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Wishing Everyone a Happy Equinox – March 20, 2019

Public Domain photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

All of us here at The Spiritual Sun wanted to wish everyone a very happy equinox, which is coming up on Wednesday, March 20th at 9:59 PM UTC.

Whether you’re celebrating in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere or the fall in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope it is a very peaceful, reflective and inspiring time.

The equinoxes are a wonderful time for spiritual practice, inner reflection, and celebration, and to tap into the deeper spiritual meaning behind this time of year just as the ancient practitioners of the Religion of the Sun did. They expressed the significance of the equinoxes within many of their ancient texts and mythology, their spiritual practices, and in the ancient sacred sites they created to align with incredible precision to the equinoxes, many of which were used for celebrating them.

People celebrating the Spring Equinox at the ancient site of Chichen Itza in Mexico. By BmamlinOwn work, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The ancient practitioners of the Religion of the Sun recognized the equinoxes as representing specific stages along the path of the spiritual sun, a process also known as self-realization, salvation or enlightenment in various traditions. They understood them as a time to struggle against one’s own inner darkness to attain the light by delving deeper into uncovering, understanding and removing undesirable inner states, such as anger, negativity, fear, jealousy or greed, in order to gain inner peace, wisdom, spiritual faculties and higher states of consciousness instead.

Autumn Equinox

Members of the Thracian Society Threskeia in Bulgaria celebrating the autumn equinox. Image Source: Threskeia

The equinoxes can be celebrated in many ways, such as attending a gathering with others, visiting an ancient site, creating a sacred space to celebrate in, or by just observing the sunrise or sunset in a quiet place and exploring spiritual practices or singing related mantras or music.

Below are some links with further information about celebrating the equinoxes:

Have a wonderful equinox everyone!

The Spiritual Sun Team

About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • Happy equinox to all. I’m hoping it’s been an impactful time for your connection with the divine and moving forward internally. For the next stretch until the solstice, I wish for us all to give our best efforts in bringing more light into the world. Cheers!

  • Thank you, Vida. I hope you and everyone in the TSS team has had a great equinox time.

    Watching the spring equinox sunrise this year I was surprised how quickly the sun rose behind the mountain. It was almost as if it came with a force and momentum on the horizon, like an act of revolution.

    • That’s a nice observation Pavlin. It’s incredible to reflect on the power of the sun. Despite it being such a vast distance away from our planet, it still has the power to bring us light and warmth and to sustain life here on earth.

  • Thank you Vida for this article and your wishes.
    It really gives a different perspective about the world and our life in it, studing about the Equinoxes and Solstises and it’s beautiful to pay attention and celebrate these meangful events in the cosmos and take advandage of them to do esoteric parctices and focus inwardaly.
    Hope everyone had a beautiful and very meaningful equinox and to continue taking advandage of it’s reflection to gain esoteric strenght.

  • ​Thank you Vida and everyone at The Spiritual Sun for your wishes.

    I hope everyone, who is tuned with these solar events, had great time celebrating this equinox and got the most out of it.

    And during either a disending or ascending sun period, I wish everyone be in balance and bring more Light within and in this world.

    Take care

  • Thank you, Vida. May this symbolic period brings more light, faith, courage, and endurance to the spiritual work and life of everyone!

