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere or in the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, all of us here at the Spiritual Sun wanted to wish everyone a very peaceful, inspiring and happy solstice.

The solstice is a very joyous time as it celebrates two significant points in the sun’s journey throughout the year each having their own deeper spiritual meaning.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the time of the winter solstice, which is when the sun begins to ascend out of the darkest time of year as the daylight hours begin to increase.

On a deeper level the winter solstice celebrates the birth of the spiritual Son/sun within, which is symbolized by the birth of a solar deity, such as the birth of Hu Gadarn of the Druids, Horus in Egypt, Mithras in Persia, Krishna in Hinduism, and in more recent history, the birth of Jesus.

Countless ancient sites were also built in alignment with the winter solstice and they convey the deeper spiritual meaning of this time of year, such as Glastonbury Tor in England, Newgrange in Ireland, Chichen Itza in Mexico or the Karnak temple in Egypt.1

Here is an example of the winter solstice alignment at the Karnak temple in Egypt:

In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the time of the summer solstice, which is the time of greatest light in the year, with the sun reaching its highest point.

On a deeper level it represents spiritual ascension and the return to the divine with a fully unified and awakened consciousness, and is a time to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness in a person.2 This deeper meaning was written about in ancient sacred texts and celebrated at ancient sites designed to align to the sun on the summer solstice (like Stonehenge in England, or the Serpent Mound in the USA) from many traditions who descended from the Religion of the Sun.3

The solstice can be celebrated in many ways, like gathering together with friends to visit an ancient site aligned to the sun, taking part in sacred ceremonies, watching the sun rise, exploring spiritual practices, or listening to/singing music related to this time of year.

Here are some links to pages that provide further information about the meaning of the solstices and how to celebrate them in a spiritual way.

For those celebrating the winter solstice and Christmas, we’ve updated our music galleries and added some new songs:

Happy solstice everyone!

– The Spiritual Sun Team


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About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • There is a magical mystical quality to that photo, not only being very beautiful but its is as though it has captured the presence of what feels like to me ancient peoples who once gathered there, though unseen but felt in a real way – strange as that may sound.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the magic moment you had.

    The summer solstice down south of the equator was very luminous with also having the moon fully lit by the sun’s rays, as though it had conquered all darkness, which I felt was so symbolic of the resurrection significance of the summer solstice.

    These solstice and equinox times are truly a wonder, and I feel like an ant in the universe trying to capture a magnitude so, so great, so beyond my comprehension, that I can only see as far as my eyes can see and as far as my heart can feel; but from this small position, knowing that within me is the micro of the macro, I feel that connection great in my heart, and that inspires me a lot to grow in light and love.

    I also wanted to let you know that I felt a warmth in your picture and all your experiences you all shared showed that this day , this place and your presence brought you a lovely new learning and a greater reality to inspire you, and you inspired us by it too. Thank you Spiritual Sun team.

  • Happy New Year 2019 to you all. Let’s be vigilant and alert to the adversity of our current times and win the challenges that await us each. May peace be with you.

  • Thank you for sharing this picture.
    Your whole attire, unique for everyone with all these details and also the wonderful monstrance, seems amazing.
    Generally the whole look is uplifting and inspiring.

  • Looks like a very inspiring winter solstice celebration.

    Thanks Vida and others for the post and for giving us a glimpse of your winter solstice ceremony. As others said, the clothing is beautiful (and inspires me to up my own standard). The background forest also looks very mystical. More than anything I am glad to see a revival of the practice of the ceremonies by the guys behind the revival of the religion of the sun.

    Best wishes to everyone in 2019

  • I just noticed the photo update – everyone looks so beautiful in their traditional ceremonial attire with the backdrop of the forest. Finding an ideal location which also happens to be in close proximity to a sacred site(s) is a bonus. Thanks for sharing the photo and your experiences.

  • Thanks for this post. With so many ways to celebrate this special event, each with their own individual style, it was nice to see the photo above emulate this very point.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing that picture with us. You all look so beautiful! I love the misty forest behind you – very mystical.

