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How to Create a Shrine for the Religion of the Sun – and Share Pictures in the Forum

A new article has been published on The Spiritual Sun: A Guide to Creating a Shrine.

The article, written by Lara Atwood and originally published on the Sakro Sawel website, explains in detail how practitioners of the Religion of the Sun can create their own personal shrine for their spiritual practice — as a dedicated space to commune with divinity.

From the article:

A shrine is a place set aside for spiritual reverence, worship, and communion. It could be your own, or shared with others. It can be indoors or outdoors, and range from something very simple in someone’s own home or garden, to something more elaborate and on a larger scale like you would find in a temple or church.

Essentially, whatever the scale, and wherever the location, a shrine can fulfill the same purpose and follow the same principles. This guide is for creating a shrine in accordance with the principles of the ancient Religion of the Sun.

Sharing pictures of your shrine in the forums

On a related note, our forums were recently upgraded, and now people can easily upload and insert images directly to forum posts and replies. This means users no longer have to upload an image somewhere else and then embed or link to it in the forums.

The editing functionality for forum posts was also improved recently, to make it easier to customize them with bold text, italics etc. A big thanks to Jenny Alswinn who added the new features. An explanation of the upgrades and how to post images to the forums can be read here.

So now that it’s easier to share pictures in forum posts, we’d love to see some pictures of people’s shrines, from anyone who’d like to share them. So if you’re inspired to setup a shrine (or shrines) and want to share your inspiration with others, then once it’s ready, feel free to post some pictures in the forums — it would be inspiring to see what different people come up with.

Read the guide to creating a shrine

About the author

Matthew Osmund

Matthew Osmund is Chief Editor of, a website exploring the history and practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun. A keen writer since his youth, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and has a natural interest in probing hidden truths and higher knowledge. He felt called to study spirituality in 2004 and has pursued it ever since. On The Spiritual Sun, he directs his skills and inquisitive nature towards shedding light on the ancient Religion of the Sun, which he investigates both as a writer/researcher and practitioner.


  • Thanks for the update Matthew. And thanks so much for putting this guide together, Lara.

    I like the new forum idea — can’t wait to see what everyone shares 🙂

    • Ditto Jenny.

      I look forward to being part of this great resource for people to enjoy and seeing people’s contributions.

      Thanks Matthew, I like learning about new developments and features of this site.

  • Having instructions to build a shrine for the religion of the sun is great. I find the instructions quite easy to follow and I appreciate the description of the symbols and their meaning.

    I really liked the Kolbrin quotes, quite profound.

  • Looking forward very much to using this guide for creating more shrines and rearranging the ones already in my home!
    Just wanted to point people’s attention to Lara’s helpful clarification (on Sakro Sawel) on shrines that face west or south – that they should only containing imagery of the divine mother in her warrior aspect and the role she has in decent and the death of the egos. Shrines facing these directions shouldn’t have imagery of the Father, Christ, or Mother giving birth to the Christ, i.e., holding her son.
    I think that rearranging the spiritual imagery in my home according to this understanding will help to change the energy in a positive way!

  • I really enjoyed reading through this article. It was straight and to the point, with very clear explanations of what each item is for, where it goes, and why. It definitely helps to have a spiritual focal point such as an altar, and all the more so when it’s one with such clear and obvious meaning and direction.

  • Thanks very much Matthew,

    like others have said, we have some images in our bedroom and living room, but nothing actually brings things together in a specially targeted space – and with such purpose.

    this is a great and practical guide, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  • That’s a great idea Matthew, thank you, and of course the people who work for this idea too!
    I really like it, basically, I was looking to do something on my own in my house days ago and when I saw your article I couldn’t believe it hahahaha.
    Thanks for the guidance, sharing your ideas. It is amazing to have a personal shrine as you really feel it.
    Well done!

  • Ah this is beautiful and inspiring. Those quotes from the Kolbrin spoke to my heart.

    We’ve had something like altars in our house at different times and it makes a big difference in helping to connect with the divine. Also when we travel we take with us a candle, incense and a spiritual picture, to set up a mini altar wherever we are, as without it a room just feels empty! But this guide really helps to understand how to correctly set up a shrine according to the religion of the sun and what ornaments, symbols etc. are best to include.

    Looking forward to seeing photos of others’ shrines and especially setting up one!
    Thanks very much Lara.

  • Excellent idea to creating your personal shrine for the Religion of the Sun.
    Thank you, Lara, for this idea and guiding and Matthew for the link.

    I think it is an inspiration for me to do the practice in front of such beautiful shrine.

  • Fantastic guide to creating a shrine for the Religion of the Sun.

    Since I started doing spiritual practices over ten years ago, I found having spiritual artwork at home, particularly of the Spiritual Mother, was a great reminder of the life I wanted to lead. Now I’m really looking forward to having a shrine with such meaning as outlined by Lara. Thank you!

    • I agree, this was such a lovely and informative guide and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I was looking to change/update my existing altar that I’ve dedicated to the Spiritual Mother. I really appreciate the details provided in the article about the spiritual meaning behind each of the symbols and objects that can be used on the altar.

      • I was also looking to update the space I’ve dedicated to the Divine Mother. So this article came at the right time. I also loved to read about the meaning behind symbols that can be used. Would love to transform my whole apartment in many ways, to help me remember to be closer to the Divine….but will take some time 🙂

  • What a lovely and very uplifting page to find this morning! Thank you to Lara @SakroSawel for making this amazing resource available, and thanks Matthew for linking to it 🙂

    I remember as a kid, seeing some beautiful shrines in places of worship – it wasn’t really the main altar that attracted me, but the smaller shrines, usually found in the alcoves, one usually was devoted to the Divine Mother – and feeling a like a need to ‘rest’ in this area. Actually, ‘rest’ was the word I think is closest to what I felt back then, it used to gave me ‘pause’ and a feeling of being at ‘home’ / ‘safe’ – not sure really how to explain it, but I remember some of those times, and having this simple ‘slowing down’ feel as well as being really interested in the simplicity of the figures. It’s amazing really to think how symbols and a shrine can give you that feeling of connecting to the divine, but it really does.

