Start a Circle

If you’d like to start a Circle, here are the steps to follow. If you are unsure how to follow any of these steps, feel free to contact us for assistance.

The benefits of running a Circle

1. Get put in touch with people in your area who are interested in the same things you are by having your listing up on this website. Meet like-minded people, create new friendships, and enjoy the inspiration and experience that comes from getting out and doing things with other people.

2. Get access to our members only forums where you can chat directly with our site contributors and with other Circle Organizers from around the world.

3. Chat one-on-one with our site contributors in your own personal live chat room and message board.

Steps for starting your own Circle

1. Read the Guidelines. Make sure you have read the Circle Guidelines, which you can find here, and are ready and able to adhere to them.

2. Assess your readiness. Make sure you’re ready and able to organize activities on a regular basis.

3. Find a location. Find at least one location where you can comfortably gather with those attending your Circle.

4. Plan your activities. Draw up at least a rough plan and outline of the kinds of activities you would like to run based on the Circle Guidelines, and when you plan to run them.

5. Prepare your information and contact us. Contact us here with your full name and the city and country where you wish to run a Circle. We will then email you a link to our online Circle Startup Form to complete, print, sign, and mail to us.

Before emailing us, it’s a good idea to have your information ready to fill out and complete the form. You will need to provide the following:

a. Your name.
b. An email address for your listing where people wanting to join your Circle can contact you.
c. A recent head-shot digital photograph of yourself to accompany your listing (this is optional).
d. The City, and State/Province/Territory, and Country where your Circle activities will be held.
e. The proposed activities of your Circle.
f. Your proposed activity frequency and times.
g. The types of places where you intend to hold Circle activities i.e. a park, a hired hall, a cafe, your home etc.
h. And for contact and administrative purposes, a current postal address and a Skype username. Your postal address and Skype username will not be shared publicly, but are for administrative purposes only. The Skype username is so that we can meetup and chat with you on a Skype video call, to answer any questions you have, and discuss your plans.

You’ll also need to be ready to agree to the following terms on the Circle Startup Form. These terms have been abbreviated here:

a. That you are 18 years of age or older.
b. That you have never committed any kind of violent crime.
c. That you have never committed any criminal or civil offence which is punishable by jail time or a fine of more than $1,000 USD. (Note: this does not include punishments incurred for peaceful, non-violent and legitimate political, religious or cultural expression where a Government has acted against your human rights as defined in the International Bill of Human Rights.)
d. That you have no mental health issues or disorders.
e. That you agree to abide by the Circle Guidelines for as long as you run a Circle.
f. That you agree to abide by the law in operating your Circle.
g. That you will not infringe our copyright or intellectual property.
h. That you agree to hold us harmless, as we can’t be held responsible for your actions.
i. That you accept full responsibility for all your own actions, choices, and decisions in running a Circle and in your dealings with us and those who attend your Circle.

6. Review Process. Once we receive your completed form in the mail, we will review it and get back to you as soon as we can. We may then email you to arrange a time to chat with you over Skype video.

7. Listing Added. If your Circle Startup Form is approved, your listing will be added to this website.

8. Begin. You are then ready to begin by waiting for enquiries from people in your area who would like to attend your Circle, and arranging your planned activities based on the level of interest you receive.

9. Members Forums, Live Chat, and Message Board. You’ll also be given access to our member’s only forums where you can chat with our site contributors and other Circle Organizers from around the world. And you’ll be given access to your own personal live chat and message board area where you can talk one-on-one with our site contributors.

What if I would like to stop running a Circle?

Anyone can stop running a Circle at any time for any reason. If you would like to stop, just contact us and we’ll remove your listing as soon as practicable.

I’ve started my Circle, what should I do now?

1. Make sure to keep your contact details on your listing here up-to-date, as otherwise people who’d like to attend your Circle will have no way of getting in contact with you.

2. Make sure to check your emails regularly, including the ‘junk folder’, in case there are people trying to contact you about your Circle.

3. If you like, you could use our forums to reach out and see if there is anyone in your local area who wants to meet up at an ancient site. This could be a nice way to meet and get to know people before they decide to start attending a Circle.

4. If you’re planning an excursion to an ancient site or sites, you can contact us and we’ll list it here.

5. If you’re planning to hold a ceremony at an ancient site for the solstice or equinox and you don’t mind (or would like) people from the public watching or participating, then you can contact us and we’ll list it here.

6. Check back and re-read the Circle Guidelines regularly, to make sure you are up-to-date with any changes. We’d recommend checking back once a month.

7. Feel free to submit any ideas, resources, research, or feedback to us for consideration about anything. We really appreciate feedback – both positive and constructive, as we’re constantly striving to improve what we do.

8. Keep attuned to the feedback of those attending your Circle, and be prepared to keep adjusting what you do to take into account their feedback.

9. Enjoy!