    The Solstice felt very special to me, mostly because of what I was going through internally at the time. Walking to the place of the ceremony in the morning we saw a very big star which turned out to be Venus. It looked like a Christmas star 🙂 Did anyone else see it?

    Wishing everyone a strong start on the new year.

    • I’m glad you had such a special connection with the solstice this year Anne Linn. I also wish you and everyone here a strong year ahead!

  • Belated solstice wishes to everyone here! Thanks so much for sharing that video clip Vida, and especially the picture from your ceremony – it looks very mystical and you all look so timeless and beautiful.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the solstice period visiting some ancient sites that were special to the Inca and pre-Inca people, and to conduct the ceremony with friends. It was a spiritually nourishing time for me and I hope it was the same for others, that it helped everyone to face the New Year with much renewed spiritual strength and inner guidance.

  • Hi Vida!

    Beautiful picture of all of you. At the time of the solstice we were able to read your post from Isla del sol and felt the special message for us in the Southern Hemisphere celebrating the Summer Solstice.

    Your ceremony sound very powerful. It’s amazing when you get those special connections and insights that you, Jordan and Justin mentioned.

    All the best,


  • What a stunning image guys. You all look wonderful. I can see that the setting was amazing with the mist surrounding you and those trees.

    You really have set a great standard for the ceremonial clothing here. I like how you can see the variety of traditions and cultures represented in them.

    It has been also lovely to hear of your overall experience with this Solstice. Most state that this has been the most uplifting to date. It’s funny because my personal experience of the Summer Solstice in my little neck of the woods was also the most uplifting and inspiring to date. I think there were definitely special divine forces guiding and assisting people’s experiences.


    • I agree on all fronts there Paty!

      The clothing shows a very careful attention to detail, which is definitely something I can improve upon.
      Also, I personally had a very uplifting and inspiring time during my Solstice gathering — it was also my best yet!

  • Thanks for the picture update. 🙂 Everyone looks beautiful in their outfit. And there seems to be a circle of light around Divine Mother (maybe it’s the headdress?).

    I wonder if you saw the sun? It seems misty.

  • I agree with everyone that the picture of your solstice celebration looks really beautiful, thank you very much for sharing!

    As Karim mentioned, my eyes also could not leave the Divine Mother, with the illuminated sun disc on her head, beautiful outfit, and the great monstrance above. I really like how the monstrance encompasses the movement, in a really simple yet powerful design.

    Also thank you for sharing your impression from the ceremony and the period around it, it sounds like a special time indeed. To celebrate this occasion on a sacred location (or very close to it) must have also added a very special element to it, and I am inspired to make an effort to visit a sacred area for this purpose in the future. 🙂

  • Amazing outfits everyone. Love the attention to detail in them. In both the clothing and elements specifically related to the winter solstice, as well as the thought and time that must’ve gone into the rest of the outfits.

    The monstrance has a simplicity to it and yet enough detail to make it a very pleasing to the eye, gently warm.
    It’s also particularly nice for me to see the headband with eagle on the front, as I once had some design ideas very similar to that but we decided to go in a different direction in the end, so it’s lovely to see this type of design in action.

    The Mother Goddess, rightfully in this ceremony, steals the show. Beautiful colour combinations :-)! I know it’s very rewarding to make all the efforts to bring together such an outfit and to finally wear it when this has been accomplished. But I must admit that it’s also incredibly nice to be surprised and treated to such a sight, without having gone to the effort oneself to produce it! 🙂 Love the trim on the cloak as well, a beautiful touch giving this elegant definition.

    I could list all of the nice things (in everyone’s outfits!) but such scrutinising might become a bit embarrassing. It suffices to say that you all look great. The impressions of seeing people in religion of the sun themed clothing in person can have such wonderful impact; the colours, sacred patterns, the symbols in accessories etc. it can even become a vehicle to impart a learning to the beholder.

    I hope you’re ceremony was a meaningful experience, or perhaps there were other moments in getting together around the solstice time where a special something happened. In music perhaps? Or peacefulness of a break away from the routine a bit?

    Thanks for sharing that personal photo, and wishing everyone a beautiful year ahead.

