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    I would like to share a shrine/altar dedicated to the Divine Feminine in her gentler aspect that I have in my bedroom. The altar is against the north/east wall, and the image is of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. The bowl with water placed on the purple candleholder also serves for burning the essential oils – I hope that is fine?

    The altar cloth is white crochet, with the shapes of flowers that remind me of swastikas.

    Altar during the day


    Altar at night




    That’s really nice Lucia. It has a very simple and earthy feel to it.



    I love the picture you have of Lakshmi Lucia and the flowers are lovely touch too. Thanks for sharing your photo with us.



    Beautiful, Lucia : ) I like the crochet pattern as well! Also neat how the frame of the photo matches the altar itself. Feels nicely put together.



    Beautiful Lucia! Really elegant and certainly feels like something that emits the feminine energy.


    Matthew Butler

    Very nice Lucia, it has an elegance and harmony to it, which is very fitting.


    Anne Linn

    So lovely Lucia, thank you for sharing 🙂 You make things so beautiful.



    Very lovely Lucia!


    Jenny Resnick

    Very pretty, Lucia. I like the complimentary soft and warm natural tones of the wood and brass and the overall harmony.



    I really like the feeling your shrine emanates Lucia. It feels uplifting and sacred even looking at the image. Those brass items are very nice and have a more ‘ancient’ feel to them than modern candle holders, vase etc.

    It’s interesting that you can sense something of the energy and being with which a person created something, and I love what you’ve brought from yourself to this shrine. It makes me visualize you placing the items there with dedication and sincerity 🙂 Thanks very much for sharing.



    That’s interesting Laura that you can “feel the person” behind an altar. Now as you said that, it is pretty obvious to me as well! 🙂

    And you also made me think of all those items there, and actually, each one has a little history behind it, whether due to the way I acquired it, or who gave it to me, etc… The Lakshmi image for example I found about 6 years ago while living in the U.S. and going through some turbulent times. I just “fell in love” with it and decided to have it on a shrine one day. 🙂 Or the brass vase was a gift from my mom many years ago, as well as the tablecloth, etc…



    I really like the altar, Lucia!

    Do you have that image of Lakshmi somewhere online where you can see it in detail?



    Hi Pavlin,

    I can’t find that image anywhere online anymore, except of on this small jpg image. It is one of the so-called Pata Orrissa paintings. But you are welcome to come to our place and have a detailed look. 🙂

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