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Summer Solstice 2017 — A Celebration in Slovenia

A group of friends recently met up in Slovenia to celebrate summer solstice (2017) with ceremonies based on the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes, where it is explained that:

“The summer solstice is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and within each and every person, and to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken.”

~ The Path of the Spiritual Sun 1

Summer solstice in the Religion of the Sun can be celebrated via two ceremonies: one at sunrise, the other at sunset on summer solstice day. Each is imbued with many symbols related to this time of year, such as the trinity of the cosmic Father, Mother, and Son/Christ, the serpent, the eagle, the three rings of the source of creation, marigolds, etc., and with participants also carrying out various symbolic roles within the ceremonies.2

The people who got together to celebrate this year in Slovenia kindly shared a myriad of beautiful photos of their festive celebration. In the photo gallery below you’ll find photos of the two separate ceremonies mentioned above, as well as the ways in which they incorporated the many symbols of summer solstice into their celebration.

Some of the photos also show a ceremonial stone circle that served as a gathering and practice space for the occasion, as well as all the preparations for the actual ceremonies, which involved scouting out appropriate locations, preparing the ceremonial spaces, creating special items and clothing, planning out the ceremonies, related spiritual practices, etc.

Click on the gallery below to view photos of this celebration:

More information about ways to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes in a group or individually can be found here:

Thank you Karim El Bazi and the participants in this celebration for sharing these photos of your ceremony.

  1. Belsebuub and Angela Pritchard. The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes. (Mystical Life Publications, revised second edition, July 2017). Chapter 6, p. 125. 

  2. More information about the spiritual meaning of the summer solstice and ways to celebrate it can be found in The Path of the Spiritual Sun in Chapters 6 and 16 (of the revised second edition, July 2017). 

About the author

Jenny Resnick

Jenny Resnick is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Very moving and uplifting experience you shared!

    The photos are beautiful, the scenery majestic and seeing you all together and yet each in your own individuality gave me the sense of how we are all one but that we are each unique.

    There was a lot of beautiful moments captured: I really loved the plants and flowers you placed among the trees, the pictures of your preparation in that beautiful landscape were like paintings and the amazing photos of togetherness that were captured were just so lovely. The work that the ladies did on the embroidery was thoughtful and added such a lovely addition, as well as the lovely flower head dress that looked really delicate.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences, I enjoyed reading them and enjoyed learning through pictures about all that you did.

  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos Karim. It looks like you shared a magical solstice celebration, which the accounts of those present also depict.

  • It’s so wonderful to see this coming to fruition. And I find it great that the efforts everyone made could be shared through these photos to hopefully inspire others too.

    I find that getting together with others in person to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes can bring a lot of experiences and learning. And this time was certainly no different, where during a day so many things would happen from which learning could potentially be taken. So I’m sure lots of specific things and learning could be shared by all who attended, maybe in the future for events like this there could be more ways to share such experiences, but for now the photos do convey a lot.

    One of the things that I found nice was: Basically to make everything happen for a ceremony like this is a huge endeavour, and there was so much going on beforehand in the morning, so I had to do my best to keep the best state I could internally. I was performing the role of the Son in the ceremony and when the moment came when the Father (played by Alex) raised the crown to put on my head he said the words: “Peace I bring to your body…”
    And this instantly brought such a calm to come over me. I could really feel those words, and along with it got a little glimpse of how all of this great work is still in a way taking place in a chaos, but beyond it there awaits a peace to be given to us.

    In general the ceremonies are a uniquely amazing thing. As seeing, or even acting out, the symbolic representations of the stages of the path of the Sun, of higher divine inner events, makes it possible to get a feeling and insights about them.
    I feel Belsebuub is the one to thank for this opportunity. The ceremonies and related texts are so beautiful.

    Thank you to everyone who was there. And many thanks as well to everybody here for your kind comments, it’s great to hear that it was inspiring to see the photos.

    Hopefully we’re all only at the start of something amazing!

    • That sounds like an incredibly special experience, Karim!

      And those photos are truly beautiful; just seeing them fills me with a sense of wonder of the summer solstice. The ceremonial clothing and serene and happy expressions on everyone’s faces is magical.

      I hope to see many more such ceremonies all over the world in the future.

  • Thank you, everyone for your warm comments.
    It feels great that our ceremony is in and is embraced from all of you.