    • Thanks Karim.

      Regarding the ceremony itself, this was definitely one of the most moving I have ever been a part of. At one particular moment I came to an understanding of something that was both humbling and moving. It made the whole event feel special.

      As you guessed, we also had the chance to explore the area and visit some sites. There was also plenty of music and a singalong, as well as time for spiritual practices and reflection. The surroundings were beautiful. Unfortunately I had an illness/injury to deal with which made things much less relaxing and pleasant than they otherwise would’ve been, but that said, it was great to be able to forget about such things when given the rare opportunity to play some songs with my guitarist visiting from abroad ;-).

    • Thanks for the kind words Karim.

      I also found this ceremony to be the most moving and impactful of any I’ve participated in to date.

      The location definitely had an impact – we were nestled on the side of a mountain within walking distance of some mysterious monuments, and the misty forest environment was magical. It seemed like just the type of environment in which ancient peoples from northern Europe might have celebrated a ceremony.

      Also for some reason the meaning of the ceremony itself just seemed to resonate within my understanding in a new and fresh way, so I’m grateful for that.

      Overall it was a good few days and also I found our music time to be the most joyous that I’ve experienced – a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of the light.

      • Yes the music was so joyful and uplifting.

        One of the best solstices times I have had to date. I cherished every moment. Vida and Justin were glowing in their starring ceremonial roles and the mist was reminiscent of Avalon.

        Being able to also reflect on my own internal obstacles/weaknesses prior to the ceremony with the spiritual practices we did, and make an honest assessment on myself, felt liberating and enabled me to have a wonderful experience going into the ceremony and for the rest of the trip.

        • Thanks for sharing your experience every one; it’s greatly appreciated.

          Such an inspiring photo! You all look wonderful.

      • The setting and ceremony were amazing. Everyone’s clothing, spiritual practices, readings, talks, walks, laughter, reflection.

        The music night was one of the best I’ve ever participated in – the mix of cultures, instrumentation, and meaning made for a very rich and happy experience.

        All in all a really beneficial spiritual time.

        • It was a very special time.

          I felt and appreciated the ceremony on a deeper level doing it this time around. The surroundings were really inspiring and magical, like others have mentioned. Everyone in their traditional clothing also brought a lot of impact to the ceremony. The whole experience of the surrounding environment, the traditional dress, and the focus on the ceremony made me feel a real connection to ancient winter solstice celebrations of the past.

      • Love the photo – it almost reminds me of a painting 🙂

        That location sounds amazing. Quite some time ago I celebrated a winter solstice surrounded by mist and it was really magical. Being close to ancient monuments must have made it even more so!

        I also found the meaning of this solstice to resonate more with me than previous times I have watched the sun rise or set on a solstice – like I could get a bit closer to the meaning of the time of year. It’s really nice to hear other people found the same.

    • Yes, thanks for sharing this lovely photo everyone. It looks like a very special occasion and it’s great to get together with others to celebrate these wonderful events. I know that they can bring a real spiritual boost and a lot of inspiration.

      Sorry to hear you weren’t in the best of health Jordan. It’s nice that the shared focus still helped you to participate in an uplifting way. Those times singing around a campfire can be very special in themselves 🙂

    • Sounds like it was an an amazing experience for all. The photo is lovely and the attire looks wonderful–everyone looks really nice.

      I hope everyone had a inspiring Solstice wherever they were in the world, and I wish everyone lots of insight, renewal and beneficial changes going into the new year.

      • Thanks for your compliments everyone! 😊 It was very special getting to be the mother this time. I have done it once before but for some reason this time it really resonated with me and similar to the others, I feel like this was the most moving ceremony that I’ve taken part in so far. Everyone looked wonderful and the setting was very magical. The words read during the ceremony as well were very meaningful and inspiring. And of course the monstrance was just awesome. There was really something special about getting to hold it! 🙂

        The rest of the time we spent together was also very nice. The practices were strengthening, the music was a definite highlight and visiting the sites in the area was very intriguing.

        Definitely a trip that I’ll remember for a long time.

