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    Anne Linn

    I just came across this song by Eivør Palsdottir, who sings in Faroese. I’m not sure what the inspiration is behind the song, but the lyrics make me think of the Divine Mother.

    Translated lyrics:

    My mother she is like a queen,

    she is like the finest melody.

    My mother she is like a flower,

    she is like a living tree.

    My mother is my dear home.

    My mother is my safest place.

    My mother is the brightest beam,

    she lights up my dark way.

    My mother is the strongest hand,

    she leads me back home safely.

    My mother, I stand by you,

    I keep you in my heart.

    Live version



    Justin Norris

    Really like this.

    I have seen some videos of Eivør Palsdottir before. She is an incredible singer.



    Her voice and melody is quite mesmerising. Really liked it, Anne-Lin. I also like the drumming and her voice has of course a feeling of Viking about it, I suppose.

    I would never have heard of such an artist without this space.

    thank you 🙂


    Jordan Resnick

    Thanks for finding and posting this Anne Linn. I see what you mean there about those lyrics in the context of the Earthly Mother / Spiritual Mother, and it’s interesting that this artist is singing in her native language with a certain traditional feel to the music. We’ll add it to the music resources section soon.


    David Gardner

    Thanks for sharing Anne Linne, she has a very unique voice, and nice to hear / read lyrics that could relate to the Spiritual Mother

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