    Passing from different roles every year I think is quite beneficial for me. Every single person adds something to the whole ceremony because of their individual approach and understanding. The costumes are only one example of this. I liked that everyone chose the way they want to be dressed. The book the Path of The Spiritual Sun proved again to be a great resource of inspiration and how to organize this ceremony. People can take it just as something theatrical but it has more depth. It reminded me a bit how actors need to feel their role and how some famous performances are great because of the more into depth act.

    I was the orator and I felt that every line adds something to the whole atmosphere and particular ones can be really moving/shaking.

    A great thank to everyone who participated and especially those who visited us.

  • Hey Guys look like a great ceremony very inspiring, loving the pics in the gallery very nice and a good turn out thanks for sharing

  • Wonderful photo’s!

    Good to see familiar faces; must’ve been a magical ceremony.

    I’m very grateful to be able to read the personal accounts of the ceremony; thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, these are very nice photos! I was lucky to attend this ceremony. Although there were a lot of preparations before the actual event the time of the solstice was very serene and quiet. The symbology and the event played out during the ceremony gave me a glimpse of the deeper meaning of the Summer Solstice. Thanks, everyone who was involved. And thanks to Belsebuub for sharing these ceremonies.

  • Thank you Karim for taking the photos. They look amazing!

    The ceremony was beautiful. Many people put in efforts to do things to a higher standard, and it made an impact.

    My main experience from the summer solstice period was of self-knowledge. I find that during solstice and equinox celebrations there happens something that makes me question my way of being more than during daily life. The process helps me to overcome negativity and heaviness that stifles me.

    This time it was particularly obvious. Situations came up that enabled me to question ingrained attitudes and by giving them up I was able to reach a freedom that allowed me to pray on a moment-to-moment basis. I am very grateful for this gift.

    Apart from that I enjoyed rehearsing the roles. I played the role of the Father, and needed to learn a few sentences. Learning my sentences, as well as hearing others’ again and again during rehearsals allowed me to understand the passages on a deeper level as well as reflect on the meaning of the ceremony, as well as feel something of the love that is a big part of this ceremony.

    • I really liked what you pointed out Aleks – about Love being a big part of this particular ceremony. I also felt the lightness in it, and a lot of beauty.

  • I keep coming back just to look at that last photo because it’s so beautiful (and it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings, has a similar quality of grandeur and mystery, tiny beings traveling in a huge forest). When you’re walking there you might easily cease to notice it, but looking at the picture I was struck by how small we are in comparison just to the trees, with those tiny but bright dots of light with us.

    When we were walking back after the ceremony through that same field, the sun was high enough to shine onto the grass, but low enough to give a slanted, gentle white light. Every blade was decorated with dew drops to the brim and it was very magical to witness the effect of the sunlight lighting up the dew and the colours of the grass.

    Reading the discussion here and looking at the photos in general has refreshed my appreciation and awe at the magnificence and purity of the place we live and what a priviledge it is.

    The solstice and equinox times always seem to bring with them a lot of situations, circumstances and events in a unique and wonderful way where learning can take place, especially when taking part in the preparations and celebrations and immersing yourself in it. It was indeed a time of a lot of learning for me, both internal and external, showing me many things I need to change within and the negative consequences those inferior things bring to me and to others if they are not changed. It was very precious, it opened my eyes to many things. Thank you to the Divine who always provides the learning we need, in the way we need it.

    I felt slightly skeptical about it at first but as I got myself into it by helping out with preparing the robes, I got really inspired by embroidery and the possibilities it brings 😉 I have lots of ideas now for how these beautiful ancient sun symbols can be incorporated not just into ceremonial clothing but into every day clothing too.

    Everyone worked very hard on the preparations for this ceremony, so thank you from me too for that.

    • I second Justin’s comment — I think it’s great to get the embroidery going into everyday clothing too. I’ve been planning to incorporate more of it as well into some of my clothing (just waiting for a new embroidery hoop to arrive) and seeing all your beautiful work here I’m feeling even more inspired to get to it 🙂

      • Yes – it would also be a soothing activity at the end of the day, to wind down and simply concentrate upon while getting some beautifully personalized and meaningful clothing..! But it will take a little bit of time to learn / re-learn.. I have only done a tidbit of embroidery in my life then but I remember loving to see the pattern slowly take shape. An embroidery loop is definitely a plus from what I can tell.. I used to do mine ‘free-hand’ and now I can see how much better it would be with one. I’m in awe of the raised serpent!

