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The Ancient Religion of the Sun — A New Book by Lara Atwood

The Ancient Religion Of The Sun Lara Atwood

The Ancient Religion of the Sun: The Wisdom Bringers and the Lost Civilization of the Sun by Lara Atwood is a newly released book that delves deep into antiquity in an effort to retrace the origins, spread, and practice of the Religion of the Sun.

The book covers topics such as: why many ancient cultures venerated the sun, when and where this religion originated from, accounts of the spread and practice of this religion within the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Vedic, Persian, European and Nordic cultures, as well as within the Americas, Easter Island, and much more. It goes over key archeological, historical, genetic, and linguistic evidence on these subjects, as well as references from sacred texts, illustrations and photos, and more.

It’s exciting to have a book dedicated to unraveling the tale and legacy of a forgotten sacred past, tying together the reasons why common symbols, religious practices and beliefs, megalithic structures and sacred sites, mythologies and oral traditions can be found throughout much of the world.

From the book:

“Although unknown to most, the Religion of the Sun, and the Lost Civilization of the Sun that carried it, is the richest source of ancient wisdom and mythology in the world. Its influence upon our own civilization cannot be understated. Even though its days of former glory have vanished—so far back in time as to have entered the realm of myth—its spiritual wisdom can still be read in ancient sites, sacred texts, and living creation—and the actual practice of the Religion of the Sun has been made possible again today.”

The Ancient Religion of the Sun, Lara Atwood

The Ancient Religion of the Sun has just been added to our recommended resources section, and more information about the book and where it can be purchased (royalty-free) can be found here:

The Ancient Religion of the Sun by Lara Atwood

ancient religion of the sun book by lara atwood

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • I just finished reading the book this afternoon and it was quite a journey. It is a wonderful book that connects so much of the world’s spiritual history making sense of so many connections. It is really inspiring. I remember celebrating the summer solstice for the first time 7 or 8 years ago by Mark’s suggestion and at the time I had no idea how much of the history of what we were taking part in was actually lost to humanity. So much has been revealed since then and I am truly grateful to Lara as well as the many authors she references to piece together the paths of the wisdom bringers so that we can once again benefit from the vastly meaningful ceremonies and alignments that were so important to the wisdom bringers and can benefit us so much today.

  • Thank you for you Mark and Lara for your research and insights. During my own efforts to trace the origin of a small % of iberian DNA Ihave, l found that the ancestors of modern portugese were called Lusitani or “people of the light” ancient Celt-Iberian. There is a surviving site in Evora, popularly know as hill of stone amphorae. It has alignments to Equinox and Solstices of 90 granite stones and was used for ceremonial and astronomical purposes and people do still attend on these dates, but as usual the only official interpretations are for farming purposes. Literally hundreds of sites still exist but many have been built upon as places of peace and power first by the romans then reestablished by the Knights Templar. Portugal is truly a land of the mother Goddess.
    You are creating a light at the end of a tunnel and have reached further than any or most researchers

    Im still eagerly wating waiting for my book . Hope there are more insight into our wonderful past.

    • Thanks Cheryl for sharing these details about the spiritual history of Portugal. It’s amazing to learn about the vast number of sacred sites still present in locations that many of us may be familiar with.

      I agree that Mark and Lara have reached far beyond other researchers in their efforts to re-establish The Religion of the Sun and put it into its historical context. I’m sure you will gain many inspiring insights from the new book! It’s a wonderful and highly informative achievement.

  • I’ve never been so excited about a ‘history book’ before. But this is no ordinary history book but one that can literally change history–our whole understanding of it.

    It’s a monumental research effort. The scope of the history Lara is uncovering is truly epic. This book is big turning point I feel, as it puts back on record something so important that has long been lost, showing is a convincing way through evidence that there truly was an ancient religion of the sun that existed before recorded history, which is humanity’s greatest and oldest religion, yet whose story had been wiped from all remembrance (despite leaving remnants to this day whose significance had not been understood and unraveled until recently). Combined with Belsebuub’s The Path of the Spiritual Sun, which Lara co-wrote and helped to research (and which looks more at the spiritual meaning and practice of the Religion of the Sun) this brings back into conscious recognition something so amazing and profound which people thousands of years before us struggled so much to keep alive. I hope that revealing the epic history of the Religion of the Sun and tracing its story through the ages will help lots of people to appreciate, on some level at least, the significance of this ancient wisdom.