    • I’m so glad for you guys that such a gathering was able to take place and that it was filled with this presence of depth and meaning. Such, it seems to me, brought about and then given to occur due to all the personal efforts made throughout the year. I hope the nourishment at that personal core level, which is where it matters I believe, will give renewed strength to take on the new year.

      • It’s great to see the photo update and to hear about the ceremony, thanks to all for sharing. It looks and sounds like a very special time.

        There was a full moon the next night after the Solstice so apart from the personal and team efforts that went into the ceremony I wonder if the full moon also helped made it all the more auspicious given that the light of the moon is reflected sunlight and not every Solstice has a concurrent full moon.

        • Hi David,

          Thank you for mentioning this. It seems like this winter solstice was “astronomically special” for many reasons! Apparently, it was full moon, there was said to also be a meteor shower, and on top of that, a comment called “46P Wirtanen” or “Christmas comet” (named after the time when it is visible every 5 or so years) was reported to come closest to Earth in the period around the solstice ( – scroll down to about half of the page).

          While walking to see the sunrise on the solstice, we could see a very bright star-like object on the southern sky, that reminded me of the star that guided the three kings to the birthplace of Jesus. 🙂 Later on, my mom told me that she heard in the news about this comet, and how it was going to be unusually visible those days. The object we saw may have also just be a star though, even though it was exceptionally bright.

          • From the sounds of it that ‘bright star-like object’ you saw was probably Venus. I found it to give off a beautiful sense of light in the mornings before dawn.

        • I noted the full moon too, which corresponded to the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere where we were – with that the whole world just seemed flooded with light, which I’m sure has its positive esoteric influence! As we were staying by Lake Titicaca, the way the moonlight reflected on the water was a big parts those magical mornings around the solstice. Like many people have said, Venus was beautiful too, (and in Libra, in the position of its Mulatrikona, the place in the heavens from where it gets its ‘root strength’ and from where it starts its commencement through the zodiac on a new 8-year pentagram-shaped cycle around Earth.)

          On this note, there’s actually going to be a solar eclipse coinciding with next year’s Christmas, December 25th 2019. Not such a good omen.

          • That’s good to know about the solar eclipse Ella. It seems it’s happening a day after Christmas though on the 26th. For most of the globe it will be occurring when it’s night time, so the sun won’t be up yet when it’s happening so you can’t see it. For a number of countries though it’s fully visible (like in the middle east, India and Indonesia) and for others, like parts of Australia, it’ll be a partial blocking of the sun’s edges.
            Image of where it’ll be visible from. (

  • Wow I’m so happy to see this photo of you in your beautiful outfits, with the mystical forest background. The Father and Mother look just amazing, and the monstrance is so beautiful too. Thanks very much for sharing.

    • Wow indeed! Everyone and all together look fantastic! And the halo/reflection around Vida’s headdress is the cherry on the top!
      Thanks for sharing!

    • I hadn’t noticed the forest in the background yet, but I agree. It seems well away from any modern mechanical sounds, objects, sights etc. It looks like someone could walk in amongst the trees there and come out in a different ancient time on the other side. :- )

  • I hope everyone received a massive boost from the Solstice and found it to be an extremely inspiring time.

    Wishing everyone all the very best for the new year.

    Many thanks Vida for sharing the video; that’s amazing!

    And Many thanks to The Spiritual Sun for all the hard work.

  • Thank you Vida and everyone at the Spiritual Sun Team. The video looks amazing, it must been very inspiring.

    Wishing that everyone had a beautiful and inspiring Solistice and much peace, love and esoteric strength for the New Year to all.

  • Thanks very much for this post Vida. I hope you, the Spiritual Sun team and everyone who uses the site had a very peaceful and spiritual solstice time. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you were able to tap into the joy of Christmas, and for those down south, I hope the summer solstice brought a lot of inspiration with its reminder of the light being at its peak.

    I wish everyone a lot of strength, guidance and insight in making the right choices over the upcoming year, which will allow each of us to move closer towards the light in the ways that we need.

  • Hi Vida,

    Thank you for sharing this amazing video from Karnak. Just amazing to see the site aligns so perfectly with the winter solstice. Must be a powerful experience to be there!

