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Inti Raymi in Peru – Winter Solstice Festival

Experience Inti Raymi, a nine day winter solstice festival in Peru

Offerings to the Sun God. Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) at Plaza de Armas, Cusco. Photo © Cyntia Motto (Own work) (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons.

A provisory flag of Peru depicting Inti, the god of the Sun (Taken from the 1822 National Flag of Peru) Image © José Bernardo de Tagle [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Inti Raymi – Winter Solstice Festival
June 24th – July 2nd
Cusco, Peru
Southern Hemisphere

Inti Raymi, meaning Festival of the Sun in Quechuan, is a nine day festival honoring the Sun God in the winter solstice.

Join the colorful celebrations, traditions and reenactments of Ancient Inca rites at the central arena of Peru at Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire.

Every year thousands gather to celebrate the winter solstice and its significance in Inca folklore. Vibrant costumes,  festive music and beautiful ceremonies help recreate a lively atmosphere of an age old tradition that has been interwoven with the spirituality of the Sun.

Below is a video from the Inti Raymi festival in 2015

Please note: this event is not run by The Spiritual Sun. Please contact the organizers directly or visit their website if you would like more details about this event.

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  • It looks really amazing to see that this is still going on but I can relate to what Lucia said that these events often attract many tourists. It would be great to learn how those who participate in these ceremonies experience these events and what it means to them…

  • Amazing video, amazing celebration honoring the Sun God in the winter solstice.

    Congratulations to those people that celebarte the winter solstice and its significance in Inca folklore with that pure way using bright and coloured dresses.

    Thank you Olga for sharing this video and information

  • Great information and trailer on this very special celebration of the Sun.

    It’s heart felt that the tradition has survived in Peru considering the great harm which was caused to the natives by the early Spanish settlers.

    Thanks Olga love it.

  • Wow, it’s amazing the amount of interest and effort being put into this celebration in Peru. Seems like they do have strength left in their connection with the ancient past. Imagine if it was as visible and well known and had as many participants in the different European countries for example. I hope your efforts here at the Spiritual Sun will help pave a way for that 🙂

  • Thanks Olga,

    I like the cinematic music and trailer to promote this event ;-). Really cool though to see that something like this is celebrated on such a scale. I’m sure the fact that it still keeps its connection to the sun carries a lot benefits and insights for attendees compared to those holidays where the dates and themes have been changed over time.

  • It is great to see that the spirit of the ancestors is being kept alive here! Peru is such an enchanting country, feels like the connection to the Sun has always been strong there. I have heard that its unfortunately being swamped by tourists and crime, but… seems like maybe the original spirit is returning, I certainly hope so. 🙂

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