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Wishing Everyone a Happy Solstice – June 21, 2018

With the solstice approaching this upcoming week (Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 10:07 am UTC1), all of us here at The Spiritual Sun wanted to wish everyone a wonderful solstice, filled with inspiration and joy.

summer solstice 2018

Jordan, myself, Vida, and Justin at Serpent Mound in Ohio celebrating the summer solstice.

In the Religion of the Sun the solstices mark important stages in the annual journey of the sun — a journey that reveals the process of spiritual awakening to humanity and symbolizes the path of consciousness returning to the source of creation.

In the Northern hemisphere it’s the summer solstice, a time of the greatest light in the year, and a time that spiritually represents the stage of ascension in the process of attaining enlightenment. It’s a time of great joy and celebration as light becomes greater than darkness (days becoming longer than night).

winter sunset

Photo by Gerald Berliner on Unsplash. Public Domain.

In the Southern Hemisphere this is the time of winter solstice — also a joyous and celebratory time as it is a time when the light begins to increase and grow out of the darkest point in the year. Spiritually it represents the birth of the spiritual Son within a spiritually prepared individual at a specific stage on the path to enlightenment.

solstice celebration

A traditional summer solstice celebration in Latvia by Maras Loks (2007). Image source: Maras Loks.

There are many ways to celebrate the solstices to tap into the deeper meaning of these times of year and to gain inspiration and understanding from them — be it via a personal sunrise / sunset observance, a gathering with others celebrating the solstice, a visit to an ancient site aligned to the sun, spiritual practice, etc. Below are some links with further information about celebrating the solstices:

We hope everyone has a happy and inspiring solstice!

— The Spiritual Sun Team

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About the author

Jenny Belikov

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she also researches and writes about ancient sacred sites; spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in archeology, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.


  • Winter or Summer… I hope everyone had an excellent Solstice, and received a massive boost from it.

    Nice photo guys. Looks like a really nice place.

  • It’s so nice you put up this photo 🙂 Looks like you all really enjoyed the site and exploring around it. And I also like how yours and Jordan’s style complements one another with those Slavic details. Very happy photo!

  • Nice to see that photo. That looks like a lovely and green place to walk around and be for the summer solstice. Hope you a refreshing and wonderful time there!

    • Thanks Karim. It was a very green and lush place. Our visit to Serpent Mound and solstice day were very special to me. We also visited other sites in the vicinity, which Ohio has an abundance of (I think one could spend an eternity just trying to visit all the sites there. We only had a few days :), but the area has a captivating quality to it and the connection with an ancient solar tradition was very palpable).

      • That’s interesting Jenny. I didn’t realise that Ohio had so many ancient sites. It’s good that you were able to explore some of the area.

      • I wasn’t aware there were more sites in the area of the serpent mound, it must’ve been a nice little adventure to go around and see what you’d find when actually arriving at some of them. 🙂

        It’s great in my opinion that there are many people nowadays interested and visiting famous sacred sites. I do find that the atmosphere born from a tourist interest (nothing particularly wrong with that btw.) is different to how sacred sites can also be approached. I find that if I go with the tourist attitude the perception of the place and information perceived is more limited. Personally I like to approach a sacred site with a reverence and by being quite serious about it, as well as building up to the best inner state I can have beforehand, and while visiting not let that magic perception slide (with chatter for example).
        Recently I also visited an ancient site and in a dream experience I had at night I was also back at that place. There were many tourists around and this created a certain atmosphere that held things back, after a time they’d all gone and I had the site to myself. I noticed this instantly freed the site from the atmosphere placed on it, and it freed me to straight away ‘release’ my focus of opening the spiritual within to tune in/meditate on/communicate with the site.

        I was just reminded of that because sometimes it’s even at the lesser known ‘other sites in the vicinity’, or somewhere in nature in the greater sacred area, where we can find this opportunity for a personal moment.

        • I also have a similar experience with visiting sacred sites. Without appropriate background preparation I found myself stuck in the mind and consumed in day-to-day life. Even activities such as taking photos distract from the ability to tune in.