    On a purely physical level, our own civilisation would not exist if the lost civilisation of the sun had never been, so we all benefit from the mission of the wisdom bringers to this day. On a deeper level, by changing our understanding of the past, this lost history can change our understanding of the present, and open those interested to the possibility of transforming themselves inwardly, which was the very knowledge people struggled so hard many thousands of years ago to propagate worldwide and was once central to ancient civilisations, and which many more, with great effort kept alive through the ages.

    • Well said Matthew – no ordinary history book, but one that can actually change our understanding of history!
      And as you also pointed out, not only can it change our historical knowledge and where our own civilization came from, but gives an opportunity for those interested to once again tap into the deep well of spiritual knowledge this religion and its spiritual practice contains.

      A monumental work indeed from Lara, and of course Belsebuub, without whom none of this would be possible…

  • By the way – I love the new look of the website. It seems to be reflecting the cover of the book. The mystical feeling it gives, especially the Tor and the Sun, is really wonderful, calming and inspiring. Thanks and well done to the designer!

    • I agree Laura, the banner seems to be echoing the colours and themes on the book, yet with some slight and beaituful changes and additions.
      I also like what Layla mentioned about it somehow blending the past and present, and wondered why that was, thinking that maybe the Glastonbury Tor added that feeling of “present” to it more than the Pyramid on the book cover.

  • I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I’ve ordered a copy and can’t wait to dive right in.

    Many thanks to Lara and everyone involved in creating it and I hope it will help many people reconnecting to their own ancient roots.

  • Thank you Jenny for sharing this. It’s great news. With that book we’ll have the chance to learn at last about the very ancient history of the humankind, where for thousand years was hidden and even forbidden inside the myths and tales.

    Thank you Lara and Mark for this great labor!

  • Looking forward to receiving my copy too and learning as much as I can about the history of the Religion of the Sun and the ancient ancestors who practiced and brought it across the world.

  • I was really excited to hear the news and ordered my copy. I got quite lucky with a speedy delivery time and started reading last night. I’m very intrigued by what I have read so far and I am looking forward to taking some quiet time this evening to read more.

    I hope many people around the world will find this book and learn about our ancient past!

    • What :-)! That’s a quick delivery indeed, very lucky!

      I’m glad to hear it though, shows the process of printing, handling, shipping etc. seems to have all been successful and that the first edition books are out and about.

      Let us know what you think (without too many specific spoilers 😉 )

  • I had a chance to look at a preview copy and was struck with how great a job it does at bringing together a massive amount of research and investigation to paint a clear picture of how the ancient Religion of the Sun would have spread throughout the world, how its founders and participants lived it, and its impact on the many different cultures it touched. We ordered our copy the other day – looking forward to reading it properly in book form now that it’s out!

  • What it has taken to bring the information together is a great achievement already, and I hope much more is yet to come. So this release is great news.

    Love that quote 🙂

    The real opportunity to live and practice that ancient knowledge again today is what makes the unraveling of the past be so meaningful.

  • Thank you for helping out for this book to be published and for all your support through this website.
    I think/hope this book will take us further on this ancient knowledge and its practice.

    Looking forward to studying it!

  • Thanks for sharing the great news Jenny

    I hope it reaches the hearts and perhaps memories of many people, as there is something within our heart that seems to find a sense of belonging and a memory to this wonderful ancient religion of the sun