        • Yes, Lucia and Ella did a fantastic job with the serpent embroideries.

          Embroidery takes a lot of time; the more detailed and bigger the image, the more time and work. Small simple symbols could be incorporated into clothing quite easily, and once you’ve been doing those big jobs for a while you also start to develop a nice even hand, so it’s pleasant to see that progress taking place.

          I agree that it’s a very nice thing to concentrate on and quieten down within, and the better concentrated and quiet your inner state is, the more beautiful is your work, of course like with anything.

          As to the embroidery hoop, I think it depends on the fabric. Lucia didn’t use one for the feathered serpent because she worked on stiff silk fabric, however if your fabric is light and flowing then a hoop is a must. Possibly even on wool you might not need one but I haven’t tried.

          • Thanks for the tips Laura – makes more sense. The cloth I’ve done embroidery on before were all quite stiff. Like a thick and coarse cotton. The only one time I did embroidery on wool, due to the thickness of it and simplicity of the pattern, I definitely did not need a hoop. Yes, I can imagine that with time and practice, things must flow a lot more nicely, evenly and naturally. Looking forward to that time 😉

    • Its amazing how uniting forces and energy towards a solstice ceremony can have such a collective impact. Its really inspiring to hear of all your accounts and the joyful experiences you have shared – I hope the light and love from this day never fades.

      Also Laura, in the picture with you and Pavlin sitting together, you look like an ancient druid princess 🙂

    • Just have to say, I was also in awe of the embroidery when I first saw these pictures — very nice and refreshing to know that such meaningful symbols can be put into your own clothing by hand. And the detail given to all aspects of the ceremony preparations, really everything looked lovely.

  • And a few more Wows! from me too.

    What a lovely record of your special Solstice ceremony. The photos provide such a beautiful glow and light and really make the images come to life.

    I was also very impressed and inspired by the delicate embroidery work…definitely something that I will look into trying myself.

    Your experience has been very inspiring; being able to witness all your prep work and then the final moments before the sunrise were truly wonderful.

    It has been a real treat to see what was on paper come to life in such a beautiful way.

    Thanks so much for sharin 🙂

  • Such care really shows in the beautiful gallery of pictures. Thanks for sharing your celebration which must of been magical.

  • Wow, it looks like everyone involved had a great ceremony.
    I love the photos, and to see how much everyone was involved. It looks like there was great effort put into the detail of preparation.
    Great effort, thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you so much for sharing, everything was so well done, congratulation to your group, may you enjoy many more to come.

  • The photos really capture the event well! Very nice job Karim! (I think it’s good to point out that we didn’t take pictures during the actual ceremony so as to not be distracted by a photographer, rather we chose to capture images after the event).

    It was a very special time, and our efforts were certainly bolstered by all the work on The Spiritual Sun and news that circles are ‘coming soon’; as a group we had a feeling that these ceremonies are really an incredible and important opportunity to directly experience something very profound. It was my ‘turn’ to play the divine mother, and I was grateful for the chance – I spent the time leading up to the ceremony trying to connect to her more.

    We put a big effort into the ‘costumes’ and props, in part in the hope that once we have a set of good-quality items for the ceremonies in place, we can spend more time leading up to the event preparing inwardly, and less time doing last-minute sewing jobs! (Though of course the practical preps bring a lot of learning too, and I have a feeling there will always be last-minute sewing jobs ;-)) But also to try to show the reverence we felt and to reflect the beauty inherent in the event.

    The area is pristine and magical, shrouded in myth and with a sacred mountain nearby. As it’s a protected area we can’t have fires in certain places, including the sunrise location. Yet we felt that the views and the energy of the location were special enough to sacrifice a fire and use a candle instead. I also really love that getting there requires about a half an hour walk through a beautiful landscape. We tried to do this in a procession in the morning of the ceremony, quietly, collectedly, together, each carrying a little white lantern. On the way there’s a meadow that was totally dew-soaked. We stopped and dabbed the dew on our faces; there was a morning moon and planet – I believe Venus. That last picture is of this moment!

    We couldn’t do the sunset ceremony outside as there was a massive storm, so we used an indoor room dedication to meditation practises and visualized the ceremony, did some of the steps, and read the sacred texts. It was actually an incredibly strong ceremony for me, it brought me to tears. It was like the culmination of all the efforts I and the group had put in came back.

