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    Here is a captivating dance of the Bharathanatyam style on the topic of fire performed by the wonderful Sridevi Nrithyalaya group. Even though it is a dance, the music is a part of it, as well as the lyrics, which say it is a “meditation on the fire abode of the lord Shiva at the centre of the Universe. ” So basically it is a kind of devotional musical. 🙂

    The lyrics in Tamil and English can be found here, here is the the English part:

    The fire abode of Lord Siva, where sacred souls roam the place, is situated at the centre of the Universe. The Lord, in his blazing form, burns our iniquities to ashes. A momentary meditation of this majestic mountain bestows us with Mukti, obliterating sins of the previous births.

    The self- manifested Lord, who burnt the Tripura to ashes with his esoteric smile, emerges as the pillar of fire and remains unaffected even by apocalypse. Among the five abodes, this fire abode of Siva blesses us with Siddhi and Mukti.

    In this magnanimous mountain, where devotees lay in a state of supreme trance, the Lord himself assumes the form of the Ultimate custodian and leads them to the actualisation of the Absolute.

    The all- encompassing form of the Lord, the origin and end of which Vishnu and Brahma failed to find, stretches endlessly and eternally dwells in the hearts of sages.

    Adorned with the crescent moon and tiger skin, Lord Siva curbed Cupid’s arrogance. He dissociates his devotees from worldly attachments. As the invincible pillar of fire, he remains the personification of Sachidhaanandham.

    Worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma, Surya, Chandra and the Demi gods of the eight directions, this holy abode stands on par with Kailasa, as a befitting embellishment to Mother Earth.

    With Ganges gracefully adorning his head and snake ornaments slithering, he has given one half of his body to his consort, Uma. Those who devoutly chant his name will be relieved of all miseries.

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