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Delphys in Greece – Spring Equinox Celebration

Join Delphys, in their celebration of the Spring Equinox in Greece!

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Delphys performing their spring equinox ceremony

What: Spring Equinox Ceremony

Where: TBC (Greece)

When: Spring Equinox – Please contact YSEE for the exact dates and times

Who: Delphys (The ceremonial branch of YSEE)

About: Delphys will hold its annual celebration of the Spring Equinox on March 20th 2016, reviving the ancient traditions of Greek history through spiritual rites, chants, hymns, and music in the sacred ancient sites of Greece. Their Spring Equinox ceremony will offer homage to the gods and deities of Ancient Greece and the significance they share with the Equinox. The ceremony will be held in Greek and Ancient Greek.  Time and place will be announced by the beginning of March.

Below is a snippet from Delphys’ Asclepius & Spring Equinox Celebration in 2013. The video is in ancient Greek.


Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

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  • This is very inspiring, thanks for sharing about these events 🙂 Makes me want to be part of them on-site. It is great to see that there are all these groups who want to connect to the sacred spirituality of the past and are serious about creating the ceremonies with honour and dedication. It is interesting how all the different groups from around the world seem to intuitively be using white clothes or robes for the ceremonies.

    I was there with Ella when we encountered that group on the Bulgarian mountains. It was fascinating and encouraging as we didn’t know there were people doing that here. It seems that they go to the different sacred sites around the country to recreate Thracian ceremonies. I think even some general spiritual groups here are doing ceremonies on the Solstices and Equinoxes nowadays.

  • It’s so interesting to see you link to people who celebrate these cosmic events today, as the ancients once did.
    I was actually in Delphi for the Spring Equinox last year with some other friends who wanted to be in a sacred place for the special time. We actually found a quiet spot in the nature around to see the sunrise, but later on in the temple complex we were happy to witness other people worshiping at the foot of the Temple to Apollo. (I don’t remember if they were in robes, I don’t think so.) We weren’t sure if this kind of thing happened regularly at Delphi or was because the too, knew the significance of the equinox.

    This actually happened to us at a different sacred sight in the mountains between Greece and Bulgaria for the autumn equinox. We had, again, chosen a quiet spot away from the main sight, to honour the sunset. When we went to the main area the next day we saw evidence of a large celebration that had happened there – breads, fruits, offerings – and saw pictures from someone of a white-robed celebration.

    It makes me think it’s time to stop hiding in the woods and come out, robes and all!?

    • Robes and all! 🙂 I agree Ella. I even found on one Slovak website a pattern/cutting for a solstice shirt, so people can sew one before coming to the event. Natural materials were recommended, together with folk motives as decorations.

    • It seems there are many communities out there celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes. We just don’t hear about them in mainstream. In some countries it seems less accepting and even controversial to go against the main religious model of that region, but in other countries the Solstice is even recognized as a public holiday.

      It would be interesting to know the group that celebrated on the Bulgarian mountains. Perhaps its something we could include in the upcoming events.

      • Hi Olga, I just found this nice-sounding Czech group called Slavic Circle. Their website is also in English, so its easy to read. They have a calendar of events for this year, including the Solstices and equinoxes celebrations and many other special celebrations related to the sun and fire.

        From just a brief look, they look like they have a very nice goal of bringing back and restoring the ancient traditions of the slavic ancestors and share it with general public:

        I was thinking there may be more groups like this in Slovakia and Czech republic, some of them also having events in 2016. I can look more into them and send you more info if you would like.

        • Hi Lucia, thanks so much for sending these through. Absolutely. Feel free to submit any research regarding groups who are reviving ancient ceremonies and practices to the Spiritual Sun.

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