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Almendres Cromlech in Portugal – Autumn Equinox Observance

Observe the Autumn Equinox in Almendres Cromlech; one of the oldest megalithic sites in Europe

Almendres Cromlech. Photo ©Jos Dielis (own work) ‘[CC by2.0]  via Flickr

Almendres Cromlech in Portugal
Autumn Equinox Observance

Autumn Equinox – Sunrise and Sunset
Almendras, 15km SW of Evora, Portugal

The Cromlech of Almendres  (Cromeleque dos Almendres) is a megalithic site that consists of 95 granite standing stones of which 92 form two circles. The smaller circle, which is the oldest, dates back to 6000 B.C and is considered the oldest megalithic circle in Europe. The bigger circle was built later; around 3000 B.C.

A Scheme showing the evolution of the Almendres Cromlech from the early Neolithic until today. Image © Fulviusbsas (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The two circles have standing stones that have various alignments to the autumn equinox sunrise and sunset. From Almendres Cromlech, around equinox, one can watch the sun and the moon rising from the same point in the horizon.

Engravings of the moon and the sun as well as the solstice and equinoxes can be seen carved in some of the rocks.

In the third stage of use, around 3,000bc, many of the stones were repositioned to align with the moon, the sun and the stars. It is predicted that the site was used as an important religious site by a religion that had possessed an in-depth understanding of celestial motions and star alignments. (source:

How to get there: You will need to drive to the location since no public transportation is available. Due to lack of public transport the site does not have many visitors, despite its significance. You can enter the site for free at any time. For more details you can visit


Standing stones at Almendres Cromlech. Left Photo ©Ramón Cutanda López (own work) ‘[CC by2.0]  via Flickr. Right Photos © Laura(own work) [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

A Note About Visiting Ancient Sites:
Please be mindful and respectful of the ancient sites.  Treat them with care as to not disturb them, damage them or remove anything from them. Help protect these incredible sites so that they can continue to stand the test of time.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the site organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.


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  • I visited the Cromlech last Friday, Dec. 01st. It really is an amazing place!

    I tried to be as aware as possible and I noticed the sensations within the circle were really different from the sensations just outside of it, although all the area feels special.

    I was lucky enough there was only a couple of quiet people when I arrived, close to 11:30am, so the external silence helped capture the vibrations of the place, which were very clear. To me, those vibrations seemed to be (or provoke?) a different kind of emotion when hitting my body – I mean, I’m used to feeling emotions from inside out and, within the circle, it seemed those emotions were coming from outside and acting on my emotional centre, as if they were trying to show something.

    It was a very bright sunny day and the stones seemed to “enjoy” it irradiating something (some kind of energy?) as reflections out of the sun rays.

    Well… that’s how I perceived the whole experience, but I’m not an awakened being, so…

    Anyways, I used my compass and verified the stone circle is set up in a way the lower part (the circle is set up on a light slope) extends to the east and the upper part extends to the west. Also, because it is located in the northern hemisphere, the stone shadows are projected to the north at midday and there is a stone almost in the centre shaped in a way that, at midday, its shadow looks like a purposeful pointer indicating north. Moreover, there is a set of three smaller flat stones forming a scalene triangle, this three-stone set is close to the centre of the circle.

    Other than that, the Cromlech is inside a private property owned by the Almendres family; however, due to its status at UNESCO, the family created an easy access and there’s a parking space pretty close to it. The area has no touristic facilities (washrooms, information centre, etc.), which is great to help preserve it. There is no public transportation to the area; however, there are several ways to visit it – guided tours (even with archaeologists, if that’s your thing), private drivers, taxicabs, car rentals… The information centre at the Praça do Giraldo downtown Evora has all the info one may need on how to get there.

    Unfortunately, because the Cromlech is a touristic attraction, it can get crowded at times. When I left, just after midday, there were around 20 people in the circle and more were arriving. Our cab driver told us there are some meditation groups that visit the circle often to do practices.

    By the way, the official website mentions (on its Getting There and Transport section) the Cromlech is to the east of Evora, but it’s actually 16Km west of the centre of Evora.

    Hope this was useful,

    Thanks for the article, Christos, it inspired me to visit the Cromlech.


    • Thanks for this post Christos and your ‘from the ground’ feedback Dan. It’s really inspiring to see how ancient sites are supported by the local community: in this case the Almendres family.

