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    David Gardner

    Hey guys,

    Thought I’d share some images of the shrine I have put together so far. It’s definitely a work in progress, and there’s lots of things I’d like to add to it, but even though it is fairly simple for now it has made a big difference to my day.

    Even though I usually do a prayer to the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father in the mornings, it feels like the shrine has helped to bring their presence more into my life during the day and has helped me remember and reach out to them more. It’s also somehow brought an extra level of peace / quietude into the area the shrine is in somehow in a way that’s easier to feel than explain. Or maybe the shrine being there has helped me focus more on a connection with spiritual forces that means I’m more peaceful within myself around it.

    Either way I’m liking it a lot! 🙂

    spiritual shrine small 1

    I couldn’t find coloured candle holders I liked, so I got coloured candles instead. They don’t cast quite as much of a glow as coloured holders would, but they cast a subtle colour onto the images. I got see through plastic cups on the candles so that when they were lit they’d create more of a glow.

    The yellow one is beeswax, from a shop called Calicay Candle Co.

    The pink and blue ones are soy tealights, from a shop called Arnival.

    Both are poured / made in my country which is nice so they’re not made in sweatshop conditions somewhere, and the beeswax one smells great when it’s burning 🙂

    The images I used are all in the public domain. I have some Norse heritage, and I resonate with the deities from that tradition, so I tried to find images of that origin to represent the Mother, Spiritual Son and Father:


    I like how Frigg seems very poised / knowledgeable in this image and is wearing three keys on her belt, which could be seen to represent the three key principles of the Religion of the Sun talked about in the “What are its core practises?” section on this page.


    I really like how in this image of Baldur, son of Frigg and Odin is glowing like the sun, and how the arrows shot at him can’t harm him.


    This image of Odin seems very powerful to me in terms of him putting out a real feeling of resilience and wisdom gained through the events of life.

    I would like to get some other things from the Guide to Creating a Shrine article to add to the shrine, such as a symbol of the Spiritual Son / Sun, and other things like a pine cone and chalice to represent the Father and Mother. For now when I’m not wearing my pendant it lives there in place of the symbol of the sun.

    I’m hoping to replace the images with statues / figurines too.

    When I was taking pictures today, I happened to be there just at the right time and noticed this interplay of light on it. This was totally unintentional in terms of the placement of the shrine, but at one point in the day the sun shines through the window and lights up the image of the Spiritual Son, which seemed nice and meaningful 🙂

    spiritual shrine small 2

    Any way, that’s what I’ve got so far, I might take some more pictures as I add to it!



    Lovely David, especially how the light shines on the image of the Spiritual Son! I like how you’ve looked into your heritage and taken the time to find images that mean something to you.

    I’ve also got that picture of Odin, I really like it, though I haven’t yet found a way to bring it into a whole shrine.

    Interesting what you say about the impact the shrine has had on you too. I’ve also found it brings an extra something, especially when I sit in front of it for meditation. When my mind wanders simply opening my eyes and letting myself focus on the imagery really helps.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    Jenny Resnick

    Thanks for sharing, David. I really like the images you selected and the harmony between them all. I haven’t seen that painting of Baldur before — I agree the light radiating from him is very nice. It’s nice to hear of the impact of the shrine too.

    Having a shrine has definitely inspired more practice for me, and also I find it refocuses me whenever I look in its direction and adds an element of peace to the environment. I’ve been trying to start the day with the Taoist morning meditation practice (the incense one) in front of our shrine as often as I can — not because it’s connected with the shrine specifically, but having a space dedicated to the spiritual is very inviting.


    Anne Linn

    A very nice altar David, thanks for sharing. I would like to make a Norse trinity shrine as well, at some point. I have Freya next to me right now, though she’s not part of the trinity, I still feel very connected to her. Some say she’s an aspect of Frigg.

    I also love how the sun hits the picture of Baldur 🙂





    Very nice David, how auspicious to have the light of the sun shine like that, its beautiful. I have also felt how the area of the shrine emits a certain unexplainable peacefulness about it, as well as attracting me to be near it, and bringing my attention towards higher things.

    Thanks for sharing.



    That is really lovely, David. I really like the simplicity at this point.

    The image of the Sun being protected is very powerful, but even more so is the statue of Odin, that image is quite outstanding. Love it.

    I like the idea of the candles, making do with what is available!

    Great work and thanks for sharing.



    Very nice Dave, can legitimately feel strength emanating from your shrine, I’m sure even more so in person.

    The picture of the statue of Wotan is really powerful. I’m looking for a statue/figurine of that exact image. If anyone has seen it anywhere please let me know, thanks.



    I also like the images that were chosen for this shrine.  Even though you mentioned David that you would be adding more items to it, I like its simplicity and neutral background – it makes the three coloured candles really stand out.

    I can relate to all the benefits mentioned here for setting up these types of shrines at home. Ever since I’ve set up my altar in its own dedicated room, it has become a sacred space for practices and quiet reflection and also serves as a place where I can seek support and freely connect with the spiritual forces.



    Those are amazing images, thank you for sharing David! Especially the Frigg and Baldur ones, I have never seen those before – really beautiful and meaningful! How Frigg has those 3 keys hanging from her belt, on a lace with 2 sun symbols – how profound…

    Your shrine even though simple, seems to have that peacefulness about it, and the little gift of the sun beam is making it alive, aptly shining on the son. 🙂

    I was also wondering, that since the sun is shining to it from what appears to be a window on the other wall, do you have your shrine on North or North-East wall, and is the sun shining there afternoon, from the West?


    David Gardner

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and feedback and for sharing your experiences 🙂

    @lucia, the shrine is on a wall facing pretty close to East when looking towards it, and the sun is shining through a North-facing window. It’s early evening sun though, so heading towards a Westerly direction, and it must have just lined up with a gap in the fence or neighbouring properties to cast the beam of light like that.


    Vida Norris

    Really nice David – I love the images you chose. I hadn’t seen the Frigg or Baldur ones before.

    That’s so nice that the light shines right in on the Son. Something similar happens on our altar too in the morning and it definitely gives a nice feel to the space. The candles look awesome too, I love the smell of beeswax candles.

    I look forward to seeing how it evolves, it looks great so far!


    Jon Haase

    This is actually quite similar to mine and Jenny’s altar – as we both have majority Norse/Germanic heritage we opted for the same trinity.

    For Odin we chose this image, which I think portrays him with a wise serenity.
    Similarly, for Frigg we used this one, which I think matches well as they’re both on horses, and perhaps a similar expression on her face. Although the horse is a little too wild – if I was a skilled artist I would edit it.
    Another Frigg image we liked and use elsewhere is this one.

    But there isn’t much of a selection of good imagery of the Norse trinity that portrays them in the ideal way. I think it’ll be a case of slowly improving it over time as we come across better images/items.

    Our shrine isn’t fully ready yet so we haven’t posted any photos, but will when it’s more developed.

    Has been great to see everyone’s so far!


    David Gardner

    Thanks for sharing those Jon, I thought I’d come across most of the Odin / Frigg images out there but not those ones. I really like the image of Odin, definitely wise and serene.

    Agreed that there’s not a lot of ideal images out there of the Norse trinity. Did you see the statue / figurine shop Vida shared? It has some really nice depictions of the Norse deities where they look really wise and elegant, not warlike.

    Look forward to seeing some photos of your shrine when it’s ready!



    That Frigg spinning is awesome Jon, thanks for sharing that image.

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