  • Thanks Vida! As Michelle mentioned, we spent the equinox at Uaxactun. We met with one of the spiritual guides there who was very kind and welcoming. The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, and there was a core group of us who took it seriously, both foreigners and locals. However, many of the locals, particularly school kids who were assigned to be there, were chatting on the outskirts, not paying attention, and taking it rather lightly. When it came time for the leaders to say some words, one of the spiritual guides said “I would just like to make an observation: we Guatemalans men and women who are here give very little importance to the ceremony. The ones I most see meditating are, NOT Guatemalans. I will repeat this, because it’s a lesson for us. The ones who most value this ceremony–there they are, there we can see them–they are observing, they are reflecting.” It was an impactful statement, and made me think about how we can contribute a lot to ceremonies put on by others just through our presence and reverence.
    I had a lot of takeaways, but one thing that stood out to me was the symbology. The Mayan spiritual beliefs are very connected with the natural world, with many natural symbols built into different sites. It makes me think of the part of the Essene Gospel of Peace where Jesus says: “The law is living word of living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life.” It seems like many of the oldest places, like the Maya, Pre-Inca, Gobleki Tepe, etc… are awash with natural symbols of animals and plants. It seems to me that it forms a symbolic language that could perhaps be understood with enough experience and observation of the natural world, which could also explain why ancient people chose to depict animals/nature instead of text/inscriptions, since it’s a more universal language. For example, the Mayas and the Inca/Pre-Inca use the serpent to symbolize mother earth and the underworld, since serpent is king of the water, rivers and caves, a powerful feline (jaguar or puma) to symbolize the spiritual son/sun, since it’s master of the worldly realm, and various birds to symbolize the father/sky, since they are masters of that domain. You have to observe and understand nature and the place these creatures have in the world to understand their symbolic meaning, but when you do it becomes very obvious why they chose symbols the way they did, and I suspect the symbols are quite deep and rich as well.
    We got so much out of the whole experience, Michelle and I are going to sit down later and write things down to make sure we don’t lose them. I can’t wait for the next solar event 🙂

    • Thanks for that insightful feedback Julian. It’s wonderful that the locals acknowledge that the sites have an intrinsic value, and that they can recognise that other peoples hold their monuments in such high regard. Lets hope that those school children become more focused in the future and begin to see the symbols as you are!

      I hope everyone there had a peaceful and heartfelt connection with the Divine.

      • One of the things that occurred to me, and made me think that there was a place for a very public/open side to these ceremonies, was that maybe one or two of those school kids would be impacted by the ceremony, feel it’s power, and it could change their life. I would have liked if there was a bit more separation possible, but really I can’t complain about how it was run, it was very lovely.

    • Hi, Julian. Thanks for sharing about your equinox. It sounded like a really interesting experience and you clearly took a lot from it. It sounded inviting and had me wishing I got to be there! When Roy and I went to Chichen Itza, the trinity was super prevalent there too, just in the way you describe as well. It was especially cool to see how the pyramid’s design along with surrounding structures were built to incorporate the sounds of the snake, the quetzal bird, and the jaguar. I heard the bird the loudest through the Kukulkan pyramid – basically stand aligned to the main staircase, clap a few times, and magic! It was really powerful to be at such a place and discover a bit of its secrets. I wish you and Michelle many great solar events like your Guatemalan adventure.

      • The feats of engineeering behind Chichen Itza are incredible Zorana. I’ve only seen a video of it, but the ability to reproduce these sounds within the acoustic design of the monument demonstrates a highly intelligent culture, with a great knowledge of the principles encoded within the structure of Chichen Itza and even within creation itself.

        It’s great you were able to experience the site first hand – it must have been an awe-inspiring experience!

    • Thanks Julian and Michelle for sharing your experiences. From your description and from images of Uaxactun that I could find online I got the feeling of one being able to immerse themselves in the religion of the sun as it once was. Wish you an inspiring second quarter.

    • It sounds like you really made the most of your equinox experience to reflect Julian. It’s unfortunate the children are “made” to go, but hopefully the words spoken will resonate with them later in life.

      It was wonderful to have the opportunity to join with others to celebrate here too.

  • Hi Vida,

    It’s so nice to read your post. We just spent an unbelievable time at the Spring Equinox Celebration at Uaxactun that I learned about here on The Spiritual Sun Website. It was truly life changing to be there. It was a major effort to get there and an even bigger payoff.

    It’s wonderful to see the similarities between the pre-Incan ceremonies in Peru and the Mayan ceremonies of Guatemala.

    I’m so grateful to this website for opening up the world to us. We have been exploring the equinoxes & solstices for a while now, but it seems like each one brings a greater understanding of the internal purpose for each.

