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Labrys in Greece – Spring Equinox Ceremony

Join Labrys as they revive the ancient spirituality of Greece in their upcoming Spring Equinox Ceremony

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Spring Equinox 2016
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What: Spring Equinox Ceremony

Where: Temple of Zeus in ancient Nemea, Greece

When: Spring Equinox – Please contact Labrys for the exact dates and times

Who: Labrys

Spring Equinox 2016 Photo Credit:

Spring Equinox 2016
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About: Members of Labrys, a Greek community reviving the ceremonial rituals and practices of Ancient Greece, will be hosting their Spring Equinox Ceremony in the ancient site of the Temple of Zeus. Ancient Nemea, where the temple is located, is famous for the lion of Nemea that was conquered and killed by Hercules, in his legendary labors. This ceremony will give homage to the gods and deities of ancient Greece and the significance they share with the Vernal Equinox. The ceremony will be in Greek and Ancient Greek.

Below is a snippet of Labrys’ 2016 Spring Equinox celebration.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

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  • Looks like a beautiful ceremony. I like the robes the women are wearing, and to see all those yellow flowers. It makes me long for spring.

  • ​​

    Thank you Christo for clarifying that.
    It’s probably ​after the rise of nationalism in Greece that more of these kind of groups appeared and they also use ancient texts, hymns, symbols and so on. The so called ”
    ​dodekatheists” groups (like this one) have a more religious background which also influence their ceremonies and when they talk about the sun they refer to the divine aspect of it that is represented by the ancient Olympian gods. It’s really interesting for someone to check it out.

  • ​​I think there are several groups around the world that celebrate in a way solstices and equinoxes if someone check at meetup​ for example​. Watching ​some of ​the videos though I don’t know why really people are doing​ this. In Greece for example there are some ​nationalist groups that they worship the Olympian gods and do sort of things to feel proud for their origins (which actually aren’t any more from ancient Greece because of the
    ​impurities from other trades through out the years).
    I would check such things before I participate to one of those. From the other hand is great to see that people attain the sun like something spiritual or/and like something more than a planet/star.

    Thank you for putting this information together. Gives a bigger picture of this aspect of knowledge that is very useful, specially now that we are coming closer to this year’s spring equinox.

    • Hi Foti,

      From our research and direct communication, we have found that the groups whose celebrations have been posted on this website are genuinely making efforts to celebrate in ancient ways. They usually use ancient prayers, customs, hymns, chants, songs, mantras etc… At the same time, not all groups celebrating Solstice/Equinox festivities will represent or have origins in ancient traditions and not all groups will be included.

      It is however a positive sign that around the globe, traces remain of a lost ancient past, that people, individually and as part of greater communities, are gathering together to recapture it and celebrate an unknowably old reverance and appreciation of sun spirituality, even if imperfectly.

      • That was my impression as well Christos. That there seems to be this yearning in some people today (all over the world really) to really bring back the lost spiritual connection to the Sun and that those who do it genuinely, even though imperfectly, should be supported and maybe connected with.
        It is also great that you keep direct communication with the groups, and in this way making sure that you don’t promote something distorted or dangerous here.

        Thank you very much for this initiative, it would be indeed wonderful if all the people who feel this connection to the Sun could meet each-other and build some strength together as an opposition to the darkness in todays world.

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