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Mabon (Autumn Equinox) — A Song by Lisa Thiel

The Moai statues of Easter Island — an ancient sacred site aligned to the autumn equinox, where the giant Moai statues face the equinox sunset. Public domain photo by Thomas Griggs via Unsplash.

With the autumn equinox approaching in the southern hemisphere, we thought to share a contemplative song called “Mabon” (a Pagan name for the fall equinox) by singer and songwriter Lisa Thiel.

The song is from her album Circle of the Seasons, and its melody and lyrics capture the solemn feel of this time of year when the night begins to be longer than the daylight (thus darkness becoming greater than light), symbolizing the descent into the darkness of the subconscious in order to extract knowledge, as part of a journey of spiritual awakening.

The lyrics of “Mabon” highlight the role of the Mother Goddess, both as Mother Earth having given up her harvest (preparing to rest through the winter to re-awaken in spring), and as a spiritual guide that leads to wisdom through the symbolic darkness, which reflects a core spiritual principle that the autumn equinox represents — the understanding that everything dies before it can be reborn, all must descend before it can ascend, and that light and wisdom are extracted out of darkness (i.e. hardships, challenges in life, etc.).1

The song concludes with the following lyrics, highlighting the overarching message of this time of year:

“And as we journey through the darkness
And as we continue to descend
We learn to let go of what obscures our soul
And re-discover our true being in the end”2

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  2. The full lyrics to the song can be found on her website here.

About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • Very inspiring and amazing how Lisa Thiel captured the significance of the autumn equinox and this time of year so precisely but with great gentleness too.

    Being sung by a woman in itself had this lovely motherly feel about it.

    Thank you Vida, and thanks to Lisa Thiel for her beautifully crafted lyrics and music.

  • Lovely song. So interesting to see how the song reflects the meaning of the Equinox. It is quite refreshing to
    listen to lyrics such as these with something meaningful to say.

    Thank you. I really enjoyed it and look forward to singing it myself.


    • I agree Paty, how lovely to listen to music with such meaningful lyrics. It’s beautiful how she’s woven genuine equinox symbolism in this piece, and other genuine symbolism in other songs featured here.

      Thank you for posting it Vida.

  • It is inspiring to see how art can be connected to spiritual principles given by music and accompanying lyrics in this beautiful song which reveals words of symbolism. The role of the Mother Goddess is presented so nicely and touched me too. Thanks, Vida!

  • Very relevant and accurate lyrics it seems to me, and set to simple enough music to allow the lines of the lyrics to be heared and contemplated.

  • Wow, such a lot of insightful spiritual symbology about the autumn equinox in these lyrics! It seems like Lisa Thiel has a good insight into the deeper meaning of the seasonal pagan celebrations.

    I especially liked these lyrics:

    “A woman waits patiently for us,
    At the threshold of the labyrinth within,
    She offers her hand that we may understand,
    The treasures that wait at the journey’s end.”

    Wishing everyone in the southern hemisphere a spiritually strengthening autumn equinox.

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