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Hymn to Živa (Hymn do Żywy) – A Song by Lelek

“Hymn do Żywy” (Hymn to Živa) is an expressive and upbeat Polish song devoted to the Slavic goddess Żywy/Živa by the band Lelek.

Živa is known as the goddess of love, life and fertility and shares many similarities with other spiritual mother figures in the Slavic tradition, such as the mother goddess Lada. She was worshiped in many Slavic countries before Christianity replaced pagan traditions, and her name means “living, being, existing”.1

Here are the lyrics written by Wsiesław Sannikow, translated into English:

O good Żywa, which gave birth to good,
You are our mother, and our father is Rod.
O good Żywa, which gave birth to good,
O Żywa, Żywa, you defend us from Illusion.
O Żywa, guard our Slavic people!

The music video shows people looking for meaning in their daily lives and ultimately connecting with the ancient spiritual roots of their tradition together.

This song has been added to our Modern Music gallery. More songs like it can be found here:

Featured image is a screenshot taken from the video above.

Thanks to Olga for sharing this song in the forums!

  1. “Živa, also Živena, Żiwia, Siva, Sieba or Razivia, was the Slavic goddess of life and fertility. She was worshiped throughout what is now Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany (and especially the Elbe (Labe) river valley), before Christianity expanded into the area. Her name means “living, being, existing”. Živa is mentioned in The Baptism on the Savica, an epic-lyric poem by the Slovene national poet France Prešeren. “Živa (mythology).” Wikipedia. February 28, 2018. Accessed March 02, 2018.

About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • An interesting song and video.
    I particularly like how it’s the sun’s rays which cause people to become aware of the situation they’re in and to remember to live life!

  • I had a brief look at the band’s other works, and thought this one was quite interesting too, with a great animation and the music that can also grow on one over time. 🙂

    As the description says, its a “Short story about old, forgotten god and his everyday struggle against modern world.”
    I also did a brief translation of the lyrics, even though it was a bit difficult, because the lyrics were written by a polish poet, but basically they describe the powerful arrival of the god Perun, who is coming on the red clouds with rain, thunder and lightening, to chase and catch the evil.

    I also liked the little details in the animation, like for example a cross on the bald head of a “bad guy” at 1:38 that becomes inverted as the guy turns his head, or a turning swastika/swarga-like shape at 3:37.

  • It’s a nice song. I like the lyrics and the video. The music is modern, the lyrics are like an ancient pagan prayer, and the video shows people happily leaving modernity to retreat in ancient ways. I like it.

  • It’s an interesting depiction of people escaping the mundane and discovering something vibrant and alive in the modern world that is also rooted in tradition.

    I thought the imagery was effective at conveying the sterile and oppressive feeling of the corporate and city environment, with everything grey and drab, and then the symbolic rays of sun and color appear as they escape it.

    I expect that many people regardless of their worldview could connect with this on some level. (Especially if you spend your day locked in a glass office!)

  • The video clip itself speaks volumes even though I do not understand the words. It seems to capture the need to get out of the daily grind of our life, to get back to basics, to grass roots, and to connect with that which is more real and eternal – found inside us! A valuable find to share…thank you Olga and Vida

  • I like the message the music video is conveying. I would say there’s something missing in our modern lives for sure, something fundamental we’ve lost touch with. I think lots of people are looking for it, but don’t know where to look. It might be sought after in holiday trips abroad? or some hobby pursuits. Or an emptiness attempted to be fulfilled through screen entertainment? Or perhaps it’s simply overridden by where daily life takes people, and it’s something that just nags at us from the background.

    What is that yearning, where lies its real fulfillment?

  • Thanks, Vida (and Olga!). I like how they incorporated the symbols in portraying Ziwa.

    It’s interesting, my Polish friend has told me that Polish society is religious and there are a lot of norms to abide by. But on the other hand, it seems like they have a very active pagan/alternative spirituality part of it as well.

  • It sounds like it could be in the top 20s in Poland ; ) , it definitely does have a catchy beat even though I dont know the words I found myself singing it : )

  • Thanks for posting this here. I like how the message simply draws attention to the old Slavic Mother and Father gods as being good and defending people from illusion, and the more I hear the song the catchier it becomes.

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