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Wurdi Youang in Australia – Spring Equinox Observance

Observe all four seasons of solar alignments at the Wurdi Youang stone arrangement in Australia

What: Spring Equinox Observance

Where: Mount Rothwell, near Little River, Victoria

When: Spring Equinox  Time: Sunset

About: Observe the Spring Equinox sunset at the Wurdi Youang stone arrangement, an intriguing undated egg-like shaped ancient site in the Southern Hemisphere aligned to the solar events of all four seasons. It is made up of roughly 100 basalt stones, some ranging from 20 cm in diameter up to 1 meter.

Located in Victoria, Australia, the Wurdi Youang site is owned and maintained by the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation. In order to visit the site one would need to get in contact with Wathaurung Elder and Chair Bryon Powell who can give permission to individual or group visits.

Permission: Granted by Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation

Contact: Bryon Powell 61 (03) 4308 0420

Wurdi_Younag_Alignments_Ray Norris

The diagram above shows how the arrangement of stones align to the Equinox and Solstice sunsets as surveyed by Ray and Priscilla Norris (c) 2008.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the owners directly or visit their website if you would like more details about the observance that takes place at this site.

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  • I find it especially significant when sites are discovered which point to a people – who have historically suffered great suppression of their culture (and still do) – being more advanced than they were ever given credit for. The aboriginals of Australia, Canada and America are all examples of such people, and more evidence is coming to light to show they were never as culturally impoverished as their colonizers liked to pretend or believe they were, to soften the judgement of their inhumane actions towards them. Though this site may seem simple, it may very well contain evidence that these people had a profound understanding of cosmic principles. Thanks Olga!

  • Im assuming that this is a Aboriginal site located in Australia, its surprising that these rituals were also held in here in ancient times being so isolated, just again points out the importance of these ceremonies spiritually and how we are all connected in one way or another, Thanks

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