    I hope everyone had a great Solstice celebration and has been uplifted by it with many new insights and experiences.

    I had the privilege and honour to celebrate the Summer Solstice on the Island of the Sun in Bolivia with some great friends who are also interested in the Religion of the Sun, which was an incredible beautiful experience. Mother Nature allowed us just a few minutes after the celebration though, after which we were chased off the site by rain and a huge thunderstorm…twice!

    I wish everybody a wonderful new cycle with lots of strength, light, insights, peace and progression along the path.

    • I agree the alignment at Karnak looks amazing Bogdan! From what I saw on the video, it must indeed be powerful to see the site first hand at the winter solstice.

      Your summer solstice celebration also sounds inspiring. It’s great that you were able to enjoy the celebration before the two thunderstorms. That’s very kind of Mother Nature! 🙂

      I also wish you and everyone here a lot of strength, guidance, inspiration and determination in taking the next steps forward.

      • Hi Michael,

        Thank you for your kind wishes. I also hope you had a great solstice and will be able to take the next steps on your path. I wish you much improved health, strenght, light and peace in the upcoming months towards the next Equinox!

  • Hope everyone had a inspiring solstice with great understanding, many thanks to all the spiritual Sun team for all the knowledge and wisdom that you share on this site

  • Thank you for the lovely reminder of the power and symbols of the solstice. I hope everyone found a meaningful way to mark the Solstice this season. Wishing everyone a joyful Christmas in the north, and a peaceful new year to all.

  • Thanks Vida!
    I hope everyone had an inspiring Solstice and I also wish to all here on TSS and beyond a very fulfilling and joyful Christmas.

  • Thank you, Vida and all the team at TSS.

    The alignment at the Karnak Temple is quite extraordinary! It is an exceptionally beautiful alignment for the Sun to shine through.

    Although a bit late, I hope that everyone had a wonderful and joyous solstice celebration; so much to reflect upon and enjoy!

    Happy Solstice everyone.

  • I hope everyone had a very lovely and magical solstice.
    I’ve been increasingly inspired at the way the connection to the divine can be found during these special times of year, and I hope that more and more people all around the world are also able to experience this wonderful phenomena!

    Thank you also everyone here at spiritual sun for this wonderful resource!

    • Same here Craig. Through experiencing them these years I’ve come to recognise for the special spiritual times that they inherently are. Such a paramount and strengthening element in boosting us spiritually, and in support of our year and to the journey we are going for in our life.

      I also echo what you see in deeply hoping more people will be able to experience, learn and gain, and be nourished by them.
      Even in seeing the celebration of Christmas, with only a fairly small share of that celebration today being genuine traditional parts and activities, still it has such a noticeable and beneficial impact on people.

      It makes you wonder about the solstices and equinoxes being more properly celebrated by whole communities and societies on a big scale in the past, or future. What a tremendous effect that must’ve had on people! and what spiritual atmospheres this must’ve created in the ancient cities and homes.

      • Yes, it must have been so inspiring to be part of those large scale celebrations Karim! It’s a pity these special events are not generally celebrated today, but at the same time it’s encouraging to see large celebrations still taking place in countries such as Lithuania and Bolivia, which could also positively impact the wider communities.

        As well as taking the opportunity to celebrate these solar events ourselves, which can be very inspiring and strengthening for those participating, these larger celebrations are like beacons of light in a world that has largely lost its connection with its spiritual roots. I hope they will continue and even increase in their prevalence, as more people seek to revive the traditions of their spiritual ancestors.

  • All the best for everyone celebrating the solstice. It is such a special time of the year which gives strength and time to reflect on where we are heading.

  • Wishing everyone a magical and strengthening time around the solstice. That this time may renew the longing within and bring us all closer to our own inner being.

    I’ve been using the last few days to celebrate the winter solstice with my wife and also look back at what has happened this year. We’ve visited several sites in Europe and having spent time at them during the solstice and equinox has been very rewarding. The heritage the ancients left us is phenomenal and I hope to visit other sites for a celebration this upcoming year.

