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Prometheus Pyrphoros in Greece – Summer Solstice Celebration

Join Promitheus Pyrforos in their Summer Solstice ceremony near Salonica in Northern Greece.

Summer solstice 2014

Above is a photo taken from Prometheus Pyrphoros’ 2014 summer solstice ceremony in Greece

What: Summer Solstice

Where: Salonica Greece – Exact place to be announced soon

When: TBC

: Prometheus Pyrphoros

pirforos solstice two

About: Join Prometheus Pyrphoros in their summer solstice ceremony near Salonica in Northern Greece. Prometheus Pyrphoros (meaning: “Prometheus who carries the fire”), is a Greek cultural association that revives and honors the ancient traditions and rituals of Greece.

The ceremony celebrates the ancient atmosphere of Greece with archaic garments worn by the participants, tripods, altars, Orpheus’ hymns etc… It will take place in Ancient Greek.


The “Greek Temple” where several of the group’s ceremonies take place. It features the inscription “Know Thyself”.


Please note: This event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website or Facebook Page if you would like more details about this event.


Research by Alexis Koulouris. Photos by Prometheus Pyrphoros

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  • Gosh, I love the temple and the dresses. It feels like an old memory, or maybe just what I’d imagine a priestess wearing. It feels so nice, these ancient things coming back to us.

    • I know Anne Linn, Greece has a real special feeling to it, like you can sense the higher principles of truth, beauty and harmony etc. in everything that permeated life there.

      • I remember you saying once (or I think it was you) that the light is somehow different in Greece. And then I felt it too when I visited. It feels very special. And people there have a real sense of beauty.

  • Hi Alexis, thank you for contributing this research, what a nice temple with meaningful inscription on it! I also like their “accessories”, the decorative fire-stand, the yellow fabric on the pillar, the statue in the background… The Greeks definitely seem to have an ingrained sense of beauty within them.

  • It’s amazing how each country or place at one point or another in their history had a spiritual culture with ceremonies and rites particular to them, but with the similar core aspects like the significance of the Sun, Fire, standing in a circle for the ceremony with others and other symbols to celebrate this.

    This particular ‘revival’ of the ancient Greek tradition seems very nice. With the robes, Greek style temple, ancient texts and such it does feel it kind of recreates this Greek environment. To me the use of those Greek vases seems a particularly beautiful piece of heritage particular to that region that can me made use of as vessels in the ceremony.

    Thanks for sharing this event about ‘Promitheus who carries the fire.’

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