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Threskeia in Bulgaria – Spring Equinox Ceremony

Join Threskeia for their Spring Equinox Ceremony at the ancient Thracian site of Bulgaria

Spring Equinox

Threskeia Community on the sacred grounds of Starosel, Bulgaria, during the Spring Equinox. Photo © Threskeia (republished with permission)

Threskeia’s Spring Equinox Ceremony 
Rock Sanctuary, Momini Kamani in the Thracian region of Starosel, Bulgaria
Northern Hemisphere

Location Notes: Details of the exact location of departure to the sanctuary, and finishing departure time will be announced a week before the event on the Threskeia Facebook Event PagePlease contact Threskeia for exact dates, times and meeting arrangements.

Join the Bulgarian community Threskeia, in their celebration of the Spring Equinox on the sacred grounds of an ancient Thraskian site at Starosel. It was at the site of these megalithic rock formations that the ancient Thracians once worshiped.

Experience a one of a kind ancient Thracian ceremony, bringing together age-old customs, clothing, music, chant and rites of an early Indo-European spirituality. The ceremony will be in Bulgarian.

Below is a video gallery of some of the rituals from Threskeia

A Note About Visiting Ancient Sites:
Please be mindful and respectful of the ancient sites.  Treat them with care as to not disturb them, damage them or remove anything from them. Help protect these incredible sites so that they can continue to stand the test of time.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

Research Attribution: Laura Boeva

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  • My husband and I joined Threskeia this past equinox for their celebration at the ancient site in Starosel.

    The site itself was very interesting, though not aligned with the equinox itself it is considered to be a solar door or a door between the worlds. It is situated on a small hill that seems to be full of ancient stone monuments or ruins of some sort, and there was a mystical atmosphere there.

    Everyone was welcoming and friendly to us newcomers, even though it seemed that many of them had been celebrating these events together from a long time past.

    Preparing to start the event was relaxed and unhurried. The symbolic robes and wreaths were beautiful, and they did some ancient Orphic prayers to the God and Goddess and different spirits and sacrificed eggs, bread, wine, milk, honey to them, each with different symbolic meanings. All the participants were invited to join two purification rites, washing the hands with water and walking between two fires, and everyone was able to bring offerings that were sacrificed in fire. People stayed to chat and share food afterwards. It was really nice that everyone got to be hands-on involved in the ceremony, and there were some children present too who enjoyed the natural setting 🙂

    It felt quite natural that this ceremony was taking place where it did, like it belonged to this site. It felt right. The people seemed to be dedicated and passionate about what they were doing. I didn’t really understand what was said because I don’t speak the language well so undoubtedly I missed out on many things. Overall I enjoyed this experience very much.

    • That’s great Laura. I think it’s great you guys went there in person, as researching and looking at things online has definitely felt very limited to me compared to going to such places and speaking to people in person.

      Their ‘relaxed and unhurried’ event sounds very nice, I know it’s not always easy with the many situations going on sometimes 🙂 The rites they performed in the ceremony also seem positive and I’m sure some insights can be gained by doing them.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • That sounds like such a beautiful experience Laura. I am glad you got to go. And thank you for taking the time to research it and share the experience here.

      It is interesting that although you may have not spoken the language, the ceremony itself perhaps had its own form of communication, and even brought people who were cultures apart, to share what seemed like a very joyful and universal bond.

      It would be amazing to experience these celebrations first hand, from people who have been celebrating the ancient ways for years and have made them into very natural and meaningful occasions. Interesting how a small group in Bulgaria can inspire on such a grander scale. And perhaps they don’t even know it 🙂

  • Exactly Laura, Θρησκεία means Religion in greek.

    There is also a big province southeast from Bulgarian borders until Aegean Sea that is called Thrace. There is also another smaller province, the east Thrace that belongs also to Turkey.
    So the ancient Thrace belongs in nowadays in these three countries.

    When I listen greek traditional thracian music, I feel that in this kind of music there is something quite different, deep and enough mystical that I can’t understand through my mind.

    • This is something that has been on my mind for a while Seraphim – about the music. I was thinking, how nice it would be to gather a collection of the “music connected to ther Sun”, even though not sure how we would go about it, but definitely, some of these old songs/musical pieces have something within them that’s not present elsewhere. Like for example what Judas mentioned in The Flight of the Feathered Serpent book, about the music of Guarani people, and what I also found with some Quechua (Peruvian) songs. They just have some sort of purity and sincerity about them, and in the same time strength.

      There is also music today (contemporary music) that tries to tap into the same spirit, and some of them is really nice too, like for example some music of the Lithuanian group called Kulgrinda, the style of which reminds me of the “call and answer” type of the Indian Kirtan music:

  • Very nice photos from the celebration with those beautiful bright white dresses that suits with the celebration of Sun.

    It’s nice that there are groups that celebrate with that honorable way the spring equinox.

    Thank you Laura for this research

    I think also that it’s worth to be mentioned that the word “Threskeia” is greek and it means “Religion”

    • That’s interesting Seraphim, I didn’t know the meaning of this word in Greek. Thanks for sharing. This is what the group says about the name on their About page on Facebook:

      ‘We call our tradition Threskeia – θρησκεια, because in ancient times this was the word used for the Thracian faith and principles.’

  • How lovely. I feel very inspired watching the video, and thinking about spring. It makes me dream of ancient times, ancient places, and beautiful ceremonial robes. Thanks for sharing this Olga and Laura.

  • With a backdrop like that it must be a great place for ceremonies! It’s like an open air temple. I guess most of the ancient sites were like that, places in nature.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice Laura! This must be the group we bumped into one autumn equinox when we went to a sacred rock-site in Bulgaria for our ceremony!? So good to see more of what they do.

  • Very inviting! Thank you Laura for all this research into Bulgarian sites and groups related to the Sun. Bulgaria definitely seems to be a goldmine of these ancient monuments. This site together with the ceremony (great costumes too) looks really beautiful. Just 2 hours from Sofia as I am reading elsewhere, that’s fantastic! 🙂

    • That’s true Lucia. Bulgaria is quite a small country, and most of the ancient sacred sites are located kind of close to each other, or in the same regions. It seems like they keep discovering new sites constantly.

      It strikes me what a contrast there is between the oppression of the people nowadays, the poverty, mafia, corruption of the government etc. and the rich and powerful spiritual past. It’s great that many people still have an interest towards it.

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