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    Here are the first shrines we created, mostly from items we already had available. We’ll be improving them as we’re able.

    This shrine is dedicated to the Mother. It is in the space where we do our spiritual practices at home. The image is The Madonna and Child by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato.




    The shrines for Father and Son are in our living space, where we do our cooking, work etc. Some improvements are needed (for example the pointsettia flower is not aligned to the guidelines) but it’s nice to have them close to us where we see them often.

    Our shrine dedicated to the Son:


    The painting is Dazhbog by Andrey Shishkin.

    Our shrine dedicated to the Father:


    The painting is Svarog by Valerii Semochkin.



    Very beautiful Laura!


    Jordan Resnick

    Looking good so far Laura, thanks for sharing those pics.



    @laura – how lovely! I really liked your shrine devoted to the Spiritual Mother – somehow, the delicateness and strength of the marble chalice, bowl was really special to me. As well as your altar to the Spiritual Father – the simplicity of the pine branch and cone, and the strong blue candle holder is also really lovely, calming and feels like an invite for reflection.

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂



    Thank you for sharing Laura, the Divine Mother shrine looks quite Christmas-y with those little lights, especially at night. 🙂 I also really like the material of those items, it looks like a marble. I have almost forgotten about an egg symbol, so thank you for reminding me of it.

    The other shrines are also nice, even though “in progress”. I like how the Christ image came out, looks very fresh somehow.


    Anne Linn

    Just gorgeous Laura. I love the pictures that you’ve found, and the little lights behind the Divine Mother. Your home must be filled with a lovely spiritual presence 🙂



    Looking really beautiful!

    That Divine Mother one must really help set the tone in the room. Wonderful image and set up.

    Thanks for sharing it’s really inspiring.


    Jenny Resnick

    Thanks for sharing, Laura. I really like the Mother Goddess shrine — especially the combined warm feeling of that painting, the lotus candle, and the little lights. Very beautiful.



    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    I was actually surprised by how big an impact the shrines make, even though you lose some of it in the photos. They do create a feeling of a spiritual presence. I just want to keep gazing at them. I feel it especially at the Mother’s shrine. I did a concentration/visualization practice by it on that painting and it felt quite powerful in how it seemed to bring me closer to my personal Mother Goddess. Also, adding the white linen cloth on the shrines of Father and Son made a big difference somehow. The linen has a beautiful feel to it.


    Anne Linn

    That’s so lovely Laura. I have a room with a small altar in it. It’s nice to go there in the morning and pray. I need to sit down there more often. Feels like there’s a special energy that gathers there when I use it to focus on the divine. Thanks again for sharing 🙂




    They are really lovely Laura, simple yet elegant and also humble.



    @Anne Linn, that’s very nice what you said about a special energy gathering there when you focus on the divine. Your room sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!



    So wonderful Laura. Beautiful choices of paintings for all three. Its true that the shrines have an incredible effect. We had to move some furniture around to find the right space for our shrine to the Mother, and now we have it in our bedroom. It is such a sacred space, bringing with it a reminder of something beyond what can be physically seen. It pulls Christos and I there, to spend time in the room, and ever since having it we have spent much more time infront of it. It feels like the room has transformed. The photos I have taken haven’t done justice but Ill be sure to put them up soon now that I have replaced the flowers.



    Beautiful shrines Laura.  I’m really drawn to the one you have dedicated to the Divine Mother.  The different paintings chosen for the three altars are lovely and unique.

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