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Wishing Everyone a Happy Equinox — March 20, 2018


Photo by Sapan Patel [public domain] via Unsplash.

We wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy, peaceful, and reflective time during the upcoming equinox which takes place on March 20, 2018 at 4:15pm UTC.

The equinoxes take place twice a year, in spring and autumn, when the sun crosses the equator — a time when the day and night are approximately equal lengths.

This time of year in the northern hemisphere is the time of the spring equinox, while in the southern hemisphere it’s the autumn equinox. Each celebration holds its own unique and special meaning.

The autumn equinox marks the time of year where night starts to become longer than day, when darkness becomes greater than light for a time. The fall equinox represents inner death and the descent into the darkness of the subconscious (the psychological “underworld”), from which knowledge can be extracted. The autumn equinox precedes the birth of the Spiritual Son at winter solstice, thus also illustrating the principles of the the extraction of light out of darkness, of death and rebirth, and that ascent is preceded by a descent.

autumn equinox circle

A simple sacred circle set up for an autumn equinox celebration in Canada in 2013.

The spring equinox, in contrast, marks the time of year from where day becomes longer than night, when light becomes greater than darkness. It represents a time of resurrection, as well as the spiritual principles of selflessness, self-sacrifice, and helping others spiritually. It represents the spiritual principle of something inferior (for example, low states, causes of bad actions, etc.) is sacrificed for the benefit of gaining something superior within (inner peace, wisdom, spiritual faculties, etc.).1

Grianan of Aileach aligns to the equinox

Grianan of Aileach is an example of an ancient site in Ireland that aligns to the spring equinox, and where spring equinox observances still take place today.

Observing the equinoxes with an understanding of their spiritual significance can help with gaining a deeper appreciation of the higher principles conveyed through these important times of year and provide spiritual inspiration and insight for the year ahead.

spring equinox celebration

A spring equinox celebration held by the traditional revival group Slovansky Kruh in Czechia. Photo © Slovansky Kruh (used with permission)

There are many ways to celebrate the equinox individually or with others via ceremonies or gatherings with friends, the creation of a sacred circle or a dedicated space to mark the equinox, etc. It is also possible to find and join celebrations organized by local traditional revival groups, or to visit an ancient sacred site aligned to the equinoxes.

Below are some links for further information about the equinoxes and ways to celebrate them from a spiritual perspective:

The Spiritual Sun team would like to wish everyone a happy, serene, and inspiring equinox!

  1. Ibid., p. 51-83

About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • It really feels like a powerful time of the year spiritually the I start to look into it got some great insights through through this time and found it very uplifting, thanks to the team for sharing

  • Michelle and I are in California, so we decided to visit the Swansea Petroglyphs. We arrived in the evening to a magical landscape that seemed like another planet, it was very beautiful, and very colorful, with blue, red, purple, and green hills and mountains. We drove in just as the sun disappeared behind the snow-capped mountains. We camped near the petroglyph site, and it occurred to me that it could be the same campsite used by the artists thousands of years ago, who’s work we had come to admire. The night sky was full of bright stars, and we left the top off our tent off so we could watch them if we woke up in the night (which I did several times).

    We adapted a ceremony with me acting as the initiate, and Michelle as the divine mother. I noticed an interesting parallel between physical marriage and the reunification with the mother/serpent, particularly as we used the serpent wedding ring I made for Michelle as our serpent symbol. In our version of the ceremony, I pretty much just had to lay there, and Michelle did everything else, which is kind of like real life, where the divine mother does everything for us, if we just ask.

    It was cloudy, so we didn’t get to see the heliolithic animation (which might no longer be visible due to damage to the site), but we did get to look around and see the many petroglyphs at the site. I made a comment on the Swansea petroglyph page describing the site as I found it. There were some sun symbols that were very clear, but many of the petroglyphs were enigmatic, and it felt like I was looking at a language I couldn’t understand (which is quite possibly/probably/mysteriously Arabic, for quite a few of the petroglyphs).

    • Sounds like a really special ceremony for you and Michelle. From your description of events and reflections, it sounds like you made a really special effort.

      I especially like the sound of the star-gazing tent!

    • Your Equinox celebration sounded lovely Julian. It must have been quite magical to camp at that ancient location, with the view of the stars from your tent.

