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New Look for The Spiritual Sun Website

Just a quick update that The Spiritual Sun website has gotten a bit of a redesign, the aim of which has been to give it a new look that better conveys the history, scope, and depth of the ancient knowledge this website is striving to bring to light — something a bit more “grounded” that connects this website to its ancient heritage.

Dara Hayes, the designer The Spiritual Sun worked with, shared a bit about the inspiration behind the new look:

“The updated site design reflects The Spiritual Sun’s link to the ancient cultures that practiced the Religion of the Sun. The earthy colors and sun symbols from various parts of the world are a nod to the powerful lasting messages these practitioners left for us not only in their sacred texts but also in their symbology and megalithic structures.”

The symbols incorporated into the background of the site are some of the most common ones found at ancient sacred sites, artwork, and on various ancient artifacts all over the world. Some of these symbols include the winged serpent with a sun disc, the lozenge / diamond symbol, the swastika, the double spiral, the three rings of the source of creation, etc. Many of these symbols are explained (or will be added shortly) on the symbols of the Religion of the Sun page.

The new design also incorporated some of the feedback and suggestions we’ve received over the last little while, such as for example making the text on the site easier to read, etc.

The site is still being updated and there are lots of small things that will be getting tweaked and fixed over the next little while, but the “backbone” of the new look is now in place.

Many thanks to Dara for her design work, to Jordan for taking care of the technical side of the process, and to everyone else that helped with the update!

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Thanks very much Dara and Jordan for your work on the new version of the site. It’s a great resource and is quite unique in its scope.

    Thanks also to everyone involved in putting the site together and to everyone else for your contributions.

  • Great Job Dara & Jordan! It looks great and still works with many of the moving parts of the previous design with ease. The footer looks sharp!

    My only suggestion would be to pull back the text color the main content blocks (new light areas) to something like #56463e. I find the current color has a bit too much contrast and makes the eye work harder than it might if you softened the contrast just a touch.

  • What a wonderful new design, Dara! The warmer earth colours and extra symbolism are so nice. The site is so much more welcoming (not that it wasn’t before!) and the imagery helps one to “feel” more connected to these ancient sacred sites.

    Thanks Dara, Jordan, and everyone else involved in the update!

  • I am far from being a good designer myself but I can definitely appreciate the new more earthly design. I liked the other design a lot but I like this one more because of its simplicity. It feels more accessible for some reason.

    Good job Dara, Jordan and everyone else involved.

  • The site looks beautiful. And feels beautiful too, a place you want to stay and come back to. Love the sun symbols, and it makes me excited to recognize some of them from places I’ve visited.

  • Beautiful, earthy and grounded design – lovely work Dara and team.

    I think these natural warm and earthy colours give it a lot of warmth and inspire an ancient feel to it, that you were hoping for, which is very inviting and intriguing. And yes it does seem to be easier to read as well.

    I love the ancient symbols on the wall – very nice!

  • I concur with all here. The site looks great, not that it didn’t before, but the explanation behind the new design makes a lot of sense.

    Congrats Dara and Jordan and all those behind the scenes.

    I am always amazed at the creativity and constant striving for betterment on the sites!

    Thank you! 🙂

  • I liked the old design very much, but I’m a big fan of how much more open this one feels, fresh to the eyes too. Nicely done, guys 🙂

  • Well done guys – this looks great.

    I love being able to see the beautiful rocks as I scroll through the pages. I recently saw some rock art/carvings in person and it was a really moving experience, so it’s neat to have a little reminder of that and also of the rich ancient history that is out there and being brought to light.

    Definitely easier to read too. 🙂

  • Thanks guys!

    Ella, the background stone image came from a stock site. It’s listed as part of a megalith, though I’m not sure which one as it didn’t have that info in the details. My guess is something from the British Isles.

    • @Ella @Dara I tracked it down 🙂

      The wall is a part of a passage mound in France (Lochmariaquer, Brittany) called “La Table des Marchands” and is a part of an area of megalithic structures called the “Locmariaquer megaliths.” Parts of this mound were apparently constructed as far back as 4500 BC, but the main structure appears to have been built in 3900 – 3800 BC, and completed around 3300 BC. It’s oriented towards the sunrise on summer solstice. More info here.

      • Good detective work! I had a look around trying to find the origin without success. Nice to see some other shots of what it looks like inside.