  • This is indeed truly exciting and much needed good news! I think it will be an amazing helpful first step for many people to reclaim their past connected to the religion of the sun. When I recently visited France, I was astonished by the forgetfulness which existed about our/my own past and ancestors.. So much so, that when we visited ancient sacred sites in Brittany (sites aligned to the solstices and equinoxes which tend to be for some several thousand years older than Stonehenge for example) it seems that it was really difficult for people to really link this to their own French past, even hearing a comment about how people from the British Isles would feel more connected to these than French people. In a sense, it has truth as ancient Druidism, oral stories and legends as well as upkeep of ancient sites related to the religion of the sun seem to have been able to be kept alive in memories for longer on the other side of the Channel, yet they are present there in France in many places (over 10,000 megalithic sites), with some being extremely, extremely old (e.g Lascaux Caves). But their care for many of them is poor.. Many have been completely dismantled and then rebuilt, one we saw on the beach which had amazing carving was in a terrible poor state, with the carving disappearing.. Others were taken over and had churches built upon them, while others were used as quarry and destroyed and so forth.. But it was amazing still to have been able to visit some of these ancient places and to feel that connection. So I am definitely looking forward to read more about our ancient past worldwide as well as about these amazing wisdom bringers 🌞

    • That’s very sad Geraldine, but I think it is generally quite universal. It is interesting to just do a google search about the spiritual significance of the sun and, apart from this and related sites, it pretty much brings up only Ancient Egypt. Much of this knowledge has just been relegated to paganism and discounted.

      It is wonderful that all this information is coming to light again through the incredible efforts of Mark and Lara and the team involved in bringing this book to fruition. I have ordered and am awaiting my copy.

      I just love to read books that piece together our very ancient past and reveal the intelligence and amazing feats of those times. How can we today think we are so advanced when we are largely unable to replicate most of what was built in those times? Most of all though, it’s just so wonderful that the spiritual significance of the sun is being revived for those who are open and ready.

      • I’m sorry to hear that Geraldine, how perhaps partly because the French people don’t feel connected to this epoch in their past, they are letting it be forgotten and destroyed (I’m amazed to hear there are over 10,000 sites, just in France! Wow!) I agree with Sue that it seems to be more or less a universal phenomenon.

        That’s why it’s so exciting and wonderful to have this new book available – people everywhere could potentially find the answers and missing pieces about the true history of civilization and spirituality to put together a coherent and magnificent picture of their ancient past that would make you want to learn more about it and cherish it and protect it. Because if you think the incredible megalithic sites and spiritual practices, etc. around the world were created by simple, ignorant nature worshipping pagans, you don’t feel much like wanting to value or find more about that.

        In comparison though I think that often the pagan religion of the past, for example in Northern Europe in some cases, can have a dark twist being put on it (perhaps partly because many pagan religions that had been influenced by the Religion of the Sun degenerated and had an element of darkness to it like animal sacrifice by the time it was recorded in writing) and that then creates this idea that ancient religions and practices are weird and evil. I think I used to have this kind of an idea myself and it felt like it could be dangerous, or at least unpleasant, to get into a revival of that! So I’m so very grateful to have learnt about the divine origins of the original Religion of the Sun and that it is absolutely not dark or dangerous in any way, but a way to connect to light and divinity, and revive the true and pure religion.

        Thank you so much Lara, Belsebuub and everyone in the team! (Ps. love! the outfits in the photo.)

        • Hi Laura,
          The 10,000 is still a bit of an estimate, as not all have been accounted for. I suspect this is a very common thing in many countries. That there are far more sites that we realize..! In France, so many are on private lands.. Many are also simple menhirs (e.g. lone standing stone), apparently over 4,700 in Brittany alone, with recent estimates of over 4,500 dolmens (uncovered stone chambers). And then you have cairns, (covered stone chamber) to add to the lot. We went to visit a the cairn of Barnenez, and learned that there used to be 2 of them, just a couple of hundred meters appart, but the first one was completely destroyed with the stones used as a quarry. The second one (which was apparently smaller) is the biggest cairn in Europe, dated at well over 6,500 years old) and was barely saved from the same fate. Then there was this cairn that simply looked like a hill, but was actually a cairn. Nothing had been done to it to enhance it or make it ‘viewable’ in a similar vein to Newgrange.. So it just looks like an overgrown hill.. And if it had not been for the sign on the side of the road, we would have never known about it.. This made me realize how little did I really know about my ancestors and made me yearn to learn much more about them, and therefore myself as well. So you can imagine how eager I am to read this book 😀

          • Thanks for sharing that Geraldine. It’s very interesting to hear about the cairn at Barnenez being the largest in Europe. It also sounds like it could be among the oldest, if it goes back over 6500 years.