    So overall, yes it was a very uplifting event, with unique challenges and lots of opportunities for learning and connecting to the spiritual. It felt like we took a new step into exploring the ceremonies, and personally I came away inspired by seeing what they are capable of, and the possibilities that they may bring in the future.

    Thanks to everyone who was involved, to The Spiritual Sun, to Karim for the images, and to Belsebuub and Angela for bringing this incredible teaching to the world!

    • I also found that ceremony indoors to be very powerful. I liked listening to the sound of thunder and rain. When the initiate walked out the door and onto the patio outside the room, there was a great clap of thunder 🙂

      Felt very blessed to be part of this event.

  • These pictures are beautiful, like watching a story unfold. Thanks to the people taking them. It was a lovely ceremony. I loved the walk in the morning too, to the place of the sunrise. The moon and Venus were up in the sky, and some of the girls stopped to put dew on their faces. The sky was very beautiful before the sun came up, felt like walking through a pink curtain.

    • I have seen that in several Baltic ceremonies on the summer solstice, specifically Maras Loks in Latvia, where as part of their morning rituals, used the morning dew as a gesture of purification and cleansing.

  • I love the attention to detail, in the embroidery, the wreaths and other preparation and in the photos. And the location is magnificient! Would be a pretty amazing place to celebrate the solstice no doubt 🙂

  • Seems like an incredible event. The ceremony was really brought to life in a wonderful way. I especially appreciated that everything felt very organic/authentic somehow, from the materials and styles of the clothes to the activities to the beautiful venue you were at. It almost seemed like watching something from a different time but it also seemed very natural. Hard to put it into words exactly.

    The forests there also seem very welcoming and magical. And needless to say the mountain scenery is incredible!

    Thanks a lot for documenting this experience and sharing it.

    • Yes – i had the same feeling – it was like stepping back in time to what may have been in the past, yet it is happening now and because this was almost completely lost, it just had such a power behind it seeing it there in photos once again, being practiced once more – it is like having a sneak peak of what the future can hold.

      I really enjoyed the serenity that came out through those images – and the scenery was just grandiose..

  • That looks fantastic! Pretty much the ideal setting and exactly what you’d imagine for a nice summer solstice celebration.

    Great pictures – thanks very much for sharing them.

    • Yes indeed, the location can be described as both idealistic and magical at the same time and it takes my breath away each time I picture it in my mind or look at the photos of the ceremony. I was told the area was named God’s country with its majestic mountain range, rolling valleys and prestine lakes and it certainly felt that way.

      It was an incredibly inspiring and uplifting experience to be there. I had prayed and hoped to be able to experience this ceremony again at a beautiful location with a group of friends and the way that it turned out went beyond my greatest expectations. I must admit that watching the sun rise from the edge of a Great Lake during past solstice ceremonies is awe-inspiring but to watch the sun suddenly emerge from a large mountain peak knowing what it represented symbolically while sharing that moment with a group of friends on a mountain directly across from it – I don’t think I can find the right words to describe what that moment felt like to me.

      A big thanks to everyone involved with the ceremony – all your long hours of hard work, care and attention to detail made the experience really special and I think the photos and the photographer did an excellent job capturing its essence.

      • Thanks Patricia for sharing with us a glimpse of your magical day 🙂

        I can imagine that it was a special day for all involved.

      • Thanks Patricia for sharing what it was like and what it made you feel – just from the pictures, seeing the sun emerge from out of these mountains was something else – so I can only imagine being out there would have been truly magical, especially since like you say having an understanding of the symbols and what it represents. Yet so hard to capture into words.. but it is amazing what these ceremonies can make you feel, and the yearning it also gives when you get the chance to experience them by re-enacting them. In the past, I’ve felt that it touches something deep within me that rejoices but also gives strength. I’ve found too that doing these ceremonies has given me a deeper understanding of the role of the Divine Mother too – how she accompanies us wherever we go, standing at our side, never far, giving her support and rewards yet never stopping the events that need to happen. Something I feel I wouldn’t really have understood without these ceremonies.

  • Beautiful. Wonderful to see these celebrations brought to life in this way. It looks like a lot of care and attention went into it, and it must have been inspiring to be part of. The location looks stunning too.

