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    While Newgrange monument is aligned to the winter solstice sunrise, the megalithic chamber of Dowth – one of the three main passage tombs of the Bru na Boinne valley in Ireland (the other 2 being Newgrange and Knowth) is aligned to the winter solstice sunset:

    An extract from Wikipedia:

    Dowth shares a special solar celebration with neighbouring Newgrange during the winter solstice. Martin Brennan, author of The Stars and the Stones: Ancient Art and Astronomy in Ireland, discovered the remarkable alignment during the course of his ten-year study in the Boyne Valley.

    From November to February the rays of the evening sun reach into the passage and then the chamber of Dowth South. During the winter solstice the light of the low sun moves along the left side of the passage, then into the circular chamber, where three stones are lit up by the sun.
    The convex central stone reflects the sunlight in to a dark recess, lighting up the decorated stones there. The rays then recede slowly along the right side of the passage and after about two hours the sun withdraws from Dowth South.

    Here is more info on Dowth:

    And the beautiful “kerbstone 51” from Dowth that contains 7 engraved suns that some link to Pleiades:



    The Pleiades are such lovely stars, and that rock art is very beautiful!

    It sounds like what was happening with the Taurus – Pleiades constellation at that time was very significant to the builders; that it was housing the sun at the time of the vernal equinox. But last night I read that the significance of the Taurus – Pleiades stars are also tied something more fixed in the heavens. On p314 of the Magicians of the Gods, Hancock writes, “The relationship of these two pairs of zodiacal constellations to the Milky Way is not affected by precession and NEVER CHANGES. Gemini and Taurus will always mark the northern ‘gate’ of the Milky Way and Sagittarius and Scorpio will always mark the southern ‘gate’ of the Milky Way.”

    I just find it amazing that we can actually SEE these things in the night sky! I still don’t fully understand it, but I am finding that having an intellectual grip on these astronomical principles really opens me up to a more mystical appreciation and experience of the world around me. 🙂



    I have also been looking into a site with a winter solstice sunset alignment, and am trying to find whether sunset at winter solstice has an esoteric significance. Has anyone come up with information on this?



    I have come up with a piece of the puzzle to answer my own question. As part of the winter solstice ceremony Belsebuub describes the ‘Birth of the Midnight Sun at Christmas Eve’. Here is a direct quote of the significance of winter solstice sunset (or rather sunset on Christmas Eve, which is three days after winter solstice):

    “Jesus is said to have been born at midnight the night before on what is known as Christmas Eve, which is traditionally celebrated with a Midnight Mass. The birth symbolizes the birth of the spiritual Son within a person. It is the celebration of the midnight sun, which is when the sun is born into the time of greatest darkness (our greatest psychological darkness), before it begins to “grow”. (taken from The Path of the Spiritual Sun, Chapter 14, p. 374)

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