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    Hi all,

    I have stumbled upon this Russian song today, which looks like it is sung by a singer named Belogor (Белогор). The song celebrates the Sun, and the native Slavic faith.

    I have only roughly translated the second verse and chorus, which were easiest for me. The rest should be easy to figure out for those here that know Russian. 🙂

    Purify the spirit and soul,

    Illuminate the seas and the lands,

    Warm up our dwellings –

    Sun-King, our comfort.

    Burn brightly, Sun-King,

    Kolovrat and Posolon.



    Burn, burn brightly, so not to be extinguished.

    Rise to the heavens, Illuminate everything around.

    Burn, burn brightly, so not to be extinguished.



    Terrific find Lucia, I really like it. Sounds like something nice to sing to the rising sun among a joyful chorus.



    Hi Olga,

    Yes, I also liked the chorus a lot, quite catching – “Gori, gori yasno, Chtoby ne pogaslo….” 🙂

    I also like how there are all those images of the firebird in the video, which is a nice solar myth as well I think – of how a person must go on a dangerous quest and get a flaming feather from this bird, or in some stories the whole bird.



    Very interesting about the firebird Lucia. Reminds me a little bit of Jason and the Golden Fleece (I am sure the Greeks think they invented everything!)

    Joking aside, I am genuinely intrigued by this fiery bird, living in beautiful flames, one feather that apparently could light up a whole room. I would love to delve into old myths and legend like the one you brought up.

    Reading a little more about this bird, another common name is the Phoenix. Some say it symbolises life on earth after the earth was destroyed by a fiery flood, and how the earth revived again. In possibly a similar way, it is said to symbolise the human soul, which keeps returning after its life and death cycle.

    But returning to the theme of the spiritual sun, apparently, the bird is said to appear every summer solstice. I am very curious to learn more about its symbolism…

    A few months ago I was looking a little bit into old Slavic fairytales, and this has certainly sparked my interest again!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂



    Thanks for posting this song Lucia. I’ve always held a special place for Slavic music in my heart thanks to my childhood piano teacher.  Interesting references ladies about the firebird/Phoenix – I recall reading about its symbolic connection to the deluge/astroid as well . It would be great to learn more about it.



    Hi Olga,

    Regarding the Slavic fairytales, the one they mentioned in the article on firebird called The Little Humpbacked Horse is really cute. Its been inspired by the firebird quest and its oldest version (from 1947) can be seen here:

    I also got inspired by the ballet versions about Firebird, and so far I am liking this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0MpwTEkzqQ with Diana Vishneva as firebird.


    Jordan Resnick

    Thanks Lucia,

    Yes it appears that Belagor (Белогор) has been singing about these sorts of things and playing with traditional Slavic instruments in traditional clothing for quite some time (I found a couple older videos of him performing on YouTube too).

    We’ll add this to the resources section shortly.

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