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    Jordan Resnick

    “Corazón del Inca” is a song written by Argentinean musician Jorge Milchberg and performed by his band Urubamba. It was first released by an earlier incarnation of the band (which included Una Ramos back then) in 1974.

    It has a simple and soothing melody, and according to Google Translate it means “heart of the Inca” in English. The Inca are one of many cultures from South and Central America that appear to be descendants from the cultural legacy of the lost civilization of the sun. Their music passed down from generation to generation without being written down generally, and I feel this piece is a good example of the feeling that the more gentle and reflective ones can have.

    Here is a more recent version performed live in Argentina in 2005. Unfortunately the uploader has disabled embedding on other sites, but you can view it directly on YouTube here:



    Really beautiful, thank you for sharing Jordan! Its has that typical Andean “nostalgic feel” as many other pieces from that region. I also like how the band has their name taken from the river. 🙂

    Now you inspired me to find more of their recordings, like this one:



    Here is something on the name of the river in connection to the band. I thought it was nice how it copared the flow of the river with different moods the music of the band communicates:

    “Urubamba is the name of the river which winds at the foot of Machu Picchu. This river should have lent its name to a quartet of Peruvian and Argentinian musicians who are devoted to the preservation of the music of Inca culture. Like a river, Urubamba flows with a natural ease and strength which suggests an indomitable culture. It is among the most soothing and inspiring sounds, a source of continual fascination with its alternately stately and martial rhythms, it is sometimes festive, somtimes wistful, sometimes absolutely mournful air. Hearing it, for the first time or the hundredth, one feels restored and uplifted. ”



    Really lovely this one!

    Some impressions. Even though it’s gentle, when listening to it it felt like that gentleness was describing something powerful. Although never entirely invoked and made to come out. Yet brooding there in the background within.
    I find this interesting. It seemed to cause this warmth in the heart, by this sort of singing to it with the gentle flute tones and ‘dancing’ around it. But what is the secret invisible force of warmth?
    Interesting to just close your eyes when listening and see what images come up.

    Very nice find Jordan, liked the concentrated and dedicated way they performed this piece too.


    Jordan Resnick

    Hi Lucia,

    Yep, the title of this one I shared has that direct connection, but it’s a great album on the whole. And interesting description of the band’s name – I knew it was the river but that was about it 🙂

    And yes I know just what you mean there Karim about the power and strength underneath. Almost like a sadness, but more like a longing, patient wisdom, or nostalgia even as Lucia said, so I don’t think sadness is really the right word. Although there are really upbeat and moving Andean pieces I like a lot too, this aspect of real strength is almost always present underneath and what really drew me to the music when I first found it after reading about it being described in The Flight of the Feathered Serpent.



    Very lovely song, thanks for sharing. I agree that there’s something very sublime about traditional Andean music.


    Dara P

    I really liked this one Jordan, thanks for sharing. Although the upbeat Andean pieces are nice, this one gives you plenty of space to appreciate the nuances of the music, which I kind of prefer in some ways.



    Thanks guys!! you are building up a nice playlist for me!


    Anne Linn

    This song is very lovely, thanks for sharing it Jordan. There really is something special about Andean music. It feels light, uplifting, even when there is that sense of loss and longing to it. It feels pure, without any real heaviness to it.

    Lucia, that song you shared makes me feel very happy as I listen to it. Feels like joy.



    Was listening to this one again. Just closing my eyes. Perhaps focus on my heart while I listen. Good stuff. Especially like it when it comes to the tiny string instrument solo.

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