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    Here are a few double spiral sun jewelry items I’ve come across on Etsy that I liked:

    Pair of ethnic tribal pendants from China

    Pendant from the Ural region, original model from 2000 BC (similar to ancient grave finds in Finland incidentally)

    Double spiral brooch, copy of original ancient model

    Hand carved double spiral symbol in silver on lake stone

    Spiral swastika pendant from the Viking Age

    I also found a few pendants with the symbol of the absolute / astronomical sun symbol:

    Rosewood and silver

    Sterling silver on leather cord, or another version of sterling silver from the same seller.



    Hi Laura,
    I really loved that rosewood / silver combination of the absolute symbol – I was just thinking how in Gold it would also be stunning! I also really like those brooches (double brass spiral ones – very neat to use to hold a shawl in place too. I was going to get some in the future as I use normal large pins, but they lack ‘personality’ / ‘meaning’ and these ones I feel really connected to for some reasons.



    Wow, Laura, those are some beautiful pieces! The swastika spiral one made me speechelss; I suspect I will be getting that one at some point soon, may opt for this bronze version.

    The absolute signs are beautiful too, pity they don’t use gold a bit more, even though they do have a gold-plated version of that one.

    I also like this one from the same shop.



    Geraldine, yes those double spiral brass brooches are beautiful.

    Lucia, it would make sense to get a gold plated version of the silver sun symbol! It looks very nice. I didn’t connect the dots before but you’re right, in gold the silver details would be amazing on all of them as it would connect it more to the sun.

    The swastika spiral can be seen for example on these ancient Norse picture stones, from the 7th and 8th centuries respectively.



    Thanks Laura. That wood & silver one of the sun symbol is really really good!

    Maybe it could be nice if there was a list of solar jewellery at one point compiling some of the best finds, this would definitely have a place on it. Like Geraldine said gold could be even nicer! I was pondering for a while how to connect the rings and dot, how to use the space in between. This wood seems to be the way to go, it feels like it looks good.



    That gold silver plater one looks stunning…! Great find 🙂



    Wow, those are really nice images on those ancient Norse picture stones Laura! I really like the “swirling” feeling of these spiral swastikas.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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