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chaco canyon sunset

Sunset at some of the ruins at Chaco Canyon. Photo by Linda Gutierrez [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Donations can be made here to help cover the costs of The Spiritual Sun website, which is dedicated to reviving the practice of the ancient Religion of the Sun.

On average, it costs about $60 a month to keep this website running. This covers costs such as website hosting and ongoing site development.

All donations given here are collected by Mystical Life Publications, the not-for-profit publisher of The Spiritual Sun, and go into a dedicated fund to support this website. Mystical Life Publications ensures all donations made here go specifically towards supporting The Spiritual Sun.

Anything we receive beyond our monthly costs will be put towards further development of the Spiritual Sun website.

Thank you to all those who choose to support our work.

Data submitted via the PayPal donation form is collected and processed on the basis of legitimate interests, specifically the ability to receive donations from the public that support the ongoing operations of the website. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

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