    Prior to the ceremony I was feeling a bit hopeless because so many strong emotions were coming up and I couldn’t seem to control them. I was wishing I was a peaceful person. Before, during and after the ceremony I gained an understanding that I have to see these unwanted aspects of myself in order to change. If I was peaceful, as I was wishing, the dark sides would remain hidden and I wouldn’t have the chance to see and overcome them. This Spring Equinox was definitely the best ever for me.

    Thanks for all that you do helping us to connect with el sol.

    Feliz Día from Guatemala

  • Thank you for the inspiring post Vida.

    That picture of the descending serpent at Chichen Itza is very dramatic and to have had the knowledge and ability to portray it in architecture like that is a reflection of the wisdom of those that created it. For it to still stand for people today in 2019, even as a portrayal, is an amazing feat achieved.

    On the southern hemisphere the Equinox was met with a full moon, as it was on the Summer Solstice 2018, which is a beautiful and significant reflection of the spiritual meaning of these times of the year.

    It is really interesting observing the skies and nature, it’s as if they make visible that which is unseen, and I suppose that nature’s mirroring this is perhaps significant in itself … maybe conveying a message in the way nature appears; as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

    I hope everyone around the world that observed the equinox had a wonderful and inspiring day, and may the Love of the Light be our inspiration and aspiration always!

  • We witnessed a majestic sunrise over a mountain lake. There was a special beauty and calm in the air, like soundless music and perfect harmony between all elements.

    May we all connect to the Sacred Sun and receive the guidance, strength and spiritual nourishment we need.

    Happy Equinox!

  • Thanks for the article and your wishes Vida. I also wish you and everyone here a strong, meaningful and spiritual equinox.

  • Thank you Vida and TSS for the resources and information that you continue to share. These ceremonies are so enriching and I encourage everyone to participate at whatever level, be that simply alone or in a group. It is truly a wonderful experience. I wish you all the very best with your celebrations on the Equinox.

    • Thanks Mich for the reminder of the benefits of participating in these ceremonies, whether we are alone or in a group. I have also got so much out of taking part in the solstice and equinox celebrations over the years. They are very profound.

  • I just found the spot where I’ll celebrate the equinox with my husband, a beautiful wetland area with wide open views. I love that every few months I have a reason to put my attention to the spiritual ceremonies of the solar year, and to think of others around the world, and throughout time, doing the same thing. Wishing everyone an uplifting equinox which enables a deeper connection to the solar fire within.

    • To add to Ella’s description, we had a fairly simple equinox celebration with a small fire, dance, readings and mantras at a nearby wetland area.

      It was us, coyotes in the background, the rising sun, the setting full moon, and the marshy lake. Coyotes begin howling just after sunrise, and their voices added to the atmosphere reminding of Anubis.

      To keep my feet warm I started to dance. It was a high energy dervish dancing (because that’s what’s needed to get warm). Ella adjusted the mantra (the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra) to the energy of the dance which we felt was very fitting to the high-energy time of the spring equinox. As the sun rose we lit a fire and chanted a mantra.

      Overall the equinox was very inspiring and I was happy that we could celebrate it within the circumstances of a modern western city.

  • Thank you Vida for this nice article. It is indeed a very magical and reflective time of the year.

    I particularly liked your comment about the ancient Practitioners of the Religion of the Sun who understood the mayor stages of the Path of the Sun as a struggle against one’s own inner darkness and transforming that darkness into light, peace, wisdom and spiritual faculties. That is a big focus for me in the upcoming equinox.

    I am very thankful for all the knowledge on the Spiritual Sun website and all the work you guys are doing to share this ancient wisdom with the world.

    I wish everyone around the world a very insightful, enlightened and Spiritual Equinox!

  • Hello Vida,

    Thanks so much. Wishing everyone at TSS and around the globe a meaningful and introspective Equinox celebration. Such an important time of the year to be able to reflect on our life and the course it is taking.
    So much conflict and devastation and pain and suffering taking place all around us. It is so vital to see the greater picture of why we are here and take advantage of the special time this Equinox brings us.

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