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chaco canyon sunset

Sunset at some of the ruins at Chaco Canyon. Photo by Linda Gutierrez [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

This website is part of a larger endeavor to revive the knowledge and practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun. The Spiritual Sun is run by a small team of volunteers. We work on all aspects of the site, including content creation and administration, and developing new projects and initiatives toward our goal.

We gladly accept and appreciate any donations, as they support our work and can enable us to do more. We do not charge money, host advertising, or make any profit from our work. We do things this way on principle, as we do not believe in profiting from anyone’s search for awakening. This is a timeless value of the Religion of the Sun we practice and uphold, and the donations we receive support our efforts.

Donations help cover the baseline costs associated with running this site like hosting, development, and maintenance, as well as enable the payment of a small wage to a volunteer, and facilitate the growth and expansion of what we do.

We are very grateful for all the support we receive—it helps to further our efforts and assists us to make this knowledge available to those searching for it, which is our main motivation. Thank you.

Data submitted via the PayPal donation form is collected and processed on the basis of legitimate interests, specifically the ability to receive donations from the public that support the ongoing operations of the website. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

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