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Sun Fractal Crop Circle Discovered in Wiltshire, England

On August 4th, 2017, a crop circle was discovered in Wiltshire, England shaped like a sun fractal.

Aerial footage of it (shot by Matthew Williams) can be seen in the video below:

natural fractal pattern

An example of a succulent plant’s fractal pattern. Photo by Duff Axsom [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A fractal is a mathematical term for a never-ending geometric pattern — a repetition of the same shape in various magnifications. Fractal geometry is often found in nature, in the shapes of leaves and other plants, nautilus shells, etc.1

This pattern conveys spiritual principles encoded into the very fabric of nature.

Wiltshire Sun Symbol Crop Circles

Wiltshire is very well known for having crop circles appear regularly overnight and even during the day, especially near ancient sites like Stonehenge or Avebury.2

Many of the crop circles discovered in England and in other areas of the world contain symbols like suns, pentagrams, spirals, the infinity symbol and many others, which interestingly are also symbols used in the Religion of the Sun.

More recent crop circles (including some sun-shaped crop circles which were discovered around the summer solstice) can be found in this post.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video above.

  1. More examples of fractal principles in nature can be seen here: 

  2. “Visit Wiltshire – Official Wiltshire Tourist Information Site.” English. Accessed August 14, 2017.

About the author

Vida Narovski

Vida Narovski a writer and researcher for and is a practitioner of the Religion of the Sun. Vida is of Baltic descent, and she is fascinated by the remnants of the Religion of the Sun that are found in her Lithuanian roots, many of which are still prevalent in Lithuanian culture today. She explores ancient sacred sites and pores over ancient texts, with the hope of bringing back the relevance of the Religion of the Sun to those interested in spirituality today.


  • Thanks for this article Vida. I love the fractual patterns in nature. I find them beautiful and harmonious. I remember a visualization practice I did with some friends where we concentrated on the fractual pattern of a pine cone and then try to visualize it mentally. I recall how much all of us enjoyed doing that practice and how well it worked in focusing the mind.

  • Thanks for posting it.

    Shapes, numbers, small details and the over all picture I think they have something that someone could reflect on. Even on just “why” this circle came up 4/8/2017

  • The perfect lines, edges and curves in the crop circle are simply amazing. Can’t help to thing it’s a message from divine beings telling us to wake up.

  • This crop circle really is stunning, and the video shows it in a beautiful way.

    Watching it, I couldn’t help but appreciate how modern drone technology has opened up a whole new perspective to us. We’ve seen drones used to capture stunning visuals and perspectives of crop circles and ancient sites that we otherwise couldn’t see.

    With crop circles in particular, you really need a bird’s eye view to properly appreciate it at all. It’s not something you can really see from the ground, and doesn’t even look like much from the ground because you just can’t take it all in. Previously you needed much more resources to get the overhead viewpoint, as it required paying for a helicopter or plane to fly over. Now just about anyone can go out and capture these marvels.

    • Yes definitely Matthew, so much has opened up with drone technology. Aerial shots of crop circles, ancient sites, and beautiful landscapes are so impressive seen from above, as you can immediately feel the completeness of their design/structure incorporated with the scenery and giving that spectacular perspective as though you are flying through the air.

      Perhaps I need to start saving funds for one 🙂

  • Thanks Vida, I enjoyed the video/videos.

    Crop circles are such an amazing phenomenon, I’ve come across quite a lot of evidence that crop circles have created ET’s. Sadly, some crop circles have been man made but they are no comparison to the brilliant advanced technology of ET’s.

  • Another one of those beautiful, symetric and sun-related crop circles, thank you for sharing. Like Karim, I also wondered why exactly these extraterrestrial beings keep making them. Do they want to perhaps make humanity start wondering about the sacred geometry and higher things, instead of being immersed in materialism and low feelings? Could these shapes be actually raising the vibrations of the surrounding areas? Is it a message of beauty and friendship (as opposed to the negative ways aliens are often portrayed in popular culture)? One thing is for sure, it does make people wonder and appreciate their delicate designs.

    • I’ve been wondering the same as well! Especially watching the videos you can really see how intricate some of the designs are. They really are incredible works of art. I also wonder how they decide which design to do? 🙂

    • Hi Lucia, yes that answer seems to have never been figured out. Sometimes we try to decipher the meaning of the shapes, find a common language or symbolic interpretation, but on a greater scale: why have they been created?