      Wishing you and Michelle a beautiful “light half of the year”!

  • It was nice to read everyone’s sharing of their equinox time. I wish everyone the best of luck going forward in their inner work with the insights and strength they received that day.

    I had a simple ceremony by myself on our land, on top of a huge rock, covered with snow and clear skies to see the sun rising over the ridge to our east. A fire, chanting and prayer. As always, it was strengthening and I feel a push carrying me forward still.

  • Thank you, Jenny, for this post.

    I wish everyone had a chance to celebrate this unique and meaningful period of time.

    Me and my wife Eleni we celebrated indoors the spring equinox through a ceremony. We did as much as preparations a couple could do for the ceremony and hopefully, the weather was proper for this celebration.

    It was a strong experience for me and through this procedure and all the information that there are in the book of “The Spiritual Sun”, I had the chance to understand and estimate better and deeper this specific and valuable period of time, feeling then and now enough grateful!

  • Thanks all for sharing how you spent the equinox. It’s inspiring to read and gives a sense of common shared purpose that is strengthening.

    My husband and I celebrated the spring equinox sunrise away from home at an ancient stone circle that was situated on a small hill, it had beautiful views of the sky and the ocean. It was cloudy but the equinox sunrise and sunset could have been clearly observed from there. Not sure if there are any confirmed aligments. We thought the autumn equinox sunset would be a particularly powerful one as the sun would set into the ocean.

    It had been a while since we’d been able to go to a sacred site for the equinox or solstice. There’s something so powerful and beautiful about it and I have missed it. It had also been a while since we weren’t able to see the sun at these celebrations – usually we’ve been fortunate to see it. It made me realize what an impact it makes and how much it gives.

    It is incredible to have access to the information about the ancient religion of the sun and it’s practices and celebrations and so enriching when I try to practice it in my life. Thank you!

    Happy Equinox!

    • Sounds like a great spot Laura. I’d really like to get to a sacred site for one of the ceremonies soon – I don’t think I’ve ever yet combined a ceremony with visiting a sacred site (I’ve been to Stonehenge for the summer solstice but before I had the understanding of the real significance of the event) and really hope to do so one day.

      • It’s wonderful – especially when the site aligns with the particular solar event. Like uncovering and intimately connecting to something so ancient and yet still so present and relevant. Sometimes I’ve felt a sense of power, stillness, spiritual presence at sacred sites that is strengthening and inspiring on its own. We used to visit them a lot a few years ago, outside of solar events too. It really helps to connect to the spiritual.

  • Thanks for your wishes Jenny and the team. I hope you all had a strong and spiritual equinox and wish you and everyone here strength in moving forward towards the light.

  • I hope everyone had an insightful equinox. It’s nice to hear about people’s different experiences. I did a simplified version of the ceremony surrounded by nature on top of a small mountain. The weather was unexpectedly frigid but there were clear skies and I had a great view of the sun rising in between two mountains in the distance.

    It was good to be able to set aside some time for reflection. It left me with a greater appreciation for being able to participate in these ceremonies whether I’m alone or with others and for the spiritual significance of this time of year.

    • Similar freezing, frigid, white-on-white situation for me this year Patricia! It was quite bizarre to be in such different surroundings to what I’m used to experiencing at this time of spring (blossom, flowers, birds tweeting, gamboling lambs etc.) but somehow it felt relevant – it helped me to go more into an internal reflection in general too, which is always needed at these times.

    • That’s great Patricia,

      it seems like that spot was perfect for an Equinox sunrise; with it rising between the mountains.

  • Thank you for the inspired post and wonderful wishes. Wishing all of you a Happy Equinox! This truly does feel like a time of resurrection, of rebirth, and of refreshment of the spirit. Wishing all of you a Happy Equinox, and love and wisdom in the season ahead!

  • My best wishes to the Sriritual Sun team and everybody here for the Equinox and to have plenty of faith, inspiration and spiritual experiences

  • I had an incredibly nourishing equinox day, spending time taking in the gifts of perceiving nature and its beauty, and receiving this like a much needed food for the concsciousness.

    Also wishing everyone here and everyone consciously marking this special time all they’d benefit from spiritually at this moment.