          From a few recent experiences I can see that it is beneficial to go to sacred sites in small groups with people who are making efforts to be aware. In the past I also found it helpful to walk to a site for a time (instead of driving right up to it) as that gives a chance to reach a clearer state of mind.

          • Yes Alex an absolutely great tip! To decide to walk in awareness to a sacred site.

            I’ve also found that this is an amazing way to get clear of the still churning inner thoughts on everyday focusses and it makes you raise your inner level and be in tune with nature around. The inner state then already makes the walk in nature become magical, the approach sacred, and can make the final emergence and entering of the site to almost have an otherworldly atmosphere to it.

            Some sites around the world seem to even have incorporated this on purpose, where a pilgrim would have to walk up many stairs, mountains or through sacred forests to get to the holy place.

            In my recent visit I also walked through lots of forest to get to the designated site and this was very engaging. It sparked an imaginative sort of wonder of who had wandered through these forests and places many millennia ago, would the spiritual forces still be around or able to be connected to?

          • I totally agree Aleks. I find the procession can be just as meaningful and significant as visiting the actual sacred site itself. It does help one to mentally prepare for it and perhaps develop a deeper appreciation for it enroute. I think it’s also a way for us to pay our respects to its sacred nature by focusing on the purpose on why we’re there and helping to clear the mind beforehand.

            I notice that whenever I start taking photos of a sacred site, it feels as though it interferes with my ability to personally connect with it too. Not far from me is a park known for its enigmatic petroglyphs. The site is still considered sacred by the indigenous people that are originally from that region and signs are posted to remind visitors that they’re now entering a sacred site and that any photos of the petroglyphs are strictly prohibited in order to maintain its sacredness, especially since it continues to be actively used as such today. I could sense a significant difference in the atmosphere whenever I enter this site compared to other sacred places I’ve visited where tourists have been permitted to take photographs.

        • @Aleks and Karim, I can relate to what you are saying.

          An interesting thing I’ve noticed on some popularly visited ancient sacred sites (ie. lots of people visiting on weekends and holidays) is that despite this they don’t seem to have lost their sacred atmosphere. Usually I suppose the energy of a place would change depending on how people treated it, how they felt while there, what they used it for etc., such as if a sacred site ceased to be treated in a venerated manner and people wouldn’t really try to be in a peaceful inner state while visiting there but saw it more as a touristic destination, it would start to feel like one. But if nevertheless it doesn’t, maybe it means its sacredness is emanating from something else than only what people can create. Although like Karim was saying I have noticed the state of other visitors around does affect my own state and perception of the place too, either for better or worse.

          Also agree with Aleks – I have thought about this on many occasions when visiting ancient sacred sites, especially when it’s somewhere remote, how in ancient times people would have traveled sometimes significant distances to get there, walking up mountains etc. and how that would have affected your state and experience of it. One site that I used to visit a lot was in the mountains and even after driving up there you had to walk for some time through what sometimes seemed like symbolic landscape and it felt powerful.

          • Those are good points Alex, Karim and Laura. I agree that the journey to the site can also become part of the preparation to appreciate it fully and the point about travelling in awareness to a site is very useful.

            Yes, it’s interesting Laura how despite the touristic atmosphere that is often around some of the most famous sacred sites, such as Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt, these sites can still retain a spiritual energy. It also makes me wonder what the source of this energy is and how it can still be present despite the hubbub of people passing through daily.

          • That’s interesting to hear Patricia. It’s good that the stipulation to not take photographs at the site has allowed its sacred atmosphere to be preserved. Although it can be nice to look back on photos sometimes, I’ve also noticed how when in nature, there can be a different perception if I’m just in it, compared with if I’m looking to frame a nice shot.

  • You all look wonderful in your ceremonial gowns. It looks like you had a great Solstice celebration in an ancient place.


  • What a wonderful photo and lovely ancient outfits. I hope you had a great solstice celebration at this sacred site!

  • What a beautiful picture of you guys, thank you for sharing! Jenny, is it the ‘zhar ptitsa’ (firebird) embroidery on your dress?