      • Thanks for the details Jenny. Looks like another amazing monument aligned with the summer solstice!
        And fits very well as a background photo and what this website is all about. It’s great to see it renewed, no matter how was before it gives a refresh feeling that I like.

        Well done!!
        …and thanks!

          • Hi Jenny,

            Yes, they are connected – as well as with another one. I was going to get a post going about these three on the forums as I’ve been reading about them about them but I haven’t been able to yet :/ !
            But this special site”La Table des Marchands” is incredibly beautiful – the interesting thing too is that the builders used this massive granite to build 3 sites, as it apparently fell and broke into 3 pieces. But as it is pretty much impossible to carbon date stone, the age of sacred sites is usually determined by presence of organic matter left behind by humans (from fire, pottery and so forth) – but the massive granite seemed to have been in place for quite some time before it was taken appart suggesting that the present site was built on top of another one.

            It is fascinating really to see how ‘common’ the practice of building on top of ancient sites seems to be around the world. Yet barely recognized. Like Macchu Piccu has apparently several layers of building!

            I am really fascinated by discovering the many ancient sites that France has, yet so little is recognized in mainstream information, than ever being born there and in the vicinity of these places, I did not grow up knowing about their history..

            I actually just recently learned about a place in the old mountains close to where I used to live which has an ancient celtic site, recognized by some locals as being connected to the sun, and it also has these carving holes in the ground, similar to the sites in Bulgaria, but there is not much info so far that I can find on this one..

        • Hi Karim, indeed! I think from wha t I’ve seen so far, passage mounds tend to be aligned to the winter solstice. So that’s truly neat in a sense. ????

  • Great work as always Dara. The color and font change definitely enhances readability, which will be a big plus to anyone exploring the site. I can also see how this approach better connects the site to the historical reality we are trying to explore.

  • Loving the new design as well – great job Dara! And yes, I am also liking that it is easier to read as well.

    The previous colors were wonderful too – to me they felt more ‘heavenly’ / ‘cosmic’ / ‘stars themed’ – while this colors feels like it bring this knowledge back to Earth so to speak, like Matthew, said bringing its historical reality forward.

    A nice analogy actually, first coming from the stars and now grounded in Earth, like the rays of the Sun travels..! As above, so below 😉

  • I agree it looks very good and has a very nice feel to it. Really like the symbols carved into the stone, you guys went to great lengths to carve that into the stone and take a photo of it for the website background! 😉

    Also appreciate the lighter background to the text makes everything a bit more bright and pleasant to the eye to read.

    • 🙂 Fortunately there are faster ways to achieve such a thing these days, although on the other hand, I suppose how long it will last as compared to ancient symbols carved in stone is another story isn’t it!

      It’s a nice design, and certainly helps better reflect the aims of the site and so on as Jenny has said.

      And it’s really great to have better readability – it’s been a long time coming!

  • Thank you for the update and explaining the vision behind the new design. I think it has a very specific and original look, the old stones with symbols combined with the “white paper” looking pages invoke (at least for me) a feeling of studying in an university for ancient knowledge of the sun. 🙂

    And even though I must say I absolutely adored the old design, its ‘otherworldliness’ and ‘cosmic’ feel, the balance of colors and everything…, I can see how this one (especially after it is tweaked to perfection) will probably better reflect the goals of this website and make it clear to a newcomer on the first sight. Great work Dara and everyone involved.

    • I think the old design was beautiful in it’s own way too Lucia, but at the time it was conceived we were still in the process of working out how to approach things with this site, and didn’t have the same clarity about it’s purpose that we do now.

      What you said about its “cosmic” feel and “other-worldliness” is one of the reasons we changed it. We wanted the site to be more grounded in the historical reality of the Religion of the Sun we are striving to reveal, and reflect and convey it’s existence to people more clearly.

      I think Dara did a great job, as did Jordan, and as an added bonus, I think the site is easier to read now too.

      • Yes, I agree Matthew. The ‘historical reality’ is a great word to use I think, as the site now has this academic/historic feel, to it, but with a great touch of beauty too. I love the symbols by the way, some of which I have never seen before, like that nice cross on the right side with the circles at the ends of its inner lines.

  • Great new look! I do think it has a more ‘friendly’ feel, in the warm, lighter tones. Good job Dara! By the way, where is the image featured in this post and set as the background from?

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