  • So much love for all of this! The photos really seem to capture the magic and the efforts that went into preparing everything for the special day. I hope with all my heart that you all got a wonderful boost from the celebration and strength for your inner work. I know I’ll be coming back to this gallery for re-inspiration many times over in the future 🙂

    Several of the photos were amazing, but something about that last one — it has this quiet perfection to it. I was really moved by it.

    • Zorana, I felt the same about the last one… I didn’t see it before, and when I saw it here, I had to call my husband to show it to him – like it gives you chills. Great job on that one Karim!

    • I held back a bit on our procession walk to take that photo. I noticed people were standing still for a moment and I thought ‘no need to wait for me.’ Only when I walked further and looked left across the field did I see the beautiful morning star Venus above the trees, accompanied by a crescent moon.

  • Woah! Looks very magical. I’m sure it would have been amazing to be there. What a great view of the mountain sunrise.

    Everyone in the white robes looks great (except not so much the shiny “disco” kind, but we know that’s not ideal!).

    Love the embroidered snakes.

    Would be great to hear from the people that were there what they got out of participating.

    • Hey Jon, I agree about replacing the shiny robes with more natural materials, and we are gradually working on it. Hopefully we will replace them fully by the next ceremony! 😀

  • Three comments already starting with Wow… and I completely agree!
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of an event that I’m sure was very inspiring!

  • So amazing, lovely and inspired from your preparation to the ceremony. Looking your photos, it was like sending a live message to everyone about that spiritual event. Your love, your smiles seem to be connected with the devotion that an event like this demands.
    Well done to all of you, it is a real help looking and reading experiences like this.
    I am looking forward to participate in the near future.
    Thank you a lot, not only for sharing your event but that you made me feel so good after that.

  • Amazing!
    I’m so glad to see people celebrating according to the ancient Religion of the Sun!
    Thanks to all for sharing.

  • Well done guys, I really like it, all your dresses and photos I have seen. Thank you for sharing. Almost endless gallery is amazing, the preparation, the nature, the symbols and the ceremony, everything looks very nice. Thanks guys for all the effort you put into the summer solstice ceremony.

  • How pleasant to look at these photos, and what a nice surprise to have a gallery of this gathering available here. Thanks to all who worked on it and put it together, for the inspiration of others.

  • That’s amazing job guys. All these spectacular photos in a serene environment among the trees, mountains in a vivid nature and all the people dressed with these very symbolic embroideries on your white uniforms with crowns of flowers or leaves on your heads. What a beautiful and spectacular sight in order to celebrate the summer solstice!

    Definitely, you touched deeply our hearts!

    Thank you for sharing all these photos.

  • Wow #2!

    This looked amazing, beautiful and so serene. Just look at those mountains!

    The images in the photo gallery are stunning and very professional. It brought such a huge smile on my face to see all of you there sharing the spiritual day together, dressed up in white, with flowers in your hair, and that majestic glimpse of Slovenia beauty. You all look wonderful and the work you put in creating and sharing your day is inspiring to say the least.

    Excellent innovation with the embroidery. I love the sun wheel on Karim’s back. Awesome job guys!

  • WAOW – this was wonderful to see. My heart just got so uplifted and to be truly honest, I got teary as it really meant a lot to see this. I love all the details, the embroidery was absolutely stunning and left me speechless, but also the beautiful nature spot, the sun rising out of the mountains – it was so beautiful to see how it all unfolded, and to see people there celebrating and connecting with the Sun/Son, yearning for that reunification with their own being. Thank you for sharing these photos and for spreading this inspiration by sharing your ceremony with us here <3

    • Yes I agree Geraldine, very uplifting and heartfelt. It is one thing to uncover the renaissance of the religion of the sun on this wonderful site, but seeing it come to life in these photos really gives a whole new dimension, movement and reality to the spirituality of the sun. Hopefully many more real life initiatives are yet to come!

      • Nicely said Olga. Like I mentioned, it felt like our efforts were really magnified by feeling part of something bigger, a renaissance as you say, which has an expression of itself here on this site. I feel like the two things can really feed and fuel each other symbiotically – learning and sharing on the internet, and then actually putting it into practice and working to experience these events first-hand with ceremonies that bring people together.

  • WOW! Amazing looking everything! Very impressive! Looks like a really magical spot to see the sunrise and all the outfits etc look superb. What a great idea for the embroidery, it came out really well. And really nice to see so many familiar faces there whom I’ve met.
    Thanks very much to all participants for sharing these photos with the community here – it was great to see them and it gave me a real boost.

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