What Is a Circle?

A Circle is an informal gathering of people in a local area who have decided to meet up and practice the ancient religion of the sun together in some way. They’re a great way to meet like-minded people, to create new friendships, and to take an interest in the Religion of the Sun further. It’s possible to either join an existing Circle by finding one in your local area, or to start your own by following these steps.

How Do Circles Work?

Circles operate on a fairly dynamic and unique concept. Organizers are essentially self-selecting, Circles are self-seeded and self-funded, and their activities self-managed. Circles operate based on a set of basic, common sense operating principles, which we provide in order to give them functionality, and can draw upon a large range of resources provided on this website in order to create their own activities and events. These resources are in a constant state of flux, as more are found and added all the time by us and our website community.

In this way Circles are free to express their own creativity in their activities, and also tailor them to their specific needs and preferences. If one Circle doesn’t suit someone, they can always join another provided another exists near them, or start their own. Like this, Circles can pop up almost anywhere in the world in response to the demand for them. And there’s no limit – there could be 10 or more just in one city alone, allowing people to join a Circle that feels right for them.

We at The Spiritual Sun are then the facilitators of this whole process, which is driven by people’s wish to explore and return to the practice of the Religion of the Sun. Our aim is to allow for the growth of an active, fun, and creative community, which shares the best of their ideas and experience together in the furtherance of the project to revive the practice of the ancient religion of the sun.

Who Runs the Circles?

Circles have no formal affiliation with The Spiritual Sun, and operate completely independently. They are each run separately by individuals who organize and manage the particular activities of the Circle they have started. As they are informal gatherings, they are not run by any type of organization like a registered club, association, or company. The individuals organizing these Circles are not sanctioned as teachers or representatives of The Spiritual Sun, but have agreed to follow a list of guidelines we’ve set out for hosting Circles. Anyone who meets the guidelines for running a Circle, and who completes the steps for starting a Circle and is approved, can host a Circle and have it listed on our site.

Organizers who run Circles have complete discretion over how they run their Circle. Their Circle listing will be maintained on this website as long as they adhere to our Circle Guidelines.

However, we do not monitor, manage, or oversee a Circle’s activities and so have no knowledge of what happens within them beyond what their organizers post to this site, or any feedback organizers or participants might choose to give us from time to time. While we set guidelines for Circle organizers and expect these to be followed in good faith, we have no direct control over what Circles or their Organizers do. If we do learn that an Organizer is not following the Guidelines or is otherwise incapable of running a Circle, we will remove their listing from our website. We suggest you use your own discretion in choosing to attend a Circle. If you find that a Circle is not enjoyable to attend, there is no obligation to continue attending it, and you may consider either joining another or starting your own.

Who Can Attend a Circle?

There are a few minimum common sense requirements we set out in our Circle Guidelines that determine who can attend a Circle. Beyond this, whether someone is able to attend a Circle is at the discretion of each individual Circle Organizer. As a general rule, anyone who is friendly, courteous, respectful, punctual, and pays their share of expenses (such as contributing to venue hire fees if applicable) is welcome at Circles. Those who have an agenda against or are hostile towards any Circle, The Spiritual Sun website or anyone it is affiliated with, are not allowed to attend. Additionally, in the best interests of all concerned, especially those who are best served by qualified professionals, those with mental health issues cannot attend Circles. Neither we, nor any Circle Organizers, are qualified or equipped to support people with mental illnesses, and we believe people in this situation are best served by seeking the guidance of qualified medical professionals. While attendance is open to all age groups, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What Happens at Circles?

Circles can run a variety of different activities. These activities can include any of the following:

a) Practicing any of the ancient spiritual practices listed on the spiritualsun.com website, which can be found here (apart from spiritual alchemy, which is an exercise just for couples in private).

b) Holding an event for each solstice and equinox either at a private space, public place, hired venue, or ancient site.

c) Conducting music/sound sessions where people can sing songs and mantras listed on the spiritualsun.com website.

d) Watching videos recommended on the spiritualsun.com and holding a discussion on the video.

Our contributors Olga and Christos hosting an excursion to the ancient site Cairnpapple in Scotland.

e) Going on excursions to explore and stay at ancient sites, and doing spiritual practices at them.

f) Circles can also hold discussions about discoveries pertaining to the ancient religion of the sun, and share research and information.

g) If they wish, Circles can also do community service work to help preserve ancient sites and ancient knowledge in their local community or country.

How Often Do Circles Meet?

Each Circle will have its own meeting schedule, which is set by the Organizer of each individual Circle.

Where Do Circles Meet?

Circles can meet in a variety of locations, including public and private places, depending on what the Circle Organizer has decided. Public venues can include ancient sites. According to the Circle Guidelines, Circles should always meet in places that are safe and comfortable to attend.

How Are Circles Funded?

Circles are funded completely independently by those organizing and attending them. Circles should always be free of charge to attend, unless there are expenses that need to be covered when hosting and running Circle activities. How these expenses are covered is decided by the Circle Organizer.

How Do I Join a Circle?

Visit our find and join a Circle page to find listings of Circles by location and their contact details.

How Do I Start a Circle?

Visit our start a circle page to get step-by-step instructions on how to start a Circle.


If you have any feedback or complaints about a particular Circle for any reason, please contact us.