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Staroslovanska Vatra in Slovakia – Summer Solstice Celebration

Experience the Summer Solstice Celebration in Slovakia with Staroslovanska Vatra

Staroslovanská vatra dance

Fire evening SlovakiaWhat: Summer Solstice Celebration

Who: Staroslovanska Vatra
(Old Slavic Bonfire)

Time: TBC

When: June 18th 2016

Where: Near the village Turcianska Stiavnicka

About: Experience the Old Slavic Bonfire, a day of traditional joyful festivities celebrating the summer solstice in Slovakia. Set along the Turcianska country side, in a clearing surrounded by scenic mountains and nature; it is here that hundreds gather to enjoy the old Slavic traditions of music, dance and song, reviving the ancient and sacred Slovakian customs of the summer solstice. Ceremonies are held at the sacred places where nature deities were carved into tall standing wooden totems. Celebrations continue into the evening around a massive central bonfire.


One unique feature of the location happens at sunset, where you can observe the sun setting behind the mountains, as though gently rolling down one of the mountain sides, before pausing at the next mountain’s ascent, and disappearing into the night, at which point the Old Slavic Bonfire is lit.

Below is a video from Staroslovanska Vatra’ 2013 Summer Solstice, which includes a wide array of celebrations and traditional Slavic customs as well as a glimpse at some ancient rituals, the setting sun, and the lighting of the bonfire.

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their Facebook Page if you would like more details about this event.

Research contributed by Lucia Beznik, Christos Grapsas and Olga Grapsas
Images Courtesy of Staroslovanska Vatra

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  • That video of their celebartion was really good, especially towards the end there with the more solemn drinking from the cup, really nice.

    The location and that sun moving along the side of the mountain, beautiful! 🙂 I found this a nice example of how a summer solstice celebartion can be a more open and festive thing during the day and yet also feature more spiritual parts at other points.

  • Beautiful summer solstice ceremony with joyful and happy children that overflow of energy.

    I imagine it would be amazing to watch this amazing big bonfire in the darkness of night.

    Thank you for posting

  • It seems the whole village was involved in the ceremony which was nice to see, looks like its a major event for the people even the children are involved, if only more people in the world was more in tune with these celestial events

    Great bon fire looks like it would burn for a while,

    Thanks for posting

  • It is wonderful to see the children participating so actively in this kind of ceremony and celebration. The video was treat to watch! It was ama[s]ing* to see the sun literally roll down the mountain as it begun to set and then sit at the cross over of the two mountains before disappearing.
    I thought the bonfire was spectacular, nice and big 🙂

    Thank you!
    (* cannot access this letter on my keyboard)

  • Thank you Lucia, Christos and Olga for the research!

    I also enjoyed the video a lot. Makes me think of old times when celebrating and spending time together was more simple and pure. The sun rolling down the hill is unique! Very fascinating. I also like how they have a very proper huge bonfire 😉

    • Yup, I think Slovaks like huge fires in general (I can see this in myself too 😉 ). Even during socialism people were still making big fires on the summer solstice (called St. John’s fires), even if in a somewhat degenerated way, like drinking a lot, burning all kinds of things like old tyres, etc., but the fire always had to be huge. 😀 Fortunately, the sacredness of these rituals has been coming back again in the last decades and some are carried in really beautiful ways.

      • That’s funny you can see yourself preferring the huge fires too 😀 We have the same habit in Finland of lighting big bonfires at the summer solstice but I’m afraid it’s more of the degenerative type. Still it’s interesting that people’s love of fire has stayed the same, all over the world I suppose even if the spirituality has been submerged or lost. It’s great that the rituals are once again celebrated more as sacred than mundane in Slovakia 🙂

  • Wow, I didn’t realize that the sun rolling on the mountain was from their own location! What a beautiful spot for the ceremonies indeed.

    • I agree. Such a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Nature’s magic 🙂

      I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire video. Such an interesting way to celebrate. That chalice was quite interesting as well — beautiful shape and symbolism.

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