Spring Equinox Events United Kingdom

The Druid Order in UK – Alban Eilir Ceremony (Spring Equinox)

Join the Druid Order in their celebration of Alban Eilir – The Spring Equinox in London UK.


What: Spring Equinox Ceremony

Where: Primrose Hill in London, UK

When: Spring Equinox – Please contact the Druid Order for the exact dates and times

Who: The Druid Order

About: Members of the Druid Order will be organizing their annual Spring Equinox Celebration at Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom. The Druidry name for the festival is Alban Eilir which means “Light of the Earth.”

Below is a snippet of the ceremony on Primrose Hill in London.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

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  • Hi Olga, thanks for sharing this event with us.

    It’s nice to finally see some events being posted on this site, even if they are not organized by The Spiritual Sun, but I’m hoping we will soon see those events by the TSS too.

    Great to see that people are still doing these ceremonies, maybe there is still hope for humanity. It interesting to see the contrast going on in the video, with the noise, cloud, pollution and ignorance in the city, yet in their hearts it seems like a light is shining through all that darkness.

    I actually live in London and would love to join you guys in any of these events. I see there are a number of events taking place, the only thing is obviously with the Equinox they are all on the same time 🙂 Just need to pick one!

  • Nice post Olga, thanks for putting up.

    Like Lucia I’ve also come across other groups from different parts of the world celebrating the Sun using old traditions from their ancestors and I found it very inspiring. Hopefully those in control will never get a chance to form a one world religion and put an end to true Ancient Practices.

  • It’s wonderful to see that people still continue to celebrate these events today. One would only hope that these groups still also continue to hold the sacred knowledge and understanding behind the ceremonies that would have present in times past.

    Thanks for these posts Olga – it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to attend these ceremonies and see the effects of the sun, as did our ancient ancestors.

  • Amazing, thank you Olga for sharing! It seems to me like these celebrations of the Sun are going through a sort of rannaissance in todays world, and many cultures/groups are reviving the old traditions of their ancestors. For example in Slovakia, I noticed there is definitely a strong tendency today to celebrate the old slavic spirituality of the sun. I found events online too, where people have gathered to celebrate the summer solstice, even baking a cake with the motive of the Sun, wearing natural clothing with handmade embroideries, etc. Here are some pictures of the Slovak celebrations:

    • This is fantastic Lucia, thank you for sending through this information about the Slovak celebrations. Hopefully we can include them in some of our future events 🙂

      • Hi Olga, that would be nice! In my quick search, I also found an interesting link that lists different neo-pagan (or ancient slavic-style) groups and movements in different Eastern European countries (including Poland ;-)):

        The only thing I didn’t like when skimming through all the info on this was that some groups also mentioned polygamy as a natural part of the old pagan groups, so hopefully this kind of habit didn’t get taken from the old times… It seems the Dark forces always like to infiltrate and twist everything that has to do with beauty and spirituality, and turn the celebration of the life-giving Sun into something lustful or even macabre.

  • Oh beautiful! So happy to see something like this happens in dreary, angry London! I find it quite significant that it’s a RT clip – I know I’ve never seen coverage of this in the British press before!

  • Thank you very much for sharing this information with us.
    I found it very interesting and it is great to see people getting together in this way in our modern day world.
    The only shame is the fact that they must celebrate in the middle of a bustling city and not away in the quiet of nature. It must be a real challenge 🙂

    • I noticed that too Paty. The celebration in the city is very different and far removed from the forces of nature, which seem to be so conducive to the Solstices and Equinoxes.

      But looking closer at one of the readings in the video at around 44 seconds, this message caught my eye:

      ”The task of the Druid is to live in growth, forgetting not the darkness that has been; for unless he remember the past, how otherwise shall he reach those still dwelling in the darkness and lead them to the Light?”

      It seems to me, although the Druids are coming into the city, they are motivated by something greater, not for their own sake, but for others.

  • It would be great to witness this ceremony in person. Thanks for posting about it.

    How wonderful there are some groups out there keeping these ancient traditions alive.

    In that regard, I very much look forward to participating in any upcoming events that The Spiritual Sun is running.

  • Thank you for putting this up, its amazing the emphasis that different spiritual and religious groups put on this event especially looking back over history, its shows the profound nature of this event and how it is something really worth putting in the calendar

    • It really is. We have been finding several groups holding onto ancient customs and embracing an olden-day spirituality that is based around the Sun. Its becoming quite obvious to me that many of these groups have roots that are deeply ingrained in the ancient past, and that there is a great interest from places and cultures around the world who want to revive it. Hopefully you will see an increase in events here on this site which in my opinion proves that there are tons of people out there already engaging with a spirituality of the Sun.

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