    As for uploading the photos, that sounds wonderful – really looking forward to seeing them 🙂

    • I was also always drawn to those smaller, more personal shrines, especially to the Divine Mother. She was pretty much absent from the Churches I went to as a child, but sometimes I would visit other countries and find her there. I felt so drawn to her.

      I love what you said about an altar being a place of rest. Home, safety. I feel that too. As well as being a place of power somehow. Like it’s easier to feel I’m near the Divine while being close to an altar.

    • I grew up in a Protestant country so indeed the Divine Mother is completely absent from there, except maybe at Christmas when you might hear her mentioned. In the country where I now live you can come across small shrines here and there in the forest or villages that are dedicated to the Divine Mother and they have such a gentle, magical, beautiful feeling to them. When we drive by it makes me feel like stopping and staying there, to seek a stronger connection to her.

      On another note – often when we used to visit sacred sites in Bulgaria, people had naturally made something like shrines at places that seemed appropriate or convenient, like at the root of a special tree or in a hole in the rock, adding pictures of Mary or Jesus. I think usually they would leave pennies there, I guess as something like a sacrifice – but my point is how natural this is, you feel somehow naturally drawn to having this visual representation of the divine at sacred places.

      • It feels like such a loss, doesn’t it? To not have the Divine Mother being more represented in the Protestant Church. It was always amazing to me to go to other countries and find her there, as well as the saints, like St.George slaying the dragon. I thought it pretty magical, somehow.

        I also love those shrines that are everywhere in some countries, and where I live now. Some time ago I went for a walk and saw someone put fresh flowers in one shrine dedicated to the Divine Mother. So lovely.

  • I’ve found it such a nice thing to have a shrine and a dedicated place for more focussed prayers! This guide seems very useful and for me with some great points for little changes to make or things to add.

    I saw the forum post about the ability to add images in the forums, brilliant idea!! I remember a decade ago or so I found that the image upload websites were a lot more accessible and easy to use. Now it seem less so with either charges, no hotlinking, or comprises to privacy when hosting via social media etc.

    Anyway I think this simple thing is a very good idea.

  • Thank you very much for this guide as well as the new forum features. Looking forward to the different shrine pictures. 🙂

    I also had a question regarding the Forums, which is if you are not planning on adding a “Paintings” section? I thought it could be great to share the art that carries solar symbology within it there, as well as the potential candidates for the Mother, Father and Son images for the altars.

    • I would love that too Lucia. I spent some time yesterday looking at beautiful pictures. Would be great to see what other people find and like as well.

      • Me too Anne Linn, caught the “picture fever” yesterday as well. 🙂

        Also thank you Matthew and the team for promptly making the extra images section.

    • Hi Lucia and Anne Linn,

      We’ve just renamed what used to be the “Ornaments” sub forum under the “Items and Clothing” section to “Art and Ornaments”. So any pictures relevant to the Religion of the Sun that could be used for shrines, or just general decoration, could be shared there. That would also be the place to share pictures of any shrines people create.

      • Yes great idea Matthew, will be great to encounter new and inspiring art, reflective of the spiritual principles of the solar religion… I especially liked the work of Elizabeth Kyle which was included in this article.

        • Hi all, just a note to everyone to please make sure you only upload images into the forums that you have a legal right to, as is explained clearly in the terms of use (and mentioned in David’s update on the new feature).

          There is a difference between taking a picture of, for example, a shrine in your house which might a include a framed painting as part of it (a painting that on its own might be copyrighted to the artist) and uploading the actual separate image file of that painting directly to the forums without permission or the right to do so. You might just have to provide a link to the painting image on the artist’s site in some cases if you want to share someone else’s work like that.

          It’s generally fine to upload your own photographs, as they are your own, and public domain art images would be fine too, but please clearly specify they are public domain when you include a public domain image. When an image is creative commons or something like that, and can be used under certain stipulations, you also have to ensure you credit and attribute it correctly as per the work’s license agreement. If you’re in doubt about permission to use someone else’s work then its best not to upload it.

          So going forward, when sharing any third party image in the forums, the onus is on the forum poster to show it is being shared appropriately according to the site’s terms (not violating intellectual property laws for example). Since we don’t have time investigate each image or painting ourselves, we won’t be able to approve any posts where people upload someone else’s work without any explanation or account for permission/license agreement/public domain status etc.

          • Thank you for the clarification Matthew.
            Just a note though, that I did want to post the links to the images on the forums, but since those links were the links to the jpg files, the forum automatically displayed them as images. In the old system, this would not happen, and I was not sure how to just keep them as links instead of being automatically displayed as images.

          • Thanks for letting us know Lucia, that was an unforeseen effect of the update, so we’ll see if we can get this resolved on the technical side.

          • Hey Lucia and everyone,

            The TSS tech team has been looking into this issue. We haven’t found a complete resolution yet, but there are a few different ways image links can be shared now without them embedding the image automatically.

            How to do this and some more information about the issue is explained in the second reply here.

            Appreciate you pointing this out!


      • Thanks Mathew, Lucia and Anne Linn for helping put this new feature in place! Really looking forward to seeing others’ favourite art pieces.

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