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Slovansky Kruh in Czech Republic – Spring Equinox Celebration

Experience the Spring Equinox with the Slavansky Kruh community in the Czech Republic

Slovansky Kruh

Slovansky Kruh Ceremony, Czech Republic

What: Provoda 2016 – Spring Equinox Celebration

Who: Slovansky Kruh (Slavic Circle)

When: Spring Equinox – Please contact Slovansky Kruh for the exact dates and times

Where: Litomerice, Czech Republic (NPP White Hillsides, by the lake),

Region: Northern Hemisphere

About:  Join the Czech community Slovansky Kruh as they revive the ancient traditions of the Slavic ancestors in their spring equinox celebration ‘Provoda‘. Preparations commence with the creation of ceremonial spaces, altars, a bonfire, as well as various other ritual decorations. The Spring Equinox ceremony includes the welcoming of Vesna (Fire) thanksgiving to the gods, songs, feast and discussions.


With the joy of the coming spring, we invite you, brother or sister, to celebrate the spring equinox…
– Slovansky Kruh

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

Article by Christos Grapsas & Olga Grapsas;
Research by Lucia Beznik & Christos Grapsas
Images Courtesy of Slovansky Kruh

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  • I also find it nice to see a celebration in the Czech Republic. From some things I’ve heard the country has gone through quite turbulent times regarding religious practice, so it’s great to see some people trying to get in touch with the Solstice and Equinox celebrations.

  • Yay, so happy a Czech group made it here! I really like how this group not only tries to revive the traditions of the ancestors, but also actively seeks to be a part of the international community of people who search to do the same. They were the only group in Czech and Slovak republic I came across whose website had an English version in addition to the Czech one. I certainly hope more of the active groups will follow this trend, as I feel there is so much to gain from the co-operation and sharing the experiences between different countries.

    A really beautiful photo of the ceremony there!

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