    • Thanks Lucia 🙂

      On the bottom of my dress the main embroidery is of the Slavic Mother Earth Goddess Makosh, who is often depicted with strands of wheat/plants around her (or in her hands). In Slavic mythology Makosh has two daughters/assistants named Dolya and Nedolya, goddesses of fate, depicted here as the two birds she is holding. Dolya and Nedolya are traditionally described as the spinstresses of the threads of life and destiny (based on the deeds and merits of a person) — one dishing out favorable outcomes, the other bringing pain and sorrow (this aspect of the mythology of Makosh reminds me of Earda and her daughters the Norns in Norse mythology).

      Makosh embroidery

      The pattern on the chest is a bit different. The dressmaker explained that it’s a traditional pattern that is supposed to symbolize family harmony and the unity of the masculine and feminine. To me it also looks like the firebird (because of how the tail is) and the pattern of the sacred World Tree (as I’ve seen the tree embroidery design explained as such on other clothing), which would be fitting with the firebird mythology.

      bird and tree

      • How lovely to hear and learn about the embroidery on your dress Jenny – the details are lovely and feel so very much slavic, and you all look so lovely there together 🙂

      • Thank you for showing this detail with the description, Jenny. It is lovely to see these symbols in place. Makes the gowns and ceremonies come alive.


      • Wow, I love how deeply symbolic and meaningful the embroidery on your dress is, on top of being really nice and beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing more about it.

        • Yes, the outfits are very nice. Thanks for sharing the group photo Jenny and for explaining the symbolism in the embroidery detail.

      • That’s a really beautiful embroidery Jenny, thank you for sharing! I have been feeling inspired to get some more Slavic outfits for Rajko and I as well. At first I was not sure if to get white and red combinations that are typical for Slavic culture, since white and yellow has been recommended as the “default colors” for celebrating solstices and equinoxes. But then I figured out that I may wear them just around those dates, not necessarily during the actual celebrations.

      • Thanks guys!

        @Lucia Definitely not as common, but we found a few people on Etsy who can make traditional Slavic clothing in yellow & white instead of red & white (for ceremonies). I really like the classic red and white combination as well though as a default otherwise — especially when it’s filled with reminders of the spiritual 🙂

      • This closeup of the embroidery is so nice. Thanks for posting so that we can see all the details. The first thing I thought of as well was the Norns weaving people’s fate, hearing you describe Dolya and Nedolya.

        The photo of all of you is beautiful too. It must have been so special to be at a place like that for the solstice! It looks so green and lush, perfect for a summer solstice celebration.

  • Thank you, Jenny, and all of you for your wishes.

    May the Light shines upon everyone and guides us by bringing more love, peace, strength, and wisdom in our hearts and our souls.

  • Thank you, Jenny and everyone at the Spiritual Sun for your wishes.

    I also wish you an inspiring and meaningful Solstice.

  • Thank you Jenny

    Wishing you and everyone an inspirational and uplifting solstice and hope that it dawns a renewed strength and determination within us all to grow spiritually

  • Thanks Jenny for such a nice article and a reminder. I wish everyone a happy solstice, and no matter what the weather is outside, let there always be light within yourselves.

  • Thank you for the lovely article, Jenny. I am also wishing everyone a happy and inspiring solstice. We are so fortunate that this beautiful information has not been lost, but lives on to offer us guidance and strength in this often dark and confusing world. Blessings, all!

  • I hope everyone has a strong, sunny and warm solstice period.

    Thank you for your wishes and all the great articles, Jenny.

  • Best wishes to everyone on this coming up Solstice! May the light shines stronger in our hearts in wherever hemisphere we may all be!

  • These celebrations of the light and the sun are grand.

    Often their approaching seems to bring a personal help too, of highlighting the seriousness of one’s inner situation and that of the world in comparison to that light that could be.

    It seems two things often revealing themselves in the lead up to these spiritual occasions for me are: illusion and pressing time.

    With illusion I mean the thick ‘cloud’ of the subconscious that each individual is surrounded with and moves in. I mean how few are the people who know of the light within? with that light I mean who know of the way and are able to step out of that illusion and perceive reality in clarity.
    With this lost in the world, and in danger to each on a personal level, it seems to me to be incredibly important for those who do know of it to hold onto this most precious thing within themselves.