    • Sounds like a very pleasant experience for you there Dan, thanks for sharing that. Makes me want to go to some sacred sites as well 🙂

      Interesting how you felt that the place was trying to communicate something to you. Maybe we’re quite untrained in the modern day to ‘translate’ what those subtle feelings we feel actually mean, or what a site is trying to convey. Maybe a bit like seeing/receiving a new symbol in a dream, we get the feeling along with it, but don’t concretely know the exact meaning.
      I’m sure there are people who can walk into a sacred site and immediately feel the ‘purpose’ of that particular site.

      Also love what you mentioned about your observation that the stones seemed to enjoy the sunlight, and that there was something going energetically with that.

      I agree that the right inner state, that sort of inner silent one (as well as having external peace) is an essential first step in having a chance to perceive those subtle emanations of a place clearly.

      • Exactly Karim!
        All I wanted was to be able to keep my inner silence and awareness during all the experience, but it wasn’t the case this time. However, the short flashes of close-to-right inner state you get really help a lot in a special place like the Cromlech!

        I wonder what is there in other subtle planes of existence trying to convey something to us…

  • This really looks like a amazing site, I would really love to also visit as well

    Lucia that is very interesting that the sun has such a effect on these stones, wow how little we know ; )

    • Olá Joao – isn’t funny that there exists so many places like this and they are not well known yet are incredibly meaningful and special to humanity? It’s really cool that you’ll be able to visit it one day. I’m looking at all these places on this site and I am always amazed how inter-connected we all are truly all around the globe and universe, yet we each have these amazing cultures and languages but at the root we have the same origin and ties to the Sun.

    • Hi Joao,
      There are a few sites in the area of Evora that were aligning or had some kind of significance to the moon. Even the latitude of the area has not been chosen randomly but it relates to the movement of the moon in relation to the sun and the earth. Maybe the temple you mentioned had a different initial purpose as some people say it was dedicated to the goddess Diana, who was the goddess of the moon.
      Thanks for bringing it up. Portugal has an impressive ancient history.

  • This is a really beautiful location that actually caught my eye as well! 🙂 It seems the site has a couple of different alignments and some suggest may have served as an astronomical observatory. I like how each stone there seems to have a meaning and how some of the stones are flattened to face the sun. An archaeoaccoustic study has even been done on this monument, revealing that the stones emit an ultrasound when hit by the Sun (

    • waow – that’s really pretty neat and cool Lucia – thx for sharing that bit of info. I’m just amazed how little of reality do we actually know/see/hear about because of the limitations of our 5 senses.. It just really puts into perspective for me at least the meaning of one of Jesus’s saying when he talked about seeing, and hearing by using the heart instead of the mind – our 5 sense are understood by the mind, and there is a difference. Like our intuition comes through the heart, and the age old saying ‘follow your heart’. Really amazing to see how nature can shows us in this manner that there is so much more there than we can first realize – totally love it <3

      • I agree Geraldine, its so amazing and at the same time sad (since as a humanity we have almost lost these faculties now) to realize how much more there is to life than what we normally perceive with our weakened senses… Like for example it always fascinated me to read the stories of people in the old times meeting the elementals of nature, fairies, gnomes, etc. It seems like something that was very possible at that time, but today it just sounds like fairy-tales. I also remember reading somewhere about Nicola tesla, how his sense of hearing was something like 13-times better than average human. It would be wonderful to restore these faculties. I think if we could perceive more, we would naturally become more gentle and considerate to what’s going on around us and the world would look quite different from what it is now. 🙁

    • Wauw that’s ‘ultra’ cool Lucia. 😀

      Seriously though it’s amazing to consider the many ways sites like this can have an effect on us.

      Apart from measuring some of its influences perceiving this is more up to the individual, so being clear in our thoughts and emotions at those times in order to sense the more subtle seems important.

      I once stepped into a crop circle which was like it created its own isolated zone, the space felt charged and scintillating. Very special.

    • Hey Lucia –

      I recently found out the Stonehenge Bluestones have a similar property – they ‘sing’ when struck. A survey of the area where the stones are from showed about 10% of these stones had this unusual property.
      There are some wonderful recordings on this ‘acoustic map’:

      In some of them you can almost imagine people using them as gigantic musical instruments!

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