          • Geraldine,
            It’s really amazing that such a small land area can have so many megalithic sites! In my brief visits to France, I got the feeling that Christianity was very dominant in it’s society. So it seems understandable that these monuments are simply ‘ignored’.

            Ironically, I remember reading in a book years ago that mentioned how the druids were some of the first converts to Christianity, because they recognised the message that was contained in the gospels.

          • That’s amazing Geraldine, I mean just the numbers of ancient megaliths still discoverable today in France, shows that there must have been a really strong connection to the religion of the sun in the past. And yet it seems to require quite a lot of personal initiative and research to even find out about them as you have just described.

            I have recently come across some ancient megalithic structures with solar alignments in Finland where I’m from, even that they are concentrated in the region where I grew up. I had really not been aware of them at all before almost accidentally stumbling across this information online. So I can relate to what you expressed – the feeling that I know hardly anything about my ancestors, or whoever the people was that used to live there in the very ancient past (as some information seems to show they were a different people than the Finns, who arrived there later).

        • Yes, that’s right Laura. I’m also very grateful to Lara, Belsebuub and those who have helped in this project, and feel they have really done a great service to humanity by re-establishing the sacred nature of the ancient religion of the sun. I hope that many more people who are searching will be able to find out about it and practice it.

          • That’s interesting to hear about some of the druids being among the earliest converts to Christianity, Craig. It shows that people are able to tap into a universal message, if it speaks to them directly.

      • Yes, that’s a good point Sue. How can we think we’re so advanced today if we’re not able to replicate some of those ancient sites, or comprehend their significance?

    • It’s a pity that this spiritual history is being lost in France, Geraldine. But it’s also amazing that so many ancient sacred sites have survived, despite the disinterest among the general population when it comes to learning about them, along with the attempts to destroy some of them over the years. Perhaps that’s why so many were constructed, so that by their sheer numbers, some would still survive and inspire people today.

    • When the video came out that quote really stood out to me as well Pavlin. Reading it makes me feel very fortunate in that we have this information available and that the religion of the sun can be practices again today. That’s quite something!

  • This is such great news! Definitely looking forward to read it. I really like that quote from the book. There’s something really awesome about not only getting to learn about what happened in the past, but also seeing how it’s still so relevant today – makes it extra exciting. 🙂

  • I am also very happy to hear about this important new release. It’s a testament to Lara and Mark’s hard work over the last 7 years in uncovering, piecing together and drawing together so many diverse fragments into a coherent whole, which is still very relevant today.

    Thanks to everyone involved in making this book possible. I ordered a copy today and very much look forward to reading it.

  • This is wonderful news indeed, and I hope the book reaches as many people as possible, and what’s even more important that it will inspire people to look deeper into the Religion of the Sun and its practices in order to get some first-hand spiritual experiences.
    Many thanks to Lara, Mark, and everyone involved in bringing this information to humanity.

  • This is great news. I really appreciate how Lara’s work, in her videos and books with Belsebuub and now in this new book, is bringing clarity into such an obscure yet vital epoch in our history. This information has the potential to really change our understanding of history and of how the world we live in today has been shaped by people and events in a long-forgotten past.

    Excited to read it.

  • Thanks very much, Jenny for the great update.

    It is very exciting that this book has become a reality. And I hope that it reaches many people far and wide inspiring many to learn about the Religion of the Sun and also take up its practice.

    Am very much looking forward to reading it!

  • Thats great cant wait to check it out, thanks for letting us know and thank you to all involved in making it happen ; )

  • Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for posting this. It is truly an inspiring and impressive achievement. I really hope that this book can inspire and will find its way to many more people who are new to the Practices and History of the Ancient Religion of the Sun. There are so many people that look into their distant past and still have questions. I also hope it can continue reviving the Ancient Religion of the Sun and that many people who feel a deep connection to its Practices, can find it.

    A big thank you also to everyone from the Spiritual Sun website who contributed to this magnificient work!

  • It’s so great to see this release and have the opportunity to study deeper the origins of the Religion of the Sun and how far-reaching its influence is. I’m very happy to get to read it soon : )

  • Excellent news, thanks Jenny for your information about the book. I’m very much looking forward to my own copy.
    Thanks Mark, Lara and everyone involved for getting this information to us.

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