    The sunrise at the temple at Karnak is stunning thanks for sharing it.

    • Sounds great Roy!
      I watched the latest video from “Modern explorers” on youtube where they travel around central-north Europe to different megalithic sites and some of them look quite remarkable. And there are so many! They don’t talk about alignments and such though… so I hope your research and experience give a bit more flavour of religion of the Sun.

      All the best!

  • Happy solstice to all and a big thank you to the Spiritual Sun for all your great efforts to share so much.

    Thanks Vida, that was a brilliant video.

  • Thanks Vida for the post and for the best wishes from all at the Spiritual Sun team.
    Hope all the team and all readers of this site had a great Solstice.
    It has been a very fast year full of learning and I’m looking forward to what the new year brings.
    I also wanted to say thank you to all who contribute to and make this website possible and one of the few beacons of light in this world which is a true treasure.

    • Yes, I agree David. This site and the others related to it, such as Sakro Sawel are real treasures in the world. A big thank you from me too to everyone who contributes to these sites in whatever way, so that they continue to be accessible within the world.

  • Happy solstice everyone! Hope you had / have a very meaningful and peaceful day, and wishing everyone all the best for the coming quarter and new year, whether we’re heading into darkness or going towards greater light.

  • Thank you Vida,

    Wishing everyone a magical solstice full of learning, hope and inspiration, and whatever may be needed to move forward in our journey towards the light.

  • Hi guys,
    I also wish you happy solstice wheather it is winter or summer one for you. Have the most of this day and of the time after.
    With love Jiri

  • Thank you Vida. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a visible sunrise here in Melbourne but it was nice to wake up early and have a decent meditation/mantra session.

    All the best.

  • Thank you Vida.

    I’d also like to wish everybody up north a wonderful solstice and a merry Christmas.

    To everybody down south have a wonderful solstice and enjoy the summer 🙂

  • Thanks for the warm message Vida.

    Its been so interesting to try to see how things moves in cycles, and how even the day itself contains the cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I used to think and I still relate to time as something lineal but its cyclic nature of light and darkness and even the repetition of events and circumstances keeps revealing its form, perhaps a bit like the wind, you can never see it but you can see its form by the movement of leaves, clouds and how it feels against our skin.

    I love the link to all those mantras you gave too its great to see them so easily on one page!

    Wishing everyone an inspiring and spiritually uplifting solstice day… Peace be with you all!

  • Thanks Vida, Spiritual Sun team, and everyone.

    Wishing everyone all the best in the final days of working to reach to your solstice!

    And I hope the divine will be present, bringing close to you in these times a special learning as well as sacred atmospheres and moments to be felt.

    It would be wonderful if everyone could catch some feeling of the greater cosmic meaning of these events, and importantly I feel also experience the particular personal learning and connection in store for us at this time from our own Being.

    I hope we can all pull together and give to the spiritual source, that the year ahead will bring great new opportunities for the light to shine!

    • Me too Karim – I hope we can all pull together in the year ahead, in order to continue feeding the spiritual source and in turn benefit from the light it shines within the world.

  • Thanks Vida.

    It sort of dawned on me some time ago – the equinox is a time of struggle, while the solstice is a time of celebration.

    That’s a fantastic alignment at the Karnak temple. Yet it looks strangely empty of people. Would be wonderful to witness it in person.

    May everyone feel joy and inner strength on this Solstice – to overcome the dark and the old, and move closer to their Being with a renewed heart, and be able to feel the connection alive, like a fresh and purifying breath. May all sorrows pass away, and new things come to lift us up and onward.

    • Thanks for these heartfelt wishes Laura. I wish the same for you and everyone here. I hope the year ahead will bring new opportunities and learning for everyone here, bringing an increased experience of inner peace.

  • Happiness to all on the Solstice, wherever you may be.

    May we all rise as the shining dawn, with understanding and continual purpose.

  • Thank you, Vida. Wishing everyone a beautiful solstice! And a heart-warming Christmas to those in the horth hemisphere.

    The winter solstice sunrise in Karnak looks absolutely majestic.

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