    Also increasingly apparent to me is that time really does move on. And I see that for those wishing to make something of their lives beyond this illusion, the time needs to be now, as there is a terrible timer that is running to the great ‘To be or not be’.

    Bit of a serious message for the beautiful solstice :- ). But what I mean is that I wish for everyone to make use of this time by grabbing hold of their inner thread to their Being and the light with great strength!

    Thank you Jenny and and everyone. Wishing all a beautifully moving time in nature, as well as those intimate moments in prayer and communication with the spiritual.

  • Thank you Jenny. It’s really great to be able to connect with others around the world also celebrating the solstice, and being able to access this unique resource you have here of its meaning and how to celebrate it.

    I love the picture of Maras Loks. It looks so fresh and inviting. It makes me feel/remember how the summer can be a bit changeable in some Northern parts but is also magical and delicate, and the light nights have a special atmosphere that is worth experiencing and seems to invite you to be outside and really tune into nature, creation and the sun’s presence.

    Wishing you all at The Spiritual Sun and everyone reading an inspiring Solstice!

  • I echo the same sentiments as many here. I hope everyone can gain strength & understanding to move forward with their inner work. And that this special time of year is enjoyed and celebrated thoroughly. Nature in is in it’s full glory here in the Northeast US.

    All the best to the Spiritual Sun Team as well. Peace & blessings.

  • Happy Solstice every one!

    Hopefully this time can help us all connect with the divine.

    Thanks for the article Jenny.

  • Thanks Jenny. I wish you and everyone else an inspiring and enlightening solstice, that helps with learning and to move closer to the Source.

  • Thank you for the wishes Jenny and also wishing everyone a meaningful and inspiring solstice time this year in whatever hemisphere they are.

    Beautiful 2 pictures too, each expressing the correcponding solstice and its atmosphere very aptly – the summer one with its all-empowering warming yellow glow, and the winter one with a gentle pink-ish glow, as a promise of hope in the sleeping white landscape…

  • Thank you Jenny for this clear article and the wishes. I am very much looking forward to it and I am so thankful and glad I can celebrate it with other brothers and sisters around the globe 🙂 Everyone happy solstice!

  • Thank you Jenny and team for your wishes and your great support through this web-site.

    Another solstice is coming and hopefully will leave its traces inside of us to carry on towards the equinox. I hope the spiritual sun/son to give everyone what needs more and the Light unite us, as we want to be united with it.

    I would really appreciate everyone’s feedback after the solstice if you want, how was it for you this time. For me, it’s special already and looking forward getting the whole picture and what will stay inside.

  • Thank you, Jenny, for all these information.
    I wish the Light of the Summer Solstice penetrate all of us and our consciousness deeply in order to have a deeper understanding, willing and strength to fulfill our internal targets!

  • Thanks very much Jenny,

    Wishing you and all the team behind the Spiritual Sun website a joyous and very inspiring Solstice as well.

    Happy Solstice everyone!

  • Thanks for this article Jenny. The solstices are inspiring times of the year and I also wish you , the Spiritual Sun team and everyone who uses this site a very happy and peaceful solstice.

  • Thanks Jenny. Wishing everyone a very happy solstice and looking forward, down here, to the longer days ahead.

    Thanks for providing all the ways that we can celebrate this event.

  • Thanks Jenny, wishing everyone a happy solstice, may the long time sun shine upon all!

    And may the symbols of the solstices penetrate each of us deeper, closer and harder towards real inner change.

    • You phrased that very aptly, Olga. 🙂 I wish the same for all working towards the light.

      A very happy solstice, everyone.

    • These are wonderful comments by everyone.

      But yes, Olga, that’s what seems to happen isn’t it? The symbols penetrate and somehow find root in our understanding, and each celebration brings some new insight and piece of wisdom that always causes me to marvel. In every celebration I wish to understand the religion of the sun more, and as a consequence, more is revealed! It’s magical.

      So, happy solstice to everyone too!

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