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An Updated Look for The Spiritual Sun Website

Just a quick update: over the last few days The Spiritual Sun website has gotten a fresh new look, with a beautiful new banner, site colors, and fonts.

Dara Hayes, the designer of the new look, explained the thought behind it as follows:

“The updated site design reflects the warmth and colors of the sun, and the earth covered in the sun’s light. In the banner are several sites from ancient cultures which practiced the Religion of the Sun and built monuments aligned to the solstices and equinoxes. Whether it’s the Moai statues of Easter Island which face the setting equinox sun and look like representations of ancient wisdom bringers, or the Glastonbury Tor which is topped by the sun on the winter solstice, or the use of common solar symbols like the spiral etched into the ground at Nazca in Peru, there are so many varied expressions of sun worship which date back to ancient cultures and so the banner shows a few examples of those.”

Many thanks to Dara for the beautiful design, and also to David and Jordan, and everyone else involved, for helping to implement the new look!

new banner

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • I really like this new look. It feels a lot warmer with the new colour scheme. Greater banner, too! Well-designed, Dara. And thanks to David, Jordan, and team for implementing it!

  • Thanks Dara, David, Jordan and everyone else involved in making this inspiring new design for the website. It reflects the content and purpose of the site very well.

  • I love the warm colors of the banner and its images. I especially love the sun behind the Glastonbury Tor. I visited the Tor last August, staying several days in Glastonbury. Every time I saw the Tor rise up in the distance I was struck by how green and beautiful it was, and how it moved me at a deep level. The first time I went to the top of the Tor I sat down and cried a little bit. It was such a powerful place to visit, and I had longed to go there for years. It was a dream come true for me.

    I love this quote by Dara: “…the earth covered in the sun’s light.”

    Thanks for this beautiful new look!

  • Ah, I liked this nice touch of change! A lovely blend of warm colors giving a sense of tranquility, much light and putting things in a new tone as well. Thank you, Dara!

  • This is so lovely. I love the golden light and warmth, and how the Sun looks so powerful over the Tor, but also how there is a beautiful balance with the other ancient sites. It gives this feeling of mystery, honour, strength. It’s very cool how the one Moai face is positioned just next to the text as well – he has such a dignified but humble look. Really well done Dara!

  • Thank you Dara, the site looks inspired as it should be, clear connections to what the Spiritual Sun is about.

    ps. Being in the southern hemisphere I would definitely go to Easter Island.

  • Visually pleasing and warm look and equally lovely message behind the new banner. Glastonbury Tor is a truly mystical and worthwhile place to visit. I feel very fortunate to have been able to see it but would love to explore the other ancient sacred sites featured too.

  • I’m really loving the banner as well. Like others have said, very warm and reflective of what this site is for. Great work, team : )

  • I was really happily surprised when I saw the site yesterday. Warmth and light is exactly what came to my mind. A beautiful blend of the Earth surrounded by sunlight. Really lovely and meaningful. I also really liked the Tor with the Sun at its top. Well done Dara! And well done to Jordan and David.

  • A big congrats to Dara and the team at Spiritual Sun! The banners, the look and feel, the fonts and the colours are really exquisite. It gives an overall calm and at the same time very powerful appearance. It has also a very professional look to it, where people who might be new to the Spiritual Sun, can experience something that very clearly people dedicate much care, time and design to, giving it the level of expertise, thoroughness, overall competence and most importantly the level of responsibility conveying an important message undilutedly. Fantastic result Dara and team!

  • I noticed the new banner yesterday and thought it was so beautiful! Wonderful blending of colours and warm tones, with the sun drawing the eyes in. Now after reading your announcement, I also noticed the matching colour of the different headings and a nice font. 🙂 Well done Dara and everyone on keeping the website fresh and inspiring!

  • I also really like it; Dara did a great job. It’s beautifully done, and the whole look and feel is much more in tune with what we’re about and sets the right visual tone.

  • Nice smart and clean new look, definitely like it, good job!

    Thar tor is just about one of the most mystically atmosphered sites I can think of, lovely to see it there on the banner 🙂 The Easter Island Moai too remain this well known trademark icon of world exploration and unexplained mysteries on our own planet.
    I wasn’t familiar with that particular spiral symbol also being present as a Nazca line in South America. Very cool as I’m looking into some things related to that symbol now as well, so it’s wonderful to see the clear evidence for how widespread its specific use is – showing the reality of a once connected lost civilisation of the sun.

    Just wondering, out of those three, which one people would keenly want to visit? 🙂

    • I really like the earthiness and warmth of the new banner too and the way it incorporates sacred sites related to the Religion of the Sun from around the world and how the sun is at the center, with the main Moai head looking towards the sun!

      Karim, I’d really love to visit the Tor – I’ve always been very strongly inspired by it.

    • Ha ha, a good question Karim! 🙂 They all look amazing of course, but at this point if I had to choose, I would probably be drawn to Tor as well. I had tried to astral project to this place some time ago, and got somewhere with it, but being at the location itself I think would really add a reality and more strength to such practices, and consequently, to our understanding of it.

    • Tor for me too – though I’ve been there half a dozen times at least, it never fails to inspire me and the mystery is far from over. But then again probably if I was offered a trip to Easter Island over Glastonbury, I’d choose it; it seems almost another planet it’s so distant, remote and mysterious!

    • So it seems the Tor’s mystical allure takes the lead :-)! I feel the same.

      Yet, like Ella, a stay at Easter Island and seeing those huge imposing Moai myself would be quite the transporting experience as well I believe. If anyone has any spare tickets (or is building a boat) let me know.

  • Congrats on a great new banner everyone.

    It is really beautiful. And yes, I can see the inspiration to reflect the warmth of the sun – it is quite palpable.

    Beautiful reminder of the sites used by ancient people.

    I hope to visit some of them one day!

  • I love the new scheme. To me, it’s a lot clearer and the banner image is wonderfully made. Congrats to Dara for a great job!

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