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Tikal in Guatemala – Spring Equinox Observance

Experience the spring equinox sunrise at the ancient Mayan sacred site of Tikal in Guatemala.


Tikal-Plaza-And-North-Acropolis_Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Above is an image of the Plaza at Tikal, showing an afternoon Mayan ceremony. Image Attribution: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

What: Spring Equinox Observance

Where: Tikal National Park – Guatemala

When: Spring Equinox  Time: Sunrise

About: Observe the spring equinox sunrise at the ancient Mayan site of Tikal, the most popular site in Guatemala. There is a lot to uncover and experience at this enigmatic site even after years of excavation.

Mayan Celebrations: There are apparently Mayan communities that continue to revive some of the ancient ceremonial customs during the Equinoxes and Solstices which you may be able to witness if you visit Tikal, however still more research is needed before we can post more detailed information about them.

Alignment: Here is some information about the extraordinary spring equinox sunrise alignment at Tikal which incorporates a solar effect on two special temples.

The Temple of the Moon or temple of the masks in Tikal. Photo by Mike Vondran

Pyramid of the Moon by Mike Vondran

The temple of the Jaguar. Photo by Mike Vondran

Temple of the Jaguar by Mike Vondran

Below is a video of some of the beautiful features of the ancient Mayan site at Tikal:

A Note About Visiting Ancient Sites:
Please be mindful and respectful of the ancient sites.  Treat them with care as to not disturb them, damage them or remove anything from them. Help protect these incredible sites so that they can continue to stand the test of time.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers of the Tikal directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

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Article & Research by Christos Grapsas



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  • I remember visiting Tikal back in early 2000’s – I wish I had known more about the site back then, and taken more photos 🙂

    The site felt old, very old but also ’empty’ in a weird way, like something had gone missing – I don’t know how to explain it. That’s the feeling I got when I first arrived. But at the end of the day, when we had to go, I remember that I wanted to stay longer in that place, and there was a certain pull to come back to the main temple.

    We were able to climb all of the pyramids – the stone workmanship was amazing, and ended up watching the Sunset from the top of the rounded pyramid – this was really special. The jungle around is so lush, the wildlife was also incredibly intense (flying monkeys every where!) and a very deep sense of remoteness. There was something really neat about walking in the forest to reach various temples – which unless the way was shown I could not have known where each was as the jungle was so thick!

    Being at the top of a pyramid watching the other temples felt very surreal too – as only a few people can be on some of these platforms at a time – there was a definite feel of purpose behind the uniqueness these platforms offered to whoever made it to the top. And it felt a bit like a special gift to have access to them. I remember that my eyes were always going toward the sky, not looking below, nor wanting to look below either which is strange but I remember that I had to be careful when I walked because my sight kept wanting to look up.

    Back then I was not into spirituality or anything like that, but I remember really wanting to stay back, take a seat and just be. There was a definite yearning to contemplate / experience the peace of the space it offered.

    I remember leaving the site with mixed feelings – really wishing to be able to understand what it all meant, being amazed at the workmanship and a strange wonder at how later savageness could have taken over such a place compared to what it must have been at its beginnings. It did not add up.

    But the main thing I remember was the feeling that Tikal contained a deep mystery that tugged at my heart and I did not know how to resolve it but I wanted to very badly at the same time.

    I’m really happy to see that the Equinoxes celebrations are coming back to Tikal – perhaps the ancient original feelings are being rejuvenated in the heart of these temples – I surely hope so and what a treat it would be to be able to attend a Sun celebration at such a place.

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