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Sila Roda Vishnego — A Slavic Song by Svetozar and AuraMira

Sila Roda Vishnego (“Сила Рода Вышнего”) is a song by lead singer Svetozar and the band AuraMira, a slavic revival folk ensemble from Russia.

SpiritualSun Slavic Shrine Example

A shrine dedicated to the Slavic trinity of Lada (Spiritual Mother), Svarog (Spiritual Father), and Dazhbog (Spiritual Son).

The name of the song translates to mean “the strength of Rod most high,” Rod being the supreme creator and Spiritual Father figure in Slavic mythology.1 It’s a prayer-like invocation asking for the strength and protection of the divine to be with the people, and makes an appeal to the Slavic trinity of Svarog (the Spiritual Father / Father Sky), Lada (the Spiritual Mother / Mother Earth), and Dazhdbog the Spiritual Son/sun, as well as to the sun itself to be with the nation. In the live performance video further below, Svetozar explains that the song is dedicated to the Creator and to all the deities of the Slavic faith.

The lyrics of the song translate roughly as follows:

May the strength of Rod most high be with us.
May the protective strength of the divine be with us.
May the skies / heavens of Svarog be with us.
May we call ourselves the grandchildren of Dazhdbog.

May we sing praises to our beloved Laduskha [Lada].
May we sing praises to the earth our mother.
May we sing praises to the world ruled by light.
May we sing praises to the bright shining sun.

May the bright beautiful fiery sun shine upon us.
May our great Rus’ become glorified.
May the strength of Rod most high be with us.
May the protective strength of the divine be with us.

The full original lyrics of the song in Russian can be found here.

And here’s a live performance of the song by the band:

This song can also be found on the band’s Soundcloud page, and has been added to our traditional Slavic music gallery. More songs like it can be found here:

  1. Alternatively it can be translated as “the strength of the divine race,” i.e. the deities of the Slavic faith. 

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Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • What a great find! It’s great to see music like this being created, reviving ancient traditions and showing how reverence to divinity can be made in song. As others have mentioned, I like how the words are very much like a prayer.

    I found the rhythm in the live piece to be very interesting. It seems he’s deliberately strumming constant triplets while singing, but the singing is changing speed. It must be frightfully difficult to play (despite seeming to be easy)!

  • Very nice song, particularly the live version, and lovely words.
    I really like the Slavic shrine too. Thanks for posting Jenny.
    Interesting, Olga, that Rus refers to red-haired people.

  • Very nice, thank you for sharing Jenny. What a nice idea to make beautiful harmonies and sing a prayer like this – to the Divine and the most high God.
    It seems to me like Svetozar is this beacon of light in the music field, unceasingly glorifying the old Slavic gods and the traditional way of life, wearing traditional clothing with the symbols of light on them. It would be nice to see him and his group singing live someday, to witness their energy and devotion first-hand.

  • Beautiful lyrics.

    I find it uplifting to give thanks and praise similar to how the the song suggests.

    Thank you Jenny!

  • I really enjoy the harmonies and how simple it is but beautiful. The lyrics are quite incredible too, very inspiring. The song gives you a feeling that they are smiling while they are singing, though I suppose they aren’t, maybe it’s the softness of the language and the uplifting melody.

    Thanks for posting this Jenny!

    • Yes, definitely! I was pleasantly surprised too when I discovered that addition on soundcloud some time later. Thanks for the reminder, I just added the Soundcloud link to Lyudi Boga Vedayut on that post. Their Soundcloud gallery is full of gems. I listen to a lot of their music through there, which is how I found the song above here as well.

    • Thanks for posting the link to their soundcloud. It’s a nice version and I am enjoying listening to their other songs.

  • I love this song, its meaning and the passion from the people behind the music. The song is also very sweet and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing Jenny 🙂

    It was interesting how in the live version he was singing / intoning more slowly, and it had a similar feeling to some of the more complex Hindu mantras for instance.

    Quite amazing lyrics!

  • Nice and simple song, with peaceful lyrics and intentions.

    I preferred the ‘studio’ version to better hear the warm tones when listening digitally like this. In real life the live version would probably be nice to hear, because then the artist and a song seem to sometimes be able to communicate more than just the sound to us.

    • Hi Fotis. In early medieval Europe parts of northeastern, central, and southern Europe were known as Kievan Rus’, which eventually broke up into various regions from which emerged the modern-day countries of Russia (“Rus-sia”), Belarus (“Bela-Rus”), Ukraine, etc. I believe the song praises the origins of Russia as a nation (which emerged from the times of Kievan Rus’), which is a common theme in traditional Russian folk songs.

    • I came across a theory once that suggested that the meaning of Rus, from its Slavic Russian origins, also could have referred to red-haired people.

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