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    Jordan Resnick

    In the article “A Guide to Creating a Shrine,” it mentions that a monstrance can be used as a symbol of the Son. It also says, “These can be very expensive, so you could try and make your own as in the photo.”

    In the photo in the article, the monstrance was created by attaching a horse brass to a brass candlestick. Here are a few examples of a horse brass on Etsy and eBay.

    As you can see, some of the horse brasses in those links would work well as a monstrance in this way.


    Vida Norris

    Thanks for this Jordan! I was just looking up Monstrances earlier today and was shocked at how pricey they can be and thinking I’d try to make one myself. 🙂 There are some great options in there for sure.



    That’s very helpful Jordan, thank you.



    They are really beautiful Jordan. Actually, I wasn’t even familiar with the term

    horse brass before now.


    thanks for sharing!


    Justin Norris

    That’s a great idea.

    Many of those horse brasses (a category that I too never knew existed) seem really appealing and would also be nice decorative items for the home in their own right.



    I was shocked to find out how expensive they were too Vida.

    Thanks for the info and links Jordan, I like this idea of making a monstrance and was wondering how the one in the article was and couldn’t find one that had that simplicity and beauty to it online, as many were very ornate and luxurious looking.



    Thanks, Jordan. I was wondering how to make one, and this helps a lot. I also had never heard of a horse brass and was wondering what was on the top.



    Thanks Jordan for the ideas, as I was looking through I thought a sun mirror may also work if its the right size. (in combination with a brass/similar make candle stick holder)

    Previously I was thinking to find christian/catholic or religious stores to see if they sold any monstrances as souvenirs/small cherishables.




    This sunbirst mirror makes quite the visual impression. It seems it also gives some clues how it can be crafted.



    Thank you for the right keyword Jordan! I was looking into all kinds of things including Christmas stars or sunbursts (thanks to Paty), but could not quite find anything so suitable as the one that is on the sample shrine. I don’t think I would ever figure out that a word like “horse brass” even exists! 🙂



    Thanks for tip of the sun mirror Olga, one of those is really lovely.

    I hadn’t about this alternative; and you are correct, it would need to be just the right size.





    There are also a few new & used monstrances for under $60 available on ebay.

    Although can’t help but love the look of the $6,000+ ones…


    Matthew Butler

    Thanks for sharing Olga. Some of those secondhand monstrances look nice and much more affordable.

    Otherwise the horse brass option looks good too. Like others, I’d never heard of the term horse brass either 😉



    Those are nice Olga, I really like this one for example, as it has also cross included in its design and even adjustable height.

    Regarding other monstrances, I have some questions to ask regarding their symbology. For example is it ok that they often have an “empty void” in the center, or sometimes a cross above the sun (which somehow does not feel right to me, I thought I would just cut off that cross if I got one like that, in order for the cross not to be above the Sun). Here is an example of the one like that, with a void and a cross atop.



    That sunburst mirror is nice, Olga. I like how it incorporated the three rings too. Intentionally, of course 😉 Some of those more affordable eBay ones are really, really well made. I’m a fan of this one meself. Thanks for starting this topic, Jordan. It’s great to get creative input like this.

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