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Goi Ogneyari — A Slavic Song by Svetozar and AuraMira

“Goi Ogneyari” (Гой огнеяре) is a song by the Russian Slavic revival folk ensemble AuraMira and lead singer Svetozar. It’s sung in Old Russian, and the song’s arrangement expresses a reverence, a blessing, and an invocation of the life giving fire / sun.

The lyrics of this mantra-like song don’t translate literally into modern Russian, but their meaning is as follows:

  • The words “goi” or “goi yesi” are an ancient form of a blessing/greeting, akin to “may it be!” or “god bless!”, “be alive!”, “be healthy!”, etc. The word “goi” is of a Proto-Indo-European origin and is associated with the life-giving force.1
  • “Ogneyari” means to burn or to flame brightly.
  • “Zhivodari” means to give life.
  • “Sva” is the ancient Russian word for the heavenly sky.

Below is a performance of “Goi Ogneyari” by the band on their SoundCloud page:

goi ogniyari on soundcloud

And here is a live performance of the song by Svetozar:

This song has now been added to our traditional music gallery. More songs like it can be found here:

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Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Very nice!
    I think the flute/wind instrument is my favourite and his lovely voice!
    I also like hearing the masculine sound and feminine sounds together they seem to come together and bring balance and harmony to the music and song.

  • Hi Jenny,

    This is so beautiful and very inspiring for me. I am starting to write music again and I hope that my music can move people in the same way.

      • I was moved too one time when I heard you sing, I think its great you’re looking to create music and song …

        I believe we all have the aspect of creation within us, and each in our own unique way… sometimes its hard to know what that is as we can look at others and not uncover our own 🙂

    • That’s very nice to hear Michelle. Music can be such a universal force, which can touch people at their consiousness, regardless of language barriers. I’ve been moved by music in other languages, without actually knowing what the lyrics referred to. I also hope that your music can move people and I look forward to hearing it sometime.

  • I love that word ‘Goi!’, I had heard it used before and I imagined it to mean an invocation of ‘unleashing/release of the divine will/blessing to come about and manifest.’ Similar to what you mention here Jenny. And I guess similar to the many different forms that exist of it in different religions and cultures.

    I listened to the song on soundcloud and found it really pleasant. He has a knack for songs that I imagine would do well with a group, a nice round and warm voice as well. It works well as background music as well, simple and flowing.

    Nice addition to the list of music Jenny.

  • I love those lyrics and how he is using ancient words that perhaps still carry more of a spiritual meaning than modern language. What a joyful honouring of the sacred, life giving sun.

    Indeed it’s great to see the audience participating bravely and how Svetozar invites them to join him from the beginning.

    Thank you for sharing Jenny.

  • Thanks Jenny, that is a lovely song.

    I really like the live version where everyone joins in. So lovely to see how some cultures are so much more willing to embrace their traditions and keep them alive.

    Good question @ Bogdan, I was wondering the same thing about the candles.

  • Thanks for sharing that Jenny, I’ve heard this song before, but it’s good to know a bit more about the lyrics behind it and their meaning!

    • I know what you mean, I find the meaning in songs like this helps to connect with the feeling/intention of the song a lot more. I first heard this song by accident — my SoundCloud skipped to related tracks while I was driving, and I was like “oh, what is this…!” 🙂 I found it interesting to hear people trying to connect with the fire and the sun and their life-giving force in such a direct and heart-felt way through the song.

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for sharing this very uplifting and nice song! The rythm and melodies were very catchy and I enjoyed to see the audience participating more and more as the song progressed. Also loved the clothing of the lead singer and some of the people in the audience. Do you think the nine candles on the floor have a specific meaning? 🙂 Great share!

    • Hi Bogdan, I’m glad you enjoyed the song and traditional clothing. As for the candles, I’m not sure whether they have a meaning or not — it might have been just a nice stage setup, or perhaps if the number / symbolism was meaningful it might have been explained at the event.

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