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Mother Earth and Father Sky Songs by Taimane

Taimane Gardner is a Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso player and composer, who draws inspiration from nature and the cosmos in many of her original compositions.1

Below is a beautiful new song she has recently introduced on her Youtube channel2 titled “Mother (Earth)”,3 where the lyrics reference Mother Earth and the timeless lessons that can be learned from life by being open and observing of nature:

Another one of Taimane’s original compositions is dedicated to “Father Sky.” This instrumental song comes from her album We Are Made of Stars:

The Spiritual Mother and Father are two parts of the trinity of the forces of creation and are also higher aspects of each person’s Being, and have been depicted and celebrated as such in many different traditions and parts of the world touched by the lost civilization of the sun (as they are a central part of the ancient Religion of the Sun). It’s wonderful to see talented artists like Taimane compose songs that highlight the powerful and spiritual nature of the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father.

These two songs have been added to the modern music media library:

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Featured image is a screenshot from the Father Sky video featured in this post.

  1. Official website and biography: Accessed October 7, 2017.
  2. Taimane’s Youtube channel.
  3. Note: the “Mother (Earth)” song in the video featured here is significantly different from another song by Taimane also called “Mother Earth” available on iTunes from her album We Are Made of Stars.

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Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Thanks Jenny, they’re great pieces of music. She’s a really talented player. It’s interesting what you can get out of a uke.

  • Really lovely music! Great find Jenny 🙂

    I don’t know how you find so many great songs like that, but glad you’ve been sharing them.

    That first song is not on her albums yet, and by the way and she has a track called ‘Mother Earth’ on ‘We are made of stars’ but it is not that same song.

    • Yep, I noted the song difference between iTunes and the video version here in the footnotes. The two versions are quite different. This version is unfortunately not yet available on there, but the Father Sky song is.

      I knew of Taimane’s music for a while now, but haven’t checked in to see if she had anything new released in a while and so was pleasantly surprised to find the Mother and Father songs when I checked her Youtube page the other day 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing these songs. It’s so lovely to be reminded to be dedicated to our Divine Mother and Father. The still image on the second video really caught my eye, so beautiful.

  • Wow, Taimane really knows how to play a ukulele, and can sing too. I’ve never really heard music like this played on that instrument before. It’s nice to see these spiritual themes creatively worked into modern compositions by a talented performer.

    • She’s one of a few talented ukulele artists I know of that can play that instrument really differently to the typical uke melodies, and I find these more reflective melodies and compositions of hers in particular are quite beautiful.

  • Really nice pieces of music – I like how the first one feels really down to earth – fits the name of the track nicely.

    Instrumental on the second one is really nice too

  • Very talented artist. The instrumental is especially lovely.

    Also the tree she is standing inside is amazing in that first video.

    • She filmed it in a California Redwood forest. Those trees are really beautiful — definitely add to the “earthy” theme 🙂

  • Great find. She’s really talented! I like how in the first song she essentially manages to play three parts all by herself: lead and rhythm uke parts, as well as percussion – not to mention singing with a nice voice too. I also thought it was great that the pieces were simple, heartfelt, and melodic, with some good meanings behind them.

    • I thought that the simultaneous rhythm “drumming” and strumming was impressive as well — a total one woman band 🙂

  • That Mother Earth song sounds so nice! Simple yet the combination of the instrument and her voice, which is beautiful actually, made it very pleasant.

    It’s funny my mom wrote a song once, in a band, also featuring some lyrics with the words “listen to my advice” or “please listen to my advice”— I think I was actually the inspiration for that song :D.

    Anyway, it’s very nice to see artists taking inspiration from trying to tap into nature and life.

  • Those are very nice compositions! I especially liked the second one, where her way of playing the guitar sounded almost like a harp.
    Its also interesting how she named the album “We are made of stars”. It looks like she makes efforts to connect with her inner guidance, letting herself to be inspired by spiritual topics, without sounding “new-agey”.

    • I thought the album name was an interesting choice as well 🙂

      She definitely has a unique way of playing the ukulele, and considering this instrument only has 4 strings the melody is quite rich.

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