      The quickest answer that comes to mind is to show that they are here and linked to this planet, but I wonder if the ETs are compelling us to do something through their activity.

      Crop circles aren’t of the modern times, although the globalisation of information sure has helped to spread their cause, apparently there are reports of them even a hundred years ago.

      • Yes it seems like there’s a definite point to them being made imo. Because they continue to be created.
        What I’ve also noticed is that these circles have an enigmatic element to them, almost on purpose it seems. Which seems to ask for a closer study by an individual in order to know more about them. I think there’s quite a few studies that bring forth some very good points, but I haven’t yet felt they’ve reached the full picture. I also feel that they could potentially have multiple layers of understanding that can be gained from them.
        When you let go of the, in my opinion, false belief that they’re all man made (which instantly brings the clouds of doubt). If you let go of that and see what a unique phenomenon this really is.

        I mean are there any other such recurring supernatural phenomenon continuing anywhere else on the planet?
        So many occurrences of the past to which there was probably some truth can easily be brushed under the carpet of time, and be completely dismissed today. If for example there were only a few crop circles in the 70’s and that was it, then what credence would we give it today? Yet these crop circles seem to persist. And in a way keep on saying and hinting “there is more going than what is believed by modern materialistic man today.”
        I can imagine these beautiful overnight-appearing gigantic perfect geometric shapes are a bit annoying to some as well 🙂

        Also interesting is when Dr. Steven Greer and crew, who did a lot of ‘field work’ and meditation practices to communicate with ET beings, went out one night and visualised and communicated a certain pattern and this later appeared as a crop circle in the field close by. I’ve also read about other researchers who found that the deeper their research went the more supernatural and baffling things were getting. Where what they were thinking about and wondering within themselves somehow connected back to them through through the circles.

        The more you consider the phenomenon the more questions it brings really…..

  • Truly amazing and such a beautiful symbol, so integrate in the way these are made, clearly we are being shown a message just need to understand the meanings, thanks

  • That was a great video. The fractal patterns are very interesting. I also really enjoy having succulent plants around that have those fractal shapes – there is something really appealing about them.

    I have a book on crop circles and recall reading in it the research of a biophysicist who studied some circles and found changes at the cellular and molecular level of the crops and soil involved – changes that could not have been accounted for by someone simply bending the crops. It’s fascinating stuff.

    • I think crop circles are another one of those things where the more you look into it, the more you realize there’s something really amazing behind it. That’s interesting what you say about the changes in the cellular and molecular level – if only all of us that make up today’s societies actually took the time to look a bit more deeply into things, I think so much disinformation such as “all crop circles are man-made by bending” or “that’s just a pile of rocks left by settler farmers (see recent blog post)” would finally be seen for what it is!

    • This reminds me of a theory that suggested the unique geological make-up of Wiltshire and the surrounding counties may be somehow tied into them receiving such a proportionally large number of circles in the world. It was the work of John Burke, who would go around sacred sites with scientific instruments to see if he could measure unique energies and reported that there was indeed tangible differences in the physical energies of these places, which even pretty crude tools could pick up.
      From what I remember, there’s a rare combination of limestone aquifers in the region, which somehow impacts the energetics of land, especially in summer. I’m not trying to explain away these incredible crop circles by science – when I visited one it felt like a temple – but it’s interesting to me that there is this uniqueness to the land that is seen in the abundance of crop circles that pop up and in its physical laws too.

      I find fractals really beautiful and fascinating – how you can see the swirls of the universe in a vegetable you then cook for dinner, and ingest. That the same laws are underpinning above and below, our little lives and who knows what immense happenings, with the same patterns popping up everywhere in everyday life, little reminders of a divine design, is simply incredible.

  • That’s pretty neat. I really enjoyed watching the video — some of the shots are so clear that at times I felt like I could be “touching” the wheat ???? 🙂

    Really amazing to contemplate the various forms these cosmic principles are imprinted into nature in so many visible and invisible ways.

    The picture of the succulent above has an interesting and powerful feel to it — depending on which way you tilt your head (left or right), looking at it you can see both creation extending out into infinity, and also the opposite where you can see everything being gathered again into the source (the center).

    P.S. I came across a beautiful sun fractal pendant on Etsy before, though looks like it’s been sold, but can be found as earrings directly on the shop’s website here). Interesting to see this symbol incorporated into traditional jewelry.

  • Very beautiful crop circle. From the video it seems like even up close it looks very clean.

    One really wonders why do these keep appearing? What’s the point of it?

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