    And to everyone and the earth itself of course, I hope the Sun’s long awaited forces of spring (in the Northern hemisphere) bring their energy, warmth and influence to the world around and to people lives.

  • Happy equinox, everybody 🎉

    Zorana and I had a wonderful day visiting a few of the dolmens nearby and are celebrating with quite a bit of music 🙂 I hope others around the world have found nice ways to tap into these inspiring few days.

  • We went to a stone circle in Croatia to observe it. Sang a couple mantras. It was cloudy, though, so we just looked towards where the sun would have come up.

    • Great you had that opportunity to celebrate in that setting Kevin, sounds inspiring despite the lack of the sun making an appearance this time around.

    • Yes, it was lovely being at an ancient stone circle for the Equinox, even though we couldn’t see the sun through the heavy clouds. It was pretty chilly, but there were some lovely purple flowers and trees already in bloom. It felt like such a relief to see the green grass again, and flowers appearing everywhere. When we drove to the circle early in the morning the birds were already singing loudly, as though rejoicing.

      • Your description of the first signs of spring sounds so lovely Anne Linn. Having the morning birds present makes the Equinox experience extra special.

      • I love it when it happens like that, when it’s otherwise very still before dawn but the birds are like a choir already celebrating the Son about to rise. When the landscape seems barren and brown on the whole but little flowers are already coming up or the occasional tree in the forest amidst otherwise naked branches is like an ethereal mist of pink, white or yellow blossoms. Like a little sign of hope. It makes me wonder if it could somehow correspond to the inner landscape of someone going through this stage on the path.

        • I was also fortunate enough to have a background of birdsong 🙂 coming from behind, just before the sun was about to rise. Already full of faith ahead of time it seemed and happy about the event about to come: sunrise and upcoming spring.

          There were also many other elements present that mark a beautiful morning. Such as some light blue almost misty like morning colours. The sunlight first painting treetops behind me with orange. Fresh cool air to deeply inhale. Also a beautiful sunrise. Which first showed itself only through the line of trees of a forest in the distance. It looked like a spirit, some sort of secret blazing angel traversing through the forest itself, its shape changing continuously according to the rays shining brilliantly passed the branches. This also made looking at the sun possible for a long time, before it finally rose above the treeline. Each of these moments and little experiences felt like a gift to witness.

          What I really noticed was the healing effect this had on me. Learning that it can be like a nourishing or healing experience for a human being to be present at sunrise.
          I mean that being in a natural environment like that (while being in the right inner state) imparts all these impressions (like bird sounds, fresh air, touching a stone or the soil, light in our eyes, sun on our skin etc.) on our body and psyche.
          This can help to make our consciousness connect in a real way to nature. But more than nature I feel but rather activate and align our consciousness to the forces behind it, through the beauty of the present moment and those heavenly forces of reality flowing through us in it.

          The difference of such a way of being. Comparing it to the state of psychological sleep without remembrance, bound within a mundane frequency, where the spiritual seems to not even exist…
          I feel they are of a completely different nature.

          Seeing both within myself I can see more of what is meant with all the quotes on the inner battle for one’s consciousness/soul/fate. Even if the reality of it is something that is not really well perceivable from the vantage point of someone in mundanely lived life.

          Went a bit off track there. But it seems such an important thing to continually learn what it is and how to fulfill our role of reaching out and connecting to the divine. To find that way is like a challenge every new day.

  • Happy equinox to all. Wishing everyone a special time of connecting with the divine within and tuning in to the significance of this time of year.

  • I also just want to wish everyone a very happy equinox. I had a small ceremony on my own earlier on today, when luckily the sky as quite clear and the weather as quite pleasant. I often find that celebrating these times of the year can really connect you to the timelessness of it all, and you can tune into the principles of life and spirituality as they pulse through the world.

    Wishing everyone a great celebration, whichever side of the equator you’re on 🙂

  • Thank you Jenny and team!

    I came back from the spring equinox ceremony and it felt so precious to me. Because of what we have inside, of what is out there, of all the information to bring those two together and because of the magical/sacred moments during these four special times of the year.

    May the vibes of this equinox resonate within all of us and bring inspiration, will